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Lack of Sleep Causes Weight Gain!? A Sleep Deprived Diet

Not getting enough sleep really slows down your progress dieting and trying to lose weight.
Here are some effects that lack of sleep has on your body for the worse.

When it comes to eliminating the obstacles preventing your from losing weight lack of sleep is one are thing that you had better watch out for if you don't want to put the weight you loss right back on returning to grown zero in weight loss left sleep deprived.

What are the side effects of lack of sleep in your diet?

Lack of sleepis something that should be avoided at all cost when on a diet to lose weight preventing unwanted weight gain from happening behind your back. Lack of sleep effects such as an unstable hormone balance may affect the performance in your diet.

Trying to diet when you are sleep deprived is not the way to approach dieting. Sleepless nights thinking of a cure for lack of sleep only makes matters worse. The wrong decision may cause lack of sleep weight gain if not careful.

In this sleep diet Slism, we will discuss 3 areas that lack of sleep interferes with your diet and exercise program while you are trying so hard to lose weight including: increasing your appetite; slowing down your metabolism; and making you fat.

Quick Sleep Diet

Lack of sleep increases your appetite making you eat more

What comes to mind when talking about lack of sleep is the sluggish feeling you get when you brain is not working as it should not to mention depression and sure lack of motivation. However, when it comes down to the amount of sleep you get every night affects your diet whether you like it or not.

Lack of Sleep Hormones

Not getting enough sleep lowers the amount of Leptin, the hormone responsible for suppressing your appetite that in turn increase the amount of Ghrelin in your body to make matters worse increasing your appetite.

Overeating is one of the most common ways a diet fails. However, a good portion of failed diet cause when you overeat are said to be really cause by lack of sleep. Eating more than you are supposed to taking in a gross amount of calories isn't going to help you lose weight.

Sleep deprivation doesn't help you muscles grow one bit

Growth hormones may seem self-explanatory in the way they are needed for people to grow up into full grown adults. In fact, that's not all. The growth of your muscles such as when trying to put on lean muscle mass to boost your metabolism depends very much on growth hormone levels in your body.

Being sleep deprived suffering from lack of sleep adversely affects the release of growth hormones in your body. As a result of lacking sleep you need to maintain muscle mass, your muscle mass decreases slowing down your metabolism making it easier to get fat and put back on the weight you just lost.

For best result in your diet and exercise weight loss routine making sure to get at least 8 hours of sleep starting between 9 at night and 2 past midnight is highly recommended.

Not getting enough sleep at night may cause you to put on fat

Lack of sleep interferes with your nervous system horribly impacting your diet and ability to lose weight if not careful.

When your body is in a resting state such as when getting sleep your metabolism dives down into a slump. When you lack sleep, this so said slow metabolism continues during the time you are awake. The deal breaker is that despite having you slower metabolism you are said to feel hungry.

The combination of a slow metabolism and an uncontrollable appetite is a sure equation for weight gain all cause by lack of sleep. Not getting enough sleep only beckons unwanted weight gains to appear unnoticed until it's too late.

  • Lack of sleep and dieting

    Lack of sleep and dieting

    Not getting enough sleep at night being sleep deprived doesn't help you lose weight any one bit. Getting the sleep you need helps you succeed.

  • Stop being sleep deprived

    Stop being sleep deprived

    When lack of sleep is taking its toll on your body so is it wreaking your chances at succeeding in diet and exercise for weight loss.

  • Good sleep at night benefits

    Good sleep at night benefits

    Getting back on track in your diet and exercise routine starts off by relieving your body from lack of sleep. The rest is smooth sailing.