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Gastroptosis in Women That Just Don’t Gain Weight Eating

Is not gaining weight eating worth the gastroptosis?
This digestive system disorder is more common in underweight women than overweight men.

Gastroptosis is a more common disease in women than you think. Not just does it make it so you don't gain weight eating but also comes with negative health effects that should be considered before trying to leverage gastroptosis to help you maintain your weight.

Is gastroptosis making my stomach look fat?

For those wondering, Gastroptosis sounds just like one of those diseases in the digestive system. Among all the common digestive system diseases that may be accompanied with abnormal stomach pains, abnormal swelling of the stomach, or a noticeably abnormal stomach shape, Gastroptosis is one condition that more often than most can go unnoticed ,especially when dieting to lose weight.

Along with abnormal stomach bloating, Gastroptosis is an unlikely common disease in women. The truth of the matter is that Gastroptosis in women is more common than in men. If you are one of those supposed high metabolism people that just don't gain weight eating, Gastroptosis may be one digestive system disorder to watch out for in the future.

In this health Slism, we introduce a condition called gastroptosis that may affect your ability to diet causing problems in your digestive system that may help you keep the pounds off but not without a cost.

Quick Gastroptosis Symptoms

What Is Gastroptosis? - Abnormal Stomach Stretching

Gastroptosis is when the top of your stomach rises in conjunction with the lower half of your stomach stretching towards your lower abdomen. It is also one cause of abnormal stomach shape.

Symptoms of Gastroptosis

Although there are no subjective symptoms for gastroptosis that you can use to detect gastroptosis with the naked eye, if you find abnormal swelling of your stomach after eating, there is a chance that you suffer from gastroptosis and just don't know it yet.

Note that gastroptosis left unattended can lead to gastric atony as you stomach dips down even further.

Getting Checked for Gastroptosis?

Thinking about getting yourself checked for gastroptosis already?

All it takes is getting your body X-rayed. Taking an X-ray photo of your body will let you know whether your stomach is stretching down towards your lower abdomen.

If you feel you've got the gastroptosis getting checked at the hospital may not be required. However, to be absolutely sure whether or not you suffer from gastroptosis, getting your X-ray photo taken is a sure solution for detecting gastroptosis fast.

Causes of Gastroptosis: Why Skinny People Are More Likely To Have It

When the pressure around your abdomen grows weak so does the ability of your body to hold internal organs such as your stomach in place. This weakening of the inner muscles of your stomach causes your stomach to sag into what is known as gastroptosis.

Both muscle and fat are needed to hold your stomach tight in place preventing gastroptosis from occurring in your body. That is to say, when you lack in fat or muscle your stomach starts to sag downward.

Although putting on excess amount of fat has negative side effects of its own, losing to much fat around your midsection is said to cause medical conditions such as gastroptosis. That is why as you diet, making sure to not lose too much fat around your abdomen is important when keeping your diet from being the cause of gastroptosis.

Losing Weight May Be The Cause Behind Gastroptosis!?

Gastroptosis is common among more skinny people than you think. That's the image most people get at least.

Do gastroptosis make you skinny?

Due to the fact that gastroptosis is caused by inadequate amounts of fat and muscle applying pressure around your stomach holding it in place, some say that losing too much weight can in fact lead to gastroptosis.

As it stands people with less fat and muscle around the waist are more likely to develop gastroptosis like health conditions than people with high levels of body fat exercising regularly.

The Reason Why People With Gastroptosis Don't Gain Weight Is Dyspepsia!?

Gastroptosis and gastric atony can affect your ability to digest the foods you eat.

With gastroptosis you digestive system is not at one hundred percent. Not only does digestion not go as smooth as planned, the time that food spends in your stomach lengthens affecting your appetite.

Loss of appetite along with anorexia like symptoms and stomach ulcers are not that uncommon. Just because gastroptosis is making it easier to maintain your weight, doesn't mean it's the healthiest approach to weight maintenance.

Please not that stress and fatigue can also trigger indigestion. So if you find yourself suffering from dyspepsia that doesn't necessarily mean it's from gastroptosis.

Negative Affect of Indigestion on Your Body

Indigestion may be the reason why some people find it easy to maintain weight. The truth is that this impairs the ability for your body to absorb nutrients in your diet negatively affecting your perspective on health and beauty.

People with gastroptosis are said to experience more dryness of the skin, upset stomach problems, and stomach ulcers than people that don't.

Now you know the bad side of gastroptosis including what it does to your health and beauty in the long run to help you think whether the benefit of eating without weight gain is really worth the trouble of gastroptosis.

  • Gastroptosis for weight loss

    Gastroptosis for weight loss

    Just because you don't gain weight eating doesn't mean you have a high metabolism. The phantom behind you weight loss worries may be gastroptosis.

  • Just not gaining weight eating

    Just not gaining weight eating

    Skinny women with gastroptosis seem to never gain weight eating. It may be advantageous but when looked at in the long run, there are risks to be considered.

  • Adverse effects on your health

    Adverse effects on your health

    Spending your years thinking that gastroptosis has done wonders to help you keep from gaining weight is not on your side. Is indigestion worth it?