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How to Gain Weight for Women without a Slow Metabolism

That last thing you want to be told when trying to put on weight is that it is not possible. With great advice on how to gain weight for women you can!

As much as you would no believe there is a whole other side to dieting left unexplored, how to gain weight fast for women. Enough said about gaining weight, the real problem is doing it the healthy way without giving you a slow metabolism.

How can I gain weight without hurting my metabolism?

Despite the movement to slim down dieting, more and more people are looking at how to gain weight for women naturally without slowing down your metabolism. While avid dieters are in envy, there is no shortage of skinny women looking for a way to put on a few extra pounds.

For people lost and confused at why a person would want to know how to gain weight with a high metabolism, there is one thing that needs to be put out in the clear. Gaining weight doesn't mean you are at a loss in your diet. Putting a little weight doesn't have to negatively affect your health.

In this healthy Slism, we will go into discussion on how to gain weight naturally without giving up on health helping you put on the pounds you need.

Quick Gain Weight

Things You Need To Know Before Gaining Weight the Right Way

When it comes down to how to gain weight with a fast metabolism, once you understand the little math needed for gaining weight you are set. Along with other rules of nature such as conservation of energy, the follow holds true in your diet.

IF         What you burn is less than what you eat

THEN    There is little chance you have to worry about gaining weight

Trying to lose weight this way may drastically affect you metabolism. However, on the flip side, it can help you gain weight turning excess energy to insulating fat keeping you warm during the winter and giving you a less boney figure.

What Stops You from Gaining Even After Eating Everything

The first approach to gaining weight is simply eating more food. This may be one way to go but no matter how hard you want to gain weight eating more food than you are used to can be a hassle.

On top of the amount of food you eat, taking the amount of calories in foods you eat may be a more feasible route to take.

Lower the Amount of Energy Burned Daily with Less Exercise

Just by being less active you can lower the amount of calories you burn each day. This may be on way to gain weight but don't get your hopes up just yet. Gaining weight by slothing around is a sure way to put on unhealthy amount of body fat just getting fat not to mention the lack of appetite that comes with a sloth-like life.

As for as BMI standards for weight are concerned, high body fat is likely to turn into hidden obesity causing the buildup of visceral fat increasing the risk of developing lifestyle disease.

Just because you exercise doesn't mean weight loss is guaranteed. In fact, there are ways of exercise that may help you gain weight.

The Role Your Stomach Plays In Being Able To Gain Weight

A healthy stomach may increase your chances of succeeding in a diet to gain weight. When your stomach is in the game you don't have to worry about not being hungry or getting optimal nutrient absorption from the foods you eat.

Although eating play a big part in being able to gain weight, for best results getting your body up to pace for optimal energy and nutrient absorption is just as important. To do that you must know how to keep you stomach happy and healthy.

Ways to Help Your Stomach

Here are some ways you may be able to condition your stomach improving your chances of gaining weight.

Take Digestive Aids

Digestive aids or stomach medicines help boost functionality of your stomach as well as getting rid of excess stomach acid. Taking over the counter digestive aids or supplements such as that containing Aloe Vera may be just what you need to keep your stomach in the game.

Reduce Stress Level

Being stressed out has a funny way of messing up your nervous system that may slow down your stomach affecting the amount of stomach acid being release. In short, stress can cause complications in your stomach that may give you a bad stomach.

More importantly, stress lowers your appetite, which is especially important if you are trying to gain weight eating.

Avoid Overeating and Drinking Too Much

Eating a box of pizza while downing a six pack of beer may be taking gaining weight a little too extreme. Not only is the result not that good, it may have a negative effect on your stomach.

When trying to gain weight overeating, make sure to eat regularly while trying to abstain from behavior that may not go well with your stomach.

Get Your Stomach Checked

If your stomach has been acting up lately, it never hurts to go in for a routine checkup. Stomach problems left unattended may flatten all the effort you put into diet in the long run. Don't take any chances.

Tips That Are Going to Help You Gain Weight off The Bat

There are some ground rules for gaining weight are advantageous to understand before getting started packing on some extra pounds. Eating ice cream, donuts, and fast food is not a good source of nutrition. Here are a few pointers on deciding what amount of food to eat.

  1. Don't miss a meal
  2. Eat more for dinner
  3. Get enough nutrition

Skipping Meals Makes It Hard To Gain Weight

There is a big difference in the calories you get from eating 2 meals a day versus the standstill 3 meals a day. By increasing the amount you eat for breakfast in the morning you have less to worry about balance in your diet. Skipping a meal may leave you with less energy during the evenings.

For people used to eating morning breakfast but are not able to eat much, start with something small. This may be either a banana or any other fruit. The key is developing a habit to eat. Start small and work your way up to larger meals eating faster.

Eating More for Dinner Is Better For Taking in Nutrients

Dieters trying to lose weight may decrease their food consumption later in the day, however for people trying to gain weight it is exactly the opposite. Start eating more, later in the day.

Nutrient absorption in your body is at its highest during the late hours of the day on to the night. Simply be shifting the time you eat a few hours over, you can absorb more nutrition from your food. This results in energy being stored away, which in turn may help you gain weight.

Although you may be thinking as long as you eat lots at night you are going to put on weight in no time that would be the case if your appetite the next day were not affected. Eating too much in one sitting may take its toll on your body. The key is to slowly increase the amount you eat giving your body time to adjust to the increased load.

Getting the Nutrition Your Body Needs Is For the Best

Eating sugar-rich foods getting energy in your body may be a good way to put on the fat but not good if you don't want to increase the risk of contracting diabetes or heart disease.

Worrying too much about how you are going to gain weight failing to get adequate nutrition in your body in itself is a failure. Even when you are trying to gain weight the rules to a balance diet still matter.

Being apple to put on weight without negatively affecting your body is the secret to gain weight the healthy way. To do this you will need to carry out your diet always keeping in mind the nutritional side to dieting.

How to Exercise If You Want To Gain Weight for Women

In order to increase your chances of gaining weight you are going to have to exercise to gain weight. That is to say there are techniques that you can add to your workout routine to put on the pounds. Note that in contrast to exercise usually done to lose weight such as aerobics you will be adding anaerobic exercises to your workout library.

Do Anaerobic Exercise to Put On Muscle Mass

There are all kinds of exercises you can do depending on what you expect to get out of it. Aerobic exercise in particular is great for burning fat. On the other hand, if you want to build stronger muscles you are going to need to pick up the weight in anaerobic exercise.


  • Strength Training (Squats / Pushups / Ab Workouts)
  • 100 Meter Dash (Sprints / High Intensity Bursts)

What Muscles To Workouts That Give You The Most Gains?

When trying to gain weight exercising it is most effective to start out with the larger muscle groups working your way down the latter down to smaller muscles when you require more definition.

As a guideline you will want to start off concentrating your effort working your chest, back, abs, and legs.

Example of Major Muscles Group to Train to Gain Weight
Chest Push-ups / Bench Press
Back Back Extensions / Chin Lifts
Abdomen Crunches / Sit-ups
Legs Squats / Leg Press

Overcompensating For Training to Put On 5 in No Time

Exercise can make you sore at times. When you feel worn out the best thing you can do is make time to recover. In fact, getting enough recovery time promotes stronger muscles. Taking recovery a step further, when you are trying to gain weight, it is best to overcompensate. That is to say do whatever it takes to elongate the time you spend recovering from exercise.

Note that overcompensation is not limited to exercise recover. It holds in your diet. Overcompensating in nutrition helps you get more vitamins and minerals in your diet while at the same time helping you bass the bar gaining weight.

In contrast overworking, the opposite of overcompensating has an effect causing you to lose muscle mass slowing down your metabolism in exchange for weight loss.

Overcompensating In Your Training

Workouts every 2 to 3 days making sure you are properly rested before proceeding with your exercise routine. If you find yourself sore, give your body more time to recover.

Overcompensating In Nutrition

First Thing You Should Be Doing After a Workout

Increase your protein intake after working out. Make sure to get protein in your body between 30 minutes and 1 hour after a hard workout. This helps you put on muscle mass especially important when wanting to gain weight while boosting your metabolism.

Last Thing You Should Be Doing Before Sleeping

Take protein before you go to bed. This you recover faster giving your body the building blocks it needs to bulk up. Consumption of protein giving you amino acids combined with growth hormones that get released as you sleep is the best way to recover faster and put on weight the healthy way.

Weight Gaining Protein to Put On A Few Extra Pounds

Protein supplements may not make the best meal replacement but is convenient to have around especially when you are trying to gain weight.

Before You Workout

You know the drill. Mix up a delicious protein shake before you hit the weights. Not only do you make sure you are hydrate but get healthy amino acids in your body before they are needed.

After Exercising Hard

Following a workout is said to be one of the best times to take protein especially if you are looking to put on mass. Have you shake ready to make leaving only the task of adding water for improved convenience.

Right Before Sleeping

Taking protein before you go to bed covers all the bases. You have done everything it takes to gain weight without giving up in your health. The rest is time and dedication to put on weight.

  • Weight gain diet for women

    Weight gain diet for women

    If you really want to gain weight you are going to need a plan that doesn't involve stuffing your face. Some say it's harder than losing.

  • Benefits of overcompensating

    Benefits of overcompensating

    Giving yourself a little more time to rest and eating more than necessary to reward yourself of the good you are doing is the best way to gain.

  • Protein consumption to gain

    Protein consumption to gain

    Drinking protein before and after exercise following up with a healthy protein shake before you hit the sac helps you bulk up right.