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8 Brilliant Tips on Taking Selfies You Probably Never Thought Of

Taking selfies is not difficult and everybody is doing it. However, not everybody can take good selfies. In order to make sure that all your pictures will be good, there are some tips you could use that will help you.

8 Great Tips on Taking Good Selfies with Phone

Taking selfies and posting them online is one of the hottest trends of the moment. How many bad selfies have you seen? Most probably there have been quite a few and for sure you wish to avoid having people talk about you because of the bad pictures you take. To make sure you won’t become one of those people, you should learn about some tips on taking selfies.

Woman taking a selfie using a selfie stick.

A few little tricks can ensure you that your pictures will always look just like you wanted them to. This will save you some time because you won’t have to take five pictures to make sure at least one is good of them.

Quick tips on taking selfies

Taking selfies aren't easy. If they were, you would be here would you? Now, are you ready to get your selfie shared!

1. Practice makes perfect

2. Lighting is key

3. Pay attention to your background

4. Hold still

5. Don't forget to edit

6. Use the thirds rule

7. Hide your double chin

8. Use angles

9. Look at yourself in the mirror first

Make sure you look like a million bucks before snapping that selfie. You don't want to accidentally find out your makeup is smeared after the photo!

Tips for Taking Pictures with Your Cell Phone to Make Sure They Will Look Just the Way You Wanted Them to

So, what is the secret of taking good selfies? How can you improve your technique and skills to master the art of selfies?

Make sure you are picture perfect

Most probably you have taken photos thinking that you look good, only to find that your eyeliner was smeared and you had flyaways. Naturally you will delete these cell phone photos, but wouldn’t it be better to have only good pictures to choose from. Most women always have a mirror at hand. In case you don’t, you could use the screen of your phone to check your hair and makeup. As a matter of fact, you could make a habit of this, to make sure that you will look your best at all times, regardless of the circumstances.

It’s all about lighting

If you want to use a camera for selfies, first you have to make sure you have proper lighting. Most certainly you don’t want to take pictures in dark settings or you won’t be able to show off your new hairstyle, makeup, and pretty little dress. Before taking the shot, you should make sure that the light isn’t too dark or too harsh. Nonetheless, in case you have a blemish you would like to hide, you could play with shadows for them to hide it for you. You will have to try several settings to find the ones that work the best for you.

What’s in the background?

How many times have you seen relatively good selfies that had something strange in the background? Think of the ones taken in a dirty bedroom or even in the bathroom. When it comes to tips for taking pictures, it is very important for the background to be clean and clear. Look around before you point and shoot. Why ruin a perfectly good selfie if all you had to do is to move to the left a couple of feet? It would be a shame to have to start the whole process all over again. Also make sure that there is no one else behind you to ruin your picture.

Make no move

One of the most challenging aspects of camera selfies is to stay still while you take the picture. In case you can rely on someone else with two steady hands, your job is very easy. However, if you have to think about your pose, hair, makeup, and perfect smile aside from the fact that you actually have to take the picture as well, your job could become quite difficult. If you don’t have a professional camera, even the slightest move could make the entire picture blurry. As difficult as it may sound, there is nothing some practice couldn’t help you with.

You have the right to edit the photos

Yes. Photoshop is your friend. As one of the tips for taking good pictures, you should know that there is nothing wrong with some editing. For instance, you could apply a filter for a nice vintage feel. You also have the possibility to crop the parts of the photo you don’t like or to make a collage. If you do some editing it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have something to hide. It only means that you are trying to turn your photos into an interesting piece of art. Naturally there is no reason for you not to use a filter to blur out blemishes or give yourself a glow.

The rule of thirds

All good photographers know about the rule of thirds and when it comes to tips for taking photos, you should think about this rule as well. Keep in mind that the selfies that have your head in the upper right corner of the picture are always better than the ones with your head in the middle. Your eye line should be at one third of the picture in the upper right corner. For sure you have seen numerous pictures with the subject right in the center and for sure you have noticed that they don’t seem to be as good as the ones using the rule of thirds.

No more #doublechinproblems

A lot of people have the double chin problem. As one of the tips for taking selfies you should make sure you never have a double chin. Although you could eliminate it with editing, it is tedious work and maybe you don’t have the technical skills for it.

How to hide "the" double chin with a simple pose

In order to make sure you won’t have to think about such problems, you should try to extend your neck when taking the photo. As another tip, you should take the photo from above. The camera should be slightly above the head. Look up to the camera. This pose will accentuate your jawline and eliminate the problem of double chin.

Play around with the angles

If you read a guide to taking selfies, for sure it will tell you to experiment to see what works for you. Try tilting your head to the right and then tilting it to the left. Usually, one side of people is more attractive than the other. As interesting as it may sound, showing off your best side makes better photos than if you took a shot right from the front.

In order to master the art of taking selfies all you have to do is to practice. For sure it will be something you will enjoy.