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30 Seconds Ab-Workout: Get Flat Stomach Abs on Leg Lifts

Leg lifts are not only an awesome ab workout that anyone should keep in their workout routine but they're so easy even beginners can do them with easy.
What's stopping you?

With each day something mysterious happens to your body if you don't watch out. Hidden underneath veils of clothing is an area around your tummy that for women is the first place to look when deciding what workout routines to start doing.

Should I go on a diet or is there something that I can do just to see weigh out my option?

You may not be ready to go full out dieting, but you might want to know an exercise you can do each day to flatten your stomach in less than a minute. That's right! In this episode of Slism, we will introduce leg lifts to get a flat tummy without doing crunches.

You may be wondering, what's wrong with normal ab exercises, anyway? If you've ever done a crunch or tried doing sit ups after prolonged periods without exercise you would know how tough doing exercises like these are. In fact, if you are not used to exercising your abdominal area you are going to have to train harder than you want to.

On the other hand, leg lifts done right not only serve as an exceptional way to train your abs take less of a toll on your hips and back. Just by doing this light ab workout can you bring your body up to fitness and stop worrying about you belly sticking out of your shirt and even show off a little.

How to Do Leg Lifts: Great Ab Workout for Beginners and Warriors Alike

Find a flat clean surface with enough vertical space to allow you to elevate your feet above the floor. If you surface you are exercising is hard it is recommended that you lay something down to cushion your body for comfort file you exercise.

It's So Easy! – 3 Steps To Get It Right The First Time

1. Lay flat on your back placing your hands at your sides and relax

Notice how your legs should be pressed together as if you trying to dive into a pool face first. It's important that you maintain this position throughout the course of the exercise. Brake yourself: keep your legs closed together joining at the feet.

leg lifts initial position

2. Raise your feet about 6 inches off the floor and hold for 30 seconds

Make a point to keep your hips from floating off the floor while elevating your legs. Note that it may be easy to do this by pointing your toes as shown in the picture. Form makes perfect: Isolate your upper body from your legs and point your toes.

leg lifts workout

3. Bring your feet back to the floor and relax without taking a nap

Good you made it through exercise without even sweating. Take a break. You deserve it. At this point you should feel a burning sensation in your abdominal area. If you do, then you know it is working. Resting properly: keep in mind that although a relatively easy exercise, doing daily leg lifts like this works.

leg lifts complete

Checkpoint: Keep Your Hips from Floating

At first glance it may look like a breeze, but do remember that leg lifts are still ab exercise. When you actually do them, keeping your hips from rising off the floor is harder than it looks. I myself have a hard enough time keeping my hips down let alone lifting my legs while pointing my toes. That just goes to say there's always room for improvement.

Make sure that your hips are down on the floor by simply placing your hand between the floor and your lower back. Failure to put energy into your abdominals may be the reason your back is arching.

For people unsure whether their back is place your hands on your lower back and check for yourself (Pictured below). Push your hands against lower back to make putting energy into your abs easier.

leg lifts support tips

Although 30 seconds may be just right for some people, doing 30 seconds leg lifts is quite hard. For people that can't keep it up this long, it's recommended that you break it into separate sets. Do 2 sets of 15 seconds allowing time to rest in between.

Leg lifts are easy on your body!? – Making time without affecting your schedule

Ab workouts you can do on the floor without demanding too much on your upper body are good when you lack strength in your abdominal and need to rehabilitate, not to mention are less demanding on your body.

Doing leg lifts putting energy into your abdominal muscles keeping your hips down give you a better workout targeting your abs more efficiently and reduce the chance of hurting your back. That's why leg lifts are perfect for people just looking to get started. (People with back pain should consult with their physician before doing this exercise).

The best part is that not only can you do leg lifts anywhere, there is no cost associated with special equipment. It doesn't matter when you do them, whether that is after taking a nap or when you are watching TV. Turning on leg lifts during commercial time is a great way to burn time and get exercise at the same time.