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Why It’s So Hard To Diet: Weight Loss Problems for Women

Guild to fixing weight loss problems for women such as dry skin, irregular periods, and eating disorders to get back on the horse in your diet fast.

Why It's So Hard To Diet: Weight Loss Problems for Women

For women weight loss problems comes more often than that time of the month making it just that much harder to diet. Luckily enough, they all can be avoided as long as your know what they are. Don't go diving into your diet without knowing these common weight loss problems for women.

Why does it seem so hard to lose weight at times?

Weight Loss Problems for women are no laughing matter. The list goes on why it is so hard to lose weight for women in general. Unlike other weight loss problems such as overeating, a poorly balanced diet, and lack of exercise nothing hurts worse than having to sit out from diet in exercise because it just that time of the month.

Female hormones and weight loss problems go hands in hand. That's why the best weight loss tips for women in their 20s or over 40 for a matter of fact deal with working around these issues making the most of it. Remember is you are having diet problems, you are not alone.

In this weight loss problem Slism, we discuss some obstacles that women must face when trying to lose weight that you can use as a helpful guide when to help you avoid weight loss problems.


Although just thinking about it constipation doesn't seem like a weight loss program for women that would creep up when you are on a diet. However, the foods you eat, your level of physical activity play an important role in in your diet including preventing constipation.

Being constipated may slow down your metabolism making it easier to gain weight, something that you don't want to have to deal with while trying to work yourself away from getting stuck on a plateau.

Remedy constipation

When it comes to remedying constipation getting your body on the right track to jump right back into diet and exercise again, getting enough Dietary Fiber helps you get there.

It turns out that there are tons of low calorie foods you can start eating right away to get the dietary fiber your body needs to quit constipation.

In addition to getting more dietary fiber in your diet, hydrating your body properly helps too.

Dry skin

Going on a restrictive diet or otherwise too low in calories lacking in nutritional value is a good way to trigger dry skin.

Although eating foods rich in protein and fat goes against the rules of most diets, not having enough protein or fat in your diet has a negative effect on your skin potentially giving you unwanted dry skin.

Cure dry skin

The best way to start curing dry skin before it gets work is to start getting enough protein and fat in your diet.

In addition to satisfying the protein and fat intake needs of your body supplementing your diet with B Vitamins (vitamin B1 and vitamin B2) helps boost your metabolism.

Don't forget about Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E for better looking skin.

Nail problems

Having problems with your nails is caused by not getting the nutrition your body needs to keep your nails from splitting in two. In particular, lack of iron in your diet is said to even cause spoon nails.

Fix nails

There are a number of reasons why people suffer from nail problems such a spoon nails including poor circulation and lack of protein in diet. Since your nails are made up of mostly protein, getting more protein in your diet may fix your nails.

When getting more protein in your diet is not enough supplementing your diet with vitamins and minerals across the board helps restore balance to your diet.

Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure less than 100mmHg can make you feel sick. There are many causes such as bad eating habits and poor circulation as well as problems associated with an unhealthy lifestyle. One cause of low blood pressure that seldom comes up is choosing the wrong diet.

Treat low blood pressure

Getting a balanced diet with protein, vitamins, and minerals you need in your meals may help you treat low blood. For people with high blood pressure, please consult with a doctor regarding whether you should seek medical help or not.


Anemia or an iron deficiency is common among women while pregnant or on their period dealing with menstrual pains. The best way for women to prevent anemia is to get an ample amount of iron in their diet.

Prevent anemia

Incorporating foods rich in iron into your diet is the key to preventing anemia. Eating fish and meat known to be a good source of iron is a definite must if you are looking to prevent anemia. Note that if you already have anemia, you should take special care in your diet not focusing too much on trying to lose weight.

Irregular period

Not having your period come when you are expecting can be a hassle. The worst thing about it is having to put your diet on hold until your body is back on schedule.

Restore hormone balance

Stress and losing weight too fast can upset your hormone balance. It is even said that having too low body fat can trigger an irregular period. That is why to restore your hormone balance you need to remove yourself from stress and possible get on a more conservative diet possibly even gaining a few pounds.

Eating disorder

Eating disorders such as gross overeating and anorexia are real. For the most part they are caused by stress. For people on an impossible diet, this stress may be caused by you.

Controlling your appetite is one thing but when you are eating to get through hard times, that's a whole other story.  In this case you don't have a problem suppressing your appetite but instead, issues dealing with stress.

Breaking the cycle

For most people suffering from eating disorders, eating after a hard day only to find yourself eating more due to the compounded stress brought on by the guilt you feel afterwards would seem to be a ruthless cycle threating to destroy more than your diet.

Start off by eliminating stress. That could mean avoiding spaces or situations that can be avoided.

Next, separate your issues with eating. It may be hard at first but with the right method to relieve stress the healthy way you should be on your way to recover in no time.

One of the best ways to eliminate stress is exercising at home. Not only does it eliminate stress from being in places you feel uncomfortable but allows you to vent off stress the healthy way in addition to suppressing your appetite.