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How Diet And Music Mix: Boost Serotonin – Weight Loss Secret Locking Down Diet Success

Need tips to a happier diet? Learn how listening to music can boost you serotonin levels and help you get to the finish line thinner and less stressed out.
See how you can do it to.

There are many benefits to listening to music and depending on the type of music, can help you calm down and stay motivated while working out. There are many researchers out there studying how music effects you brain and in tern can be harnessed to increase productivity. Recently, CDs designed for this purpose controlling brain waves while you listen are now being sold on the market. No matter what type of music you choose to listen to, one thing stays the same, you are enjoying yourself. Nobody listens to music they don't like.

While performing exercises such as aerobics or yoga, it is almost always the case that you will be listening to some sort of music, relaxing or upbeat. Listening to music while you exercise gives you a little something to move your body to, producing a relaxing effect that makes it more likely that you get though the routine. For example, listening to the eye of the tiger between sets as you're weightlifting not only keeps you preoccupied, but also keeps you on your toes ready to leap into your next set.

So, how is it we apply music therapy to our diet for say? As a start, it can help you deal with the irritation caused by dietary restrictions, such as limiting your food intake and not eating the sweats you use to enjoy. Before that happens is important that you find the right music that can help your diet and not only see, but also hear the results.

How music can help your diet

Listening to music has a great affect on people, helping them relax when stressed and putting them in a good mood. Why this happens is that listening to music triggers an increase in your body's serotonin levels, which plays an important rule in brain cell functionally such as those controlling your mood and sleepiness. Serotonin is known as one of the body's "happy hormones," for the active role it plays in your well-being.

Serotonin not only affects your well-being; it helps keep your central nervous system functioning properly. When serotonin levels drop below normal your body is affected greatly, possibly interfering with your appetite as well as exercise efficiency. This is why listening to music, increasing serotonin levels sent to your brain, is said to help your with your diet.

Shake off stress by increasing serotonin levels

We all know being on a diet can be stressful at times. Growling stomach and not getting the results they expected are the reason behind many people stress, causing us to overeat, quit working-out, and ultimately fail in your diet.

Serotonin has a relaxing effect that helps you deal with stress. Using music to boost you serotonin levels may be the next step in enhancing your diet you have been looking for.

Serotonin helps you keep a healthy appetite

Serotonin affects how much you feel like eating. When you have enough serotonin, you don't need to eat as much to feel full. When under stress, serotonin levels decrease, which if not replenished could negatively affecting how you may handle your next meal. Going into a meal with low serotonin is like running a race wearing a blind fold. You can start, but knowing when to stop may require some assistance. Serotonin affects how easy it is to satisfy your appetite, which is why eating on low serotonin can often lead to overeating.

Serotonin is an ally to any dieter who is worried about their appetite getting the best of them. Although avoiding building up stress may be just as effective, keeping serotonin levels from dropping may be the key to your diet's success.

Music increases the efficiency of your work out

Although it may not seem like much has changed since the days you use to carry around a Walkman and switch mix tapes depending on what you are in the mood for, people nowadays are inseparable from the portable media players, such as the iPod, they carry. Being able take your music with you on the go has changed the way we go about working out. Whether you are going on a jog, getting stretched or just stepping on a bike, listening to your favorite playlist while doing so keeps you entertained. Listening to music while you work out may seem like a distraction interfering with you workout; but in fact it is said to make you focus better increasing the efficiency of your workout.

Listening to music while you work out help you gain a sense of rhythm while working out. This is turn, causes not only you body, but your breathing and heat beat to synchronize as well, making you less prone to injury and more likely to continue exercising for long durations of time. Since it takes at least 30 minutes before you body starts burning fat after exercising, being able continue to exercise is key. That is where music comes into play.

Exercise while listening to music is not only more fun, but also prevents from getting hurt and allows you to stretch out exercise for longer periods of time. For health as well as diet reasons, it is recommended that you not forget you music before exercising.

Example of combining music and exercise – BBC's Bob the Builder

Until recently, I've never seen a kid's show appear so fun and exercise intensive. Combining old fashion jamboree style fun with physical activity to keep your kids active even in front of the TV, Bob the Builder takes it to the next level. How kids keep up with Big Fish Little Fish amazes me. Not only is it fun for the children, adults love it two, dancing of with their little ones. So don't let old age stop you from getting down, show them you still got the moves, or at least the cardboard box.

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    Music And Weight Loss

    Just by adding music to the picture can improve on what you get out of diet and exercise.

  • Benefits Of Music On Your Diet

    Benefits Of Music On Your Diet

    Sitting back listening to a playlist of songs that you've created is a good way to relieve stress as well as promote a healthy appetite.

  • Listening While You Exercise

    Listening While You Exercise

    You know the drill. Whenever you go to the gym, don't forget you iPod. Music blocks out noise enabling better focus during exercise.