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Diets Around The World: Obesity On A Global Scale And How Countries Stay Thin

Are you worried that you kids weight problems are stepping out of bounds, but are worried it may be too early to force them on a diet?
You aren’t alone.
Obesity is a world dilemma.

For the same reasons you are, people all around the globe can be found dieting. Whether that reason may be to slim down to fit into the clothes you want to wear or to just live a healthier lifestyle, dieting has become a universal concept extending beyond the foods we eat.

However, just as the foods eaten from country to country may differ, so do the ways people go about dieting. In this column, we are going to introduce some diets that can be found around the world.

United States

With fast-foods and super sized dinning options, obesity has proven to be a recurrent problem in the US. As a result, there is an enumerable number of ways people can choose to loose weight. What's out there?

Working women's choice -- Flat Belly Diet

You may have seen this diet on TV watching Rachael Ray show how despite their busy schedule many working woman are doing it. Seeing is believing, as they say. Getting strait to the point, what you really want out of your diet is results you can see and feel, without having to limit how much you eat. That is why this diet is designed to give your tummy a makeover by getting rid of unwanted belly fat and love handles fast. Not only is it known to be effective, it is also simple. Just by incorporating more foods rich in MUFA (monounsaturated fatty acids) such as avocados, nuts, and olive oil into your diet, combined with 20-30 minute exercise routines is it possible to target those hard to get areas and make your belly flatter.

No prescription, no problem!? -- Alli

Now you don't have to see a doctor to get the diet pill that everyone is talking about. Approved by the FDA as a weight loss aid, showing rare reports of harm to people using, it can be bought online or over the counter at your nearest health foods store. If you're thinking about taking it, but feel like you need to look at other options first, you should know that there are none. Alli is the only over-the-counter FDA approved diet and weight-loss aid on the market. Unlike other diets pills, alli does compete with exercise; it works with it. When taken in conjunction with a supporting diet and exercise program, it is said to help you lose as much as 50% more as you would alone. Application of alli is easy, taken 3 meals a day. Yes, that's it, once every meal. With alli you can start you diet and exercise program with more confidence that you will get the results.

Shrink you stomach to eat less!? -- Bariatric (stomach-shrinking) surgery

Obesity is a health concern plaguing America. When conventional diet and exercise fails that is where Bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery) comes into the picture. There are many types procedures done that can help people overcome obesity, the most well known of which are gastric banding and gastric bypass surgery. Although like any other type of surgery, bariatric surgery isn't risk free. However, for people who are morbidly obese, the risks of associate with not getting surgery far outweigh the risk of the surgery itself. Before receiving bariatric surgery individuals much satisfy strict body mass index (BMI) requirements. Recently, the popular gastric banding system known as Lab-Band, has lowered its BMI requirement as low as 30 kg/m² or other satisfying conditions such as having documented failed attempts in dieting and exercise. This makes bariatric surgery available to less obese patients. So, if you are 30-40 lbs overweight and utterly out of hope, not seeing any results from diet and exercise bariatric surgery may be right for you.

War against obesity in America

As much as you may like to point a finger addressing potential causes, such as the high-calorie hamburger accompanied by a large drink sold at any fast-food restaurant, the country has taken a definite course toward battling the issue of obesity. Health reform reducing the amount of fat, sugar, and sodium contained in processed foods and school cafeterias accompanied by educational reinforcement promoting habitual exercise has taken place.


Besides its slim-fit image portrayed much on TV, you would expect the Chinese population to resemble well known actors such as Jet Li and Jacky Chan. However, in reality, it is the opposite. Obesity is a growing concern in China. Wary that its people are getting too big, how does the country take matters into its own hands?

Hope for the future!? -- Diet camp

Recently in China, there has been an increase in the number of obese children. That is why it is quit common in this case for parents to send their children to diet (weight-loss) camp to spend their breaks, such as summer vacation participating in 20 day physical training and nutritional education programs. You would think that there not very many parents that can afford to send their kids to diet camp because of the high cost of attendance. In reality, there are more than you think. Fat camps are pinnacle part of China's striving diet industry attending to busy parents worried about their children weight problems.

Not recommended because its easy... -- Diet pills

Diet pills are commonly sold in the market in China. In health food market, diet pills make up as much as half of the diet related products being sold in China. By diet pills in market puts you in a disadvantage compared to buying online. Buying drugs in this manner gives you the opportunity to confirm that the drugs you thinking about buying are safe and don't contain anything that would detriment you health. If you do find yourself buy diet supplements in China, please note that because something is being sold doesn't necessarily mean that it hasn't been taken off the shelves elsewhere.

Fight with obesity in China

The Chinese government has taken matters into their hands, taking the direct approach of showing its people the benefits of good health and importance of regular exercise through mass-media. In addition, the government is telling parent to refrain from feeding their children too much fast-food and snacks. As discussed previously, effort to fight off obesity is not only being directed toward adults, but children as well.

United Kingdom

The UK with hope to slim down its image is actively promoting diet to its people. Which diets are being taken in by the people, anyway?

The diet everybody is doing in the UK -- Food combining

Food combining is not just putting your food in the blender, for say. It's a diet regimen that requires you to pay attention to how you go about combining your food. What this may mean is that you may not want to combine proteins with citrus, or proteins with carbohydrates. It's a filtering process which helps you combine your foods to be processed by your body more effectively.

Well renowned throughout the world -- Atkins diet

Whether you are an avid diet or not, you probably have heard of it and know that it's a world famous low-carb diet. By reducing carbohydrate intake, it's possible to reduce insulin levels down, reducing the amount of fat being stored by your body. However, it is not recommended in the long term, because it hard to adapt to and could potentially lead to malnutrition. People on the Atkins diet require more discipline than people on other healthier alternatives.

Battling obesity in the UK

There are many whys the UK is handling its obesity problem. Major reform has taken place in the parliament, adding more veggies to school lunches. In addition, in order to abolish the issue as fast as possible incentives have been put in place supporting those wishing to lose weight. The government has begun showing people the money, issuing an experimental initiative that will award those who have successfully lost weight.

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