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Squat Your Way to A Great Butt: Do It Right First Tips

How many squats can you do without falling? It turns out that what's most important is exercising proper squatting technique to match your fitness goals.
Even if you are in it for the great butt exercises, here's how you up your game.

If you give a squat about your diet you are going to need to know how to do squats without hurting your body allowing time to build the muscles you need to start shaving of pounds of fat not to mention the wonders it does for shaping your butt and giving your legs a makeover that will have people asking Are you working out?

People in Japan may not be looking for the best bigger butt exercises like they are in the state, but in fact even if you are just looking for ways to tone down your butt, you would start of doing guess what? .. Squats!

It does matter what body shape people say you have, a pear or an apple. It doesn't matter if you are a banana, how your shape up your lower body starts with the basics.

As much as you would like to take on challenges such as the Brazilian but lift workout or Tabata training exercises, unless you have a strong foundation doing so may do more harm than good.

Let' look at how squatting technique affects the efficiency of your workout and muscle up. You never know this may be just the stepping stone you need to jump into fitness.

Quick Squat Tips (Illustrated)

Benefits of Squats: Boost Your Metabolism and Lift Your Butt

Squat exercises are an excellent way to train your lower body. Simply by doing squats it is possible to train hard to reach areas like the backside of your thighs, areas around the stomach that are always getting hammered on by fat, your back, calves, and butt without stepping foot in the gym.

Is putting on extra muscle going to make me fat?

Doing squats are perfect for women worried about putting on weight below the waist, a workout for women that gives you complete lower body workout. For anyone looking to get started on a diet including this simple exercise is a definite must.

There are many women out there that want to train they're bodies but don't because they fear putting on unattractive bulk muscle mass. In fact, in order to make your metabolism work for you, it is required that you put on muscle to burn more calories while you sleep, i.e. increase your BMI. It is said that building muscle makes it easier to burn off calories, thus making it harder to get fat.

If you are worried that by putting on muscles that you are going to get big, then relax. If you don't stack it you won't pack it as they say, as long as you don't pile up the weight to high this shouldn't be a problem. In this case, you will be lifting your body, nothing that should raise your concern. Think light and feel the burn of fat leaving your body in every rep.

Best Butt Exercises for Training Your Lower Body: Squat Workout

Here is a squat exercise recommended for beginners that minimized burden on your knees called the body-weight squat. The squat that we will introduce here requires you to stick out your butt and line up your upper body with the top of your knees. Doing squats this way are less of a burden on your knees which means short chance that you injure yourself while working out.

Exercises Similar To Squats to Do At Home around the House

Doing the squats this way allows you to work you back, thighs, and butt, toning the muscles in these areas brining newfound shape to your behind. (On the other hand, doing squats extending slightly path the front of your knees does more work for your thighs)

How to Squat: Body Weight Squatting Technique for Home

  1. Stand with legs a little more than shoulder-apart resting your hands on your waist finger tips facing outward. Bring your hands up to your chest crossing your arms in front of you.
    You are going to feel a sensation starting at your hips working its way to the back of your head through your chest.
    For people not ready yet, you can place your hands on your waist to get started. (hips , chest , back of head) illustration showing proper form for the squat
  2. Inhale breathing in while bringing your butt down towards the flow until level with its surface into a safe and comfortable squatting position. Stretch out your back so that there are no bends along your backside.
    Although it may take some time to get used to, this greatly reduces the strain on your back. illustrated step for the squat when lowering body
  3. Exhales breathing out as you slowly bring your body to a standing position, stopping before your legs are straight to avoid hyperextension.
    Pay special attention to your posture arching your back so that you are not bending over in any case. (By stopping short of straightening out your knees not only do you reduce the burden on your knees, you redirect work to your thighs and buttocks, just what need to start lifting that butt) illustrated step for getting out of the squat
  4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 doing two to three sets of five to ten depending on your personal level of fitness. Until you get used to the movements start with one and increase the number of sets you do gradually.

(Caution) People with hip or knee pain should not do this exercise and are recommended to consult with a physician before proceeding.

Check Yourself! – How To Do A Proper Squat

Correct Back Posture
Make sure your back is straight. A curve back increases the chances that you will incur back pain if continued for long periods of time. Keeping your back straight allows you to work you abs and lower back muscles, building strength around your core.
Safety First On Your Knees
When you are bending at your knees, it might not be practical to go all the way that is so say until your thighs are lined up with the floor, after all people have different body type and what works for your may not be for others. Go as for as you can without losing balance. Balance will come with time. In the mean time let's focus on maintain balance.
Best to Take It Slow
Take your time and avoid bouncing while doing this exercise. In particular to achieving a butt lift that is going to last, it's preferable that you go through the motions as slowly as comfortably possible. In addition quick jerking movements risk hyperextending your knees something you don't want to happen if you wish to stand.
Proper Hand Placement
Your hand placement while doing squats greatly affects where the exercise works your body. Adjusting your hand position to complement your fitness level not only makes it easy but prevents injury.

Workout for Beginners and Athletes Alike To Shape Your Body

An easy as it sounds to do a squat; you would be surprised how hard it is after giving it a honest try. There are people that think doing only 5 squats is hard enough.

If five is too hard, don't sweat it 3 may be your lucky number. Take it slow and increase the number of sets you are doing as you feel needed.

Adjust your hands to redirect work throughout your body more efficiently getting a full body workout. Remember the key is staying within your bounds, not overexerting yourself before building up enough strength to do intermediate to advanced exercises.

Doing squats alone is not going to get you ripped and doesn't carry the same burden that exercising with dumbbells and barbells have. If you are just looking to tone your thighs and life your buttock then doing bodyweight squats will do the job.

Most people breaking into exercise for the first time fail to see how important hand placement is in determining just what kind of exercise you will be giving your body. Take an athlete's opinion on this. They will tell you how easy it is to mix it up just by changing where you place your hands adjusting the center of mass of your body.

Squats are not an exercise that you want to throw away whether you are just getting started and feel it's time to get on bigger things, or you are an seasoned athlete warming up before a big bout. Doing squats takes mere seconds whereas mastering them is another story. Start on the right foot and you are on your way to the lifetime fitness of squatting.

  • Exercise smarter

    Exercise smarter

    Just by employing the mechanics of your body not only do you get a better workout but also prevent yourself from getting injured.

  • Nice butt lift

    Nice butt lift

    Getting a butt lift is the next best thing. Like any other thing getting the same results stems from many different methods – including squats.

  • Enhanced fat burning

    Enhanced fat burning

    Building muscle helps boost your metabolism, something that your body needs to burn fat faster.