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Escape The Drunk Diet: Drinking Alcohol On Your Appetite

What's got your appetite shouting out to eat? The real reason why you can't control yourself may be because of alcohol.
Is going on the drunk diet really going to help you lose weight?

Does being on a diet mean you have to give up drinking? Dieters know that fighting of the urge to drink can be a deal breaker when you want to lose weight and have your fun at the same time.

You've heard about the drunk diet made popular by the media. It this so called weight loss method something that works are just a way drunkards can called themselves dieters without being judged .

Is it really possible to diet and lose weight?
Are people sore losers who blame it on the alcohol??

Decide for yourself. Here are the facts.

What Is The Drunk Diet? – A Fad or the Best Diet Ever

The drunken diet is not the most effective diet on the shelf and certainly not what it sounds like despite how the media like's to portray its Queen of Pop. It's not a weight loss program that requires you get drunk before you exercise. That would be crazy. Although not the best diet ever, there is some sound advice to take home with you to drink and maintain weight.

How does drinking help you lose weight?

The drunk diet based on a book written by Luc Carl (Lady Gaga's Ex) that takes a counterintuitive spin on dieting. The book discusses how the author lost 40 pounds after realizing that something's got to change to get back up to fit shape while still being able to enjoy a drink, certainly a good read for no diet dieters who like to party it up without losing your figure.

Where drinking hammers away at your ability to diet is in your alertness. As you drink you become less likely to notice that you are overeating. This makes sense because it's a depressant and depression increases the tendency that you will eat more than you need to, creating drinking binge eating cycle sure to cause your diet to rebound.

We all know that the drunk diet is not like other weightloss programs. However like any other diet spreading the gospel of how great they are and why you would continue buying they're products, you should take the advice with a grain of salt. Successful dieters know that the diet that works is the diet that works for you. In that respect, the drunken diet is no exception.

Drinking Alcohol to Lose Weight: Need to Know Facts about the Drunken Diet

In alcohol are calories that aren't absorbed by your body called empty calories.

When you consume alcohol your body temperature raises and digestive enzymes get sent out to your stomach burning off energy in your body. That's why the calories in alcohol get burned off whether you exercise or not.

The calories contained in drinks contain more than calories from alcohol. In addition to the calories you get from alcohol are calories from carbs and fat.

In fact the amount of calories you get from sugar and vitamins is quite minuscule that it is almost safe to say that most of the calories come from alcohol. That is why the higher the alcohol content of your drink the more calories you take in.

Here's a simple table showing various alcoholic beverages with their associated calorie content.

Alcoholic Beverage Calories per 100g
Beer 40 Cal
Rice wine 109 Cal
Red wine 73 Cal
Whiskey 237 Cal
Brandy 237 Cal
Vodka 240 Cal

Since the calories in alcohol don't really add into your daily calorie limit, drinking alone is not going to make you fat. In fact, studies have shown that alcohol against the negative image it has on your diet is not the major reason connecting drinking and weight gain.

Why are there so many people gaining weight by drinking?

The main reason why people gain weight by drinking is that after having a drink it becomes very hard to control your appetite. Although drinking doesn't give you're the munchies, it makes it difficult to stop eating after you get the munchies. That's right. As you've expected the reason why people get fat is not because of drinking but in fact because they eat too much, not moderating they're daily intake.

Say You Don't Want To Get Fat One Minute and Start Snacking the Next

Since drinking alcohol is not the reason why people gain weight, you would think that as long as you don't eat anything during the party you don't have to worry about gaining weight.

Although you don't have to worry about getting fat just by drinking, not eating anything and continuing to drink can take its toll on your body not to mention making you get drunk faster. In the worst situation you could develop dependence to alcohol that if combined with snacking is a sure recipe to gain some serious weight.

Alcohol Linked To Binge Eating: Why You Shouldn't Eat Before You Drink

Mentioned previously, drinking isn't going to make you fat, but that doesn't it doesn't affect your diet. It turns out that alcohol has a way of increasing your appetite which makes is harder to suppress your urge to eat. This makes innocent snacking into something dangerous to your diet.

When you are on a diet and out drinking, it's okay to snack but do keep in mind that you are vulnerable. That is why you should jump out whenever you have an opportunity to eat something healthy even when you are out on the town.

  • Does the drunk diet work?

    Does the drunk diet work?

    Just because big celebrities say it work, does that mean it really does? Behind what your heroes say, there is some truth to a drunken diet.

  • Alcohol doesn't make you fat

    Alcohol doesn't make you fat

    It's often hard not to associate a six-pack with a beer belly. If fact this is not the case when considering empty calories in alcoholic beverages.

  • Self-control is the real enemy

    Self-control is the real enemy

    No matter how much control you think you have over overeating that all goes away when you are drinking. With a blind stomach what can you do?