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Pacific Saury Nutritional Facts of Raw and Grilled Sanma

Looking for a good source of essential unsaturated fatty acids in your diet?
Pacific saury has it all.
Get the nutritional facts you need to get started.

Pacific saury eaten raw as sushi or grilled sanma may taste different depending on how it is prepared but what remains consistent are the pacific saury nutrition facts that never seem to make the label, eating pacific saury does the body good. Quick Nutrition >>

Is eating pacific saury good for you?

For most people it is a mystery of what pacific saury is, especially if you don't live around the Pacific Ocean populated by Cololabis sairaMackerel Pike, or otherwise known as Sanma in Japanese. More importantly, you may want to know whether eating pacific saury is good for your diet. To get started let's look at the nutritional facts of raw and grilled sanma.

When on a diet one thing that comes to mind is watching you intake on fat. Very often, you may find yourself associating fat in your food with fat you put on gaining weight. However, the fat you get from eating pacific saury is different and said to even cancel out obesity factors potentially causing unwanted weight gain from occurring. Reach out for a stress free diet eating sanma pacific saury.

In this nutrition Slism, we introduce pacific saury nutrition facts for grilled and raw sanma along with highlighting nutrients benefits to your health and in weight loss.

Quick Sanma Nutrition

Nutritional Facts for Pacific Saury Eaten Raw or Grilled

A medium sized raw pacific saury is said to weigh around 150 grams. On the other hand, grilled pacific saury is 130 grams. Despite the slight different in weight, each type of pacific saury roughly contains 100 grams of edible fish.

Nutritional Facts PACIFIC SAURY (Raw) PACIFIC SAURY (Grilled)
ENERGY (Calories) 310Cal 299Cal
WATER CONTENT 55.8g 53.2g
PROTEIN 18.5g 24.9g
FAT 24.6g 20.6g
LINOLEIC ACID 270mg 210mg
VITAMIN B2 0.26mg 0.29mg

※ Value shown for 100g of edible pacific saury
As shown in the above table pacific saury is an excellent source of unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic acid, DHA, and EPA that are great if when you are on a diet or trying to prevent lifestyle diseases.

Oleic Acid

Oleic acid also found in foods such as olive oil is said to help lower bad cholesterol (LDL-cholesterol) in your bloodstream. This serves to prevent the hardening of your arteries promoting a healthy heart.

Alpha Linoleic Acid

Alpha linoleic acid is an essential fatty acid that is said to be converted into DHA and EPA by your body internally. It is said to improve the functionality of your brain and nervous system. Being an essential fatty acid it can't be produced by your body, which means the only way to get it is in your diet. In addition to boosting brain power, it is said to help with allergies, cancer prevention, and high blood pressure.

Arachidonic Acid<

Arachidonic acid makes up the membrane surrounding the neurons of your brain. Simply getting more Arachidonic in your diet is said to help make you smarter. In addition to boosting brain performance it has the added effect of making you more motivated not to mention lowering triglyceride levels in your blood. Note that diets holding back on animal products risk the lack of Arachidonic acid from your diet.


DHA similar to EPA helps lower triglycerides in your blood helpful in preventing lifestyle diseases. In addition, it is said to be connected to the functionality of the neurons in your brain. DHA in your diet promotes healthy brain function.


EPA is an unsaturated fatty acid that is said to help lower blood pressure and decrease triglyceride levels in blood helping you prevent the onset of lifestyle disease.

Histidine to Prevent Overeating and Burn Fat in Your Diet

Pacific saury is an excellent source of the essential amino acid histidine said to help your body burn more fat as well as satisfying your appetite preventing you from overeating. For people dieting to lose weight, getting more histidine may help bring down your BMI.

Pacific Saury Caught In the Fall Is Rich in Nutrition

In Japan, pacific saury caught in the fall is often boasted for its superior nutritional value.

Not only do you get the histidine and unsaturated fatty acids you need to balance your diet, it is also rich in iron to prevent anemia, calcium to maintain bone density, and vitamin B2 to burn fat promote a strong metabolism supported by a healthy diet.

Pacific saury is known for being packed full of fat. However that doesn't mean it's going to necessarily make you fat. In fact, the fat contained in pacific saury along with essential fatty acids and amino acids such as histidine are said to help battle obesity and lower cholesterol.

Now that you know how good eating pacific saury is for you when dieting. Don't just read the nutritional facts looking at how much fat is in your food. Pacific saury is a good example of a fatty food that is not too shabby when it comes to your diet.

  • Nutrition in pacific saury

    Nutrition in pacific saury

    Pacific saury is a great source of high quality protein as well as the essential fatty acids you need to study and burn fat losing weight.

  • Unsaturated fatty acids

    Unsaturated fatty acids

    With essential fatty acids such ad DHA, EPA, and alpha-linoleic acids to promote healthy neuron signals in your brain pacific saury has it.

  • Pacific saury histidine

    Pacific saury histidine

    Histidine in pacific saury has been shown to help your body burn fat taking back the ground lost the last time your gained weight again.