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Natto Diet on Japanese Fermented Soybean Health Benefits

Explore natto health benefits to empower you diet and weight loss routine with Japanese fermented soybeans that make a difference in how much you way.
Soy isoflavone and saponin.

Natto ("Fermented soybeans") play a major part of the Japanese diet that would be a waste not to explore. The natto health benefits that you get are amazing including saponin and isoflavone particular to Japanese fermented soybeans.

Is natto good for you?


The natto diet is where you eat 1 pack of nattou per day to get the health benefits of fermented soybeans in your diet. Eating natto acts as a natural fat blocker while promoting a healthy fat burning metabolism.

As for as diets go natto diet is not only reasonable but very effective in promoting steady weight loss that only demands that you eat healthy. Say goodbye to strict dietary restrictions challenging the easy because you can. That's the natto diet.

In this next Slism, we will introduce how to do the natto diet eating Japanese fermented soybeans going into detail on the natto health benefits that you can look forward to in your diet to lose weight such as female hormone balance restoring isoflavone and natto saponin to prevent obesity.

Natto Diet Basics and Tips for Making Dieting On Fermented Soybeans Work

All it takes to start on the natto diet is to eat 1 pack (45-50 mg) of fermented soybeans each day. No tough to get around dietary restrictions making you hold your appetite. The fact that all you need to do is incorporate natto into your diet is what makes it so simple and easy to carry out.

There's no right or wrong way to eat natto so all you have to do is get it into your diet. If you eat rice everyday try topping off your rice with natto, or if you want to spice up the way you eat bread make natto toast. The right timing to eat natto is whenever you feel like it.

Eating natto prior to a meal makes it easy to satisfy your appetite effectively cutting back on your daily calorie intake. That's why for people with the habit of snacking, substituting natto in place of sweets makes a quick and easy calorie-down.

Eating Natto Close To The Expiration Date Is Good For You?

Even after storing the natto you bought at the supermarket away in the fridge the fermentation process keeps on working. Fermentation increases the amount of polyamine and vitamin K contained in natto improving upon the health benefits of natto you get in your diet.

Mixing Natto with Sauce Improves the Weight Loss Effect of Natto?

The nutritional value contain in natto doesn't increase with the number of times you stir it in preparation before eating. That's why it's always your decision on how much you want to whip your natto before you chow down.

Health Benefits Of Natto and Why Nattou Is So Good For You

Natto is one of those health foods that have been eaten in Japan for hundreds of years making up a large portion of the Japanese diet. As of recently, natto a begun to churn up the ladder of foods good for your health shined upon by the light of the world.

Although the health benefits of natto are known far and wide, let's talk about what you can look forward to in your diet and beauty looking at why natto should be an irreplaceable port of any ones eating plan to lose weight healthy.

Soy Protein Helps You Burn Fat Easier Than Ever

In the protein found in natto, soy protein, there is adiponectin that help break down fatty acids promoting efficient fat burning in your body. By increasing the amount of adiponectin in your body you give your body the leverage it needs to burn fat.

In addition, soy protein compared to protein found in lean meat and fish contains lower amounts of calories. This gives you a chance to hit two birds with one stone in your diet, getting high-quality protein in your diet as well as cutting back on calorie intake.

Whether you are on a diet or not, protein is an essential port of your diet. Not getting enough protein may cause your lower your weight but also cause loss in muscle mass. Then in turn, this will cause your metabolism to slow down making it easier to get fat.

Preventing Obesity in Soy Saponin

A substance called saponin can be found in natto and other soy products that is said to help prevent obesity maintaining your weight. Soy saponin reduces the villus in your small intestines preventing gross absorption of fat and sugars into your body.

Keep Your Hormone Balance In-Check with Soy Isoflavone

Natto contains soy isoflavone that is said to have the same effect on your body as the female hormone estrogen effective in helping you restore your hormone balance, prevent breast cancer, and benefit from antiaging.

Vitamin K2 for Strong Bones

Natto is a rich source of vitamin K2, one nutrient that is hard to find in almost any other food. Vitamin K2 is essential for constructing bones, which is why not getting enough vitamin K2 leads to decreased bone density as you age.

If you are wondering about the other nutrition information of Natto go here.

Important Things to Know Before Eating Natto Daily

The benefits you get out of eating natto don't stop at your diet. Alongside helping you lose weight, natto comes with an assortment of beauty and health benefits that you can count on. However, there is one precaution that you must know before eating natto every day that is that you should limit your consumption of soy isoflavone.

Getting too much soy isoflavone in your diet can upset your hormone balance.

Eating 1 Pack of Natto Is Enough

The recommended upper bound of how much isoflavone one can put into their diet is between 70 and 76 milligrams per day. (That's 30 mg for supplements)

There is said to be 73.5 mg of isoflavone per 100 gram serving of natto.

Getting isoflavone in your diet naturally by eating natto is said to be safe; but because most isoflavone supplements don't contain much soy isoflavone, it is believed to that the amount of isoflavone you get in your diet through dietary supplements be made lower.

  • How-to Japanese natto diet

    How-to Japanese natto diet

    Eat one pack of fermented soybeans each day to get more out of your diet making maintaining weight easy not to mention soy isoflavone.

  • Fermented soybean benefits

    Fermented soybean benefits

    Among the healthy benefits you get out of eating natto is a simple say to prevent unwanted weight gain and natural estrogen for you mood.

  • Building on healthy eating

    Building on healthy eating

    Eating healthy starts by making eating foods that are good for you're a part of your diet such as enjoying a helping serving of Japanese natto.