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Tummy Fat Risks in Men and Where to Start At Losing It

Lose tummy fat!? Not so fast speedy.
How to lose tummy fat is not an issue that you can grasp with out understanding more about fat and obesity.

Tummy fat is a recurring issue in dieting and exercise. When you want to know how to lose tummy fat, you must first look at how people put on fat that includes discourse into visceral and subcutaneous fat distribution throughout your body that may be obstructing your ability to get rid of belly fat before summer hits.

Are men more susceptible to putting on tummy fat than women?

If you were a guy you may be thinking the same thing Why would men have to go on a diet, anyway? Among women looking to slim down their figure to fit into the clothes they want, dieting is a girl thing. In reality, the number of men going on a diet is on the rise.

With the rise of global obesity so does the prevalence of abdominal obesity in men expose itself to the surface making it hard to tuck in those T-shirts. That's tummy fat. In the past, a bulgy stomach has been perceived as a sign of prosperity. However, nowadays it is totally the opposite.

In this healthy Slism, we will take on the problem of what is causing tummy fat to cause your stomach to feel like it is exploding as your waist can't stop driving the price of dieting up in your diet.

Quick Tummy Fat

Why Is Tummy Fat In Men So Obvious?

Whether you are a man or a woman you escaping worrying about putting on tummy fat around your stomach is easier said than done. In contrast to women being susceptible to putting on subcutaneous fat in the lower body around the hips and buttocks, men risk putting on visceral fat making their stomachs bulge out.

Even though ladies put on weight in the thighs and around the upper arms such as arm flab or bingo wings that is said to be nothing compared to the tummy fat hidden below the surface of the bellies of men. Let's put it this way. Even though you can't pinch fat off your hubby's sides fat may be hidden around his internal organs causing his stomach to bulge.

One way to tell if you are putting on visceral fat is that if the jeans you used to wear before gaining weight are only tight in the area around your waist. If this describes your situation, then this is a sure sign that you are putting on visceral tummy fat.

What's With This Visceral Obesity, Anyway?

Visceral obesity or abdominal obesity due to the fact at makes the area around your stomach bulge out is also called apple shaped obesity. Subcutaneous obesity refers to the case when subcutaneous fat is the contributing factor to obesity. Visceral obesity refers to the case when visceral fat is the contributing factor to obesity.

Visceral obesity is more common in men than women. It that conditions relating to visceral obesity tends to be the leading cause of developing lifestyle diseases that in worst case can trigger death threatening illnesses to occur if not taken care of from the get go.

In the case of subcutaneous fat you can easily tell where it is located by simply pinching your skin. On the other hand, due to the fact that visceral fat is located around your internal organs below your muscles it is harder to detect than subcutaneous fat located between your muscle tissue and your skin.

Getting a CT scan can be used to reveal visceral fat. How you tell whether are not you are putting on visceral fat is by measuring the circumference around your waist and looking at your body mass index (BMI) for quick reference.

Luckily enough, there is a simple and easy way to check if you are putting on tummy fat that doesn't require getting an expensive CT scan. All you will need is a pocket calculator and something to measure the area around your waist, preferably measuring tape.

Check for Abdominal Obesity

1. Figure out your BMI. Your BMI can be used to tell you the degree of obesity you may or may not have to worry about. For now don't worry too much about visceral obesity. Let's just focus on how figure out what your BMI value is.


By the way, a BMI of 22 is considered normal. What's your BMI (Degree of Obesity)? Note, there are straight forward tools to calculate your BMI available online that only require you to enter your height and weight such as a BMI Calculator.

2. Next in line, measure the circumference of your midsection getting your waist size.

The circumference around your waste serves as a good reference point in where you stand in terms of visceral fat. Alright, let's get that waist measured!

For stomach measurements of MEN over 85cm and WOMEN over 90cm there is a high chance that you are putting on gross amount of visceral fat causing your waist size to shoot up. These measurements are based on Japanese standards for waist sized. If you shop at big and tall or are or otherwise carry a larger frame than most, consider raising the bar up a tad bit.

3. Use the results from step 1 and step 2 to decide if you are at risk of abdominal obesity. Here's a quick breakdown for deciding if you suffer from visceral obesity.

MEN with a BMI over 25 and a stomach circumference over 85cm
WOMEN with a BMI over 25 and a stomach circumference over 90cm

If after checking for yourself that you satisfy the above criteria you may want to start thinking about how to reduce tummy fat. Note that your BMI and stomach circumference are not the sole determinant of whether or not you are putting on unhealthy visceral fat.

For people with high body fat, visceral fat may be what you need to concentrate your effort in dieting on. Due to the fact that it is hard to see at a glance, mass amount of visceral fat is what is also called the hidden obesity.

Continuing your weight loss program, you should regular apply the test described by this column recording your progress as you go.

How Do You Battle Visceral Fat?

In general, men are said to be more likely to put on visceral fat attributing to tummy fat, whereas women are in contrast more likely to put on subcutaneous fat locating itself around the hips and buttocks.

Even so, the way you approach dieting doesn't change. Reform your eating habits and get more exercise. As much as I don't want to say, there I no fast way to get rid of visceral fat.

On the bright side, if you are someone who puts on subcutaneous fat, then you are in luck. Subcutaneous fat is far easier to lose than visceral fat.

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