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Hormones To Lose Weight By Sleeping For Appetite Control

Appetite control with you hormones?
It turns out that by sleeping you give your body just what it needs to keep you from binge eating so before trying to change your diet first consider getting some sleep.

With a reputation for working late hours, the Japanese Diet turns its eyes towards how sleeping effects the outcome of your diet. Do people in Japan need more sleep – or does it even matter at all? In this Slism, find out the connection between sleeping and your diet and how neither one should not be forgotten, if you want to control your appetite.

People often associate sleeping with gaining weight. It turns out that sleeping plays just as an important role of in your diet as eating and alone is not why you get fat. That's right, sleeping is a friends in your diet. Why is that?

Hormones to High Protein Diets to Stop Hunger and Eat More

Inside the human body are hormones that increase your appetite your body needs nourishment and hormones that suppress you appetite when you are hungry. The hormones that give and take away your appetite are known as Ghrelin and Leptin. These two hormones share a part in keeping balance in your diet by controlling how much you eat.

How can I naturally suppress my appetite?

Ghrelin boosts your appetite making you want to eat something. When you do find something to put in your mouth to satisfy your appetite, at times it is already too late before you notice you've overeaten. This is one reason why people gain weight.

Ghrelin, appetite for destruction

On the other hand, Leptin has to effect of inhibiting your appetite so that you won't want to put food in your mouth, making it harder to gain weight the same way that Ghrelin makes you by eating. That is why just by increasing the amount of Leptin in your body you can give your diet the boost it needs to help you lose weight and keep it off.

Leptin to destroy your appetite naturally

The subject of how to increase Leptin levels in your body to benefit your diet is undergoing continued research. In particular, the collective findings of Stanford University and the University of Chicago regarding hormone balance relating to sleep with be presented in this article on how sleeping affects your diet.

Control Appetite by Sleeping Longer and Wake Up Refreshed

In the study by Stanford University people were separated into two groups, one with people sleeping less, and another with people sleeping more. Results were shown comparing the level of Ghrelin and Leptin in the blood of about 1000 people participating in the study. People who got a good night of sleep had higher levels of Leptin and lower levels of Ghrelin in their blood, whereas the group containing people who lacked sleep had the opposite effect. The results of this study strongly indicated that these hormone levels were independent of the sex of a person and their diet.

  Ghrelin (Appetite Stimulant) Leptin (Hunger Suppressant)
Enough Sleep Decrease Increase
Lacking Sleep Increase Decrease

The University of Chicago observed the effect of getting enough sleep on in 10 people versus how the lack of sleep affected another group, similar to the previously discussed study. Over half of the subjects in the group getting less sleep were found to suffer from rebound eating. Looking at the results of both studies it is clear that it is easy for people who don't get enough sleep to get fat. Just about how much sleep should people get a night to maintain their weight?

8 Hours a Night to Boost Weight Management without Pills

In the study by Stanford, people were separated into two groups, one with people sleeping at least 8 hours, and another with people getting at most 5 hours a night. The difference between these groups was determined by looking at the blood levels of Ghrelin and Leptin that control you appetite.

In the second group consisted of people getting at most 5 hours of sleep a day. The Ghrelin levels of this group increased by 15 percent making them hungrier; and Leptin levels decreased by 15 percent, making it even harder to suppress that appetite.

Although the results of this study do indicate that getting 8 hours of sleep is better than 5, what you need to take out of it is that is to get at least 8 hours of sleep to give your body what it needs to release hormones essential to maintaining your weight, improving your changes of diet success.

Do or Don't Eating That Decides Whether Or Not You Burn Fat

When staying up late, it's hard to get the feeling that you've eaten enough. Eating at this time only results in uncontrollable binge eating that while not doing helping your burn off energy, resulting in tons of energy to be stored away as fat.

Although you burn off energy while sleeping due to your basal metabolism, when this energy becomes low and your body tries to break down fat. When you eat late at night it becomes unnecessary for your body to try to break down fat that doesn't help when you are trying to slim down. This is exactly why they say "Don't eat before your sleep."

After long nights of work getting back late, it's not strange to be hungry and feel like you are going to need a little help to get it through the next morning. At times like this chewing a piece of gum is a good way to trick your body into thinking that you've eaten.

On times when the simple urge to put something in your mouth to satisfy your hunger and you have no other choice, make the healthy choice by choosing something low in calories.

As much as getting enough sleep can make or break your diet, suppressing your hunger late at night may be just as important.

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