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4 Friends Through Thick And Thin: Getting The Support You Need To Succeed In Your Diet

Your friends are you greatest allies when it comes to the support you need to succeed in your diet and make it through the bad times.
Who you surround yourself with can change your physique.

The major hindrance with dealing with diet stress alone is not having enough encouragement allowing you go on. This is the one of thee major reasons why people quit dieting, lack of support.

Going on a diet with your friends allows stress to be dealt with more collectively and gives each person the support they need to succeed.

Why is it so hard to do alone?

Why is it so hard to continue dieting on your own? The thing about being alone is that you have no way of venting your frustration verbally. While thoughts such as:

  • I’ve been working at it, but am not seeing any results
  • I don’t get to eat the foods I liked anymore

emanate from your head every second lost (unanswered) puts you in deeper turmoil, making your changes of diet success slimmer by the moment.

The stress you get having an empty stomach on not being able to eat begins to occur more often. That's not all; On top of diet associate stress, piles layer of unvented frustration from day to day life. Stress is the leading cause to setbacks and eventual discontinuation in many people's diets, causing them to:

  • Gorge (pig-out) due to unbearable stress

As much as people would not like to admit it, their failure story has, "the inability to deal with stress," written all over it. This is why in order to succeed in your diet, it's important to strategize how to go about combating stress.

Setting diet goals is important, but keeping one's own goals in sight is easier said than done.

  • I set the bar high at first, but as time went on the bar got lower and lower

There is a thin line between quitting and taking it easy on oneself. When alone there is no one around to give a second opinion.

Dieting with friends is so awesome!

The hardest part about dieting is not giving into temptation. It's easy to let your guard down, snacking… eating fast food with a friend… At times like these only if you had friend to give sound advice, then you might be more careful with what you eat. Conversely, by giving diet advice to a friend, you yourself are benefited by the advice, making you then more motivated.

By exchanging information between you friends, it is possible to become more conscious about your diet, maybe increasing its effectiveness. As each individual in the group become more and more conscious about their health, so does the rest of the group. Let's take a look at how this works.

how stress affect your diet

Make sure your diet is going down the right path, seeking a second opinion and emotional support, among friends.

Who makes the best diet friend?

There are many merits to having a diet friend, but depending on who you choose to let in your diet circle, results may differ adversely. So what characteristic should an ideal diet friend have?

When thinking about who should be a part of your diet circle, your close friends, people you spend time working with are a few names that come to mind. Although it might work out if these people are interested in going on a diet in the first place, however this might not be the case. Not all of your friends may not be as motivated as you to lose weight. On the other hand, if you are too close to one person, the result to adding them to your group will lead to increased pressure.

If you are having trouble finding diet friends amongst those around you, there is always time to join one of the internets featured diet support groups, communities. Here not only are you able to consult with other people motivated to lose weight, most sites provide tools useful in tracking diet progress.

Dieting with friends or colleagues

It's nice having friends at your side while dieting. A good friend is able to provide suitable advice, while checking in on their progress, giving you the encouragement you need when you need it. Having a friend around helps you to avoid hard where you might be going overboard.

By thinking about people, it is possible to start taking an objective view on things, increasing diet efficiency benefiting both parties.

Not only is your diet friend there for you in hard time, when you decide to treat yourself, going out to eat (something healthy) make it a group thing. That way no matter what you are doing, whether that be eating or exercising, you never have to be left alone to temptation. Dieting is fun when you have people to come along.

However, this has the potential to lead to an inferiority complex making you think, "I'm the only one who's not losing weight." At this point it might be advantageous to shift the way you are thinking towards a more, "I got to start working harder," type of attitude.

Finding diet friends on the internet

By enlisting yourself in one of many blogging communities out there, finding people with the same worries as you and reading about how they're coping gives you great insight on where it is you should be going too. The real merit in using these sites is that there is so much information regarding diet, exercise, and weight loss that not turning up with something is highly unlikely. Also, when you find yourself at a standstill and don't know what to do, asking questions may generate multiple responses, at least pointing you in the right direction.

On way to find people willing to cooperate with you is by using the internet.

What kind of person do you want to challenge you diet with? The person you end up dieting with ends up being the same person you spend your leisure time with. Complementing each others effort and saving a friend in need is what matters. Even taking a break from dieting, indulging in ones favorite sweets together is acceptable.

Try not to overwhelm you diet friend, by being the only one on the receiving end of consultation, proceeding to end things in a one way manner, too happy getting what you want, not realizing that you have too do the same. Be a 'good' diet friend, and find enjoyment in others success, not just yours.

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