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Circuit Training For Women to Tone Your Body Getting Fit

Workout program for women never gets better than circuit training for getting fit bringing back the words tone your body into you fitness routine for real.

Get fit fast doing circuit training for women to tone your body with or without a gym membership with great tips to get the ball moving on exercise and how to build your own circuit training workout plan adding yet another great tool to slim down exercising your body the right way.

What is circuit training good for?

In addition to having to worry about a pudgy belly, the need to tone your body slimming down areas like your upper arms and thighs never ends. For anyone willing to put the work in for getting fit, one way you can do just that is taking up Circuit Training for women.

Not only do circuit workouts help you get fit fast effectively targeting hard to reach areas of the body through the synergy between anaerobic and aerobic exercise. If done right, you are in for a big change in your life and start moving on to better things.

In this daily take on Slism, we introduce circuit training workout programs for women and body toning exercises to help you burn fat exercising while building muscular strength and stamina to reach new heights in physical condition.

Quick Circuit Training Exercise

What Is Circuit Training? - Working out Your Whole Body

Circuit training is a hybrid exercise method combining strength, stamina and cardio training done in cycles to boost exercise efficiency workout out. By combining different types of anaerobic exercise (strength training) and aerobic exercise (whole body workout), circuit training allows you to train both not to mention burn more calories.

For example, one way to circuit train is to spend 30 seconds doing strength training followed by another half a minute followed by aerobic exercise such as jumping jacks and such.

The kick to circuit training is that there are no breaks between exercises. That means right after finishing up your training your arms on the weight you have to move directly into the aerobic exercise you are doing. Do this for 20-30 minutes minimum. That's circuit training.

How to Start Doing Circuit Training from the Ground Up

Switching you routine to circuit training along deciding on a time and period to exercise is not enough to start seeing results when you circuit train.

Although there is no one size fits all exercise menu that you can do everyday attacking the condition of all parts of the body, it is never enough to say that targeting the right parts of your body is no less than key.

Get help when you need it

Going to a fitness club or the gym ensures a balanced workout menu guides by the expert advice of a professional trainer.

Gyms that emphasize circuit training into the fitness programs they provide or on the increase. This makes for less time searching for the right exercise equipment to make your circuit training program work out.

Don't be afraid to run with it

Even if you don't have pricey workout equipment available in your home that doesn't mean building you own circuit training program isn't something you should consider. Pick out 6-12 different types of exercises to get started.

Use the following circuit training exercise plans as a reference when putting together your own plan. Note that unlike weight training, there is literally no time to rest. Try not to overexert yourself in the process.

Aerobic Exercises (Cardio)

  • Jog in place or stamp your feet raising your knees up high
  • Step up on a stationary platform elevating your body
  • Ride a step climber getting into the rhythm of exercise
  • Other aerobic exercises that can be done without leaving

Anaerobic Exercise (Strength Training)

  • Pushups training your upper arms and for toning triceps
    (Adjust workout intensity by using your knees instead of legs)
  • Squats to train your thighs and quads for stronger legs
    (Use a chair when starting off to check if your form is right)
  • Sit-ups for a stronger abdomen building on core fitness
    (No need to bring your body to a full upright sitting position)
  • Back exercises training your lower back for good posture
    (Pay attention to form to avoid potential lower back injury)
  • Other form of high intensity exercise for the part of the body you want to train

Why it's So Important to Switch up Your Exercise Routine

Unlike conventional weight training that works great if you are trying to put on muscle mass or build muscular strength isolating the part of your body you wish to train that doesn't help you build stamina; circuit training helps you combine strength training and cardio without piling on unnecessary fatigue.

By switching between sections of your circuit training program after 30 to 60 seconds of continued exercise you greatly reduce how your workout affects your fatigue level that not only helps you build stamina but through the exchange of alternating between strength training and cardio helps you burn calories.

As for circuit training programs you are used to see hanging up on the walls of your local gym, what you notice is that all they are is alternating between aerobic and anaerobic exercise. What's the deal with that?

When you do aerobic exercise it is said that your body takes up to 20 minutes before you enter the fat burning zone. That doesn't mean that you can't mix in strength training in between. As long as you keep your heart rate up, it doesn't matter what type of exercise you do.

Of course, getting in strength training into you routine without giving up on fat burning is unarguably and added plus that makes circuit training so popular amount fitness buffs and people breaking into exercise trying to lose weight.

A good rule of thumb to have at your side when carrying out circuit training is that if you spend more than 30 seconds doing one thing, it may be time to start moving on to something else. The key to getting it right is staying active always knowing what's next with smooth transition.

  • Circuit training for everyone

    Circuit training for everyone

    There is no such thing as a man workout. That is to say it's time to start breaking the gender barriers in fitness starting with circuit training.

  • Strength training and cardio

    Strength training and cardio

    Circuit training is the best of both worlds giving you the chance to touch up on your strengths while keeping your cardiovascular health solid.

  • Fun with combining exercise

    Fun with combining exercise

    Putting together the fitness routine that is going to get you in shape is easy with circuit training exercise. Mix and match your workouts.