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Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets Make Sour Things Taste Sweet

What turn lemons into lemonade without sugar?
Miracle berry fruit tablets bring flavor tripping to everyone. Better yet, it may help you lose weight.

Miracle Berry Fruit Tablets Make Sour Things Taste Sweet

Miracle berry fruit tablets were first stumbled upon by European explorers in the early 17th century. At the time they were eaten in raw form by West African tribes. What they found out that is it makes sour foods like kankies, pitto, and guddoe traditional dishes that tend to taste sour taste sweet and delicious.
Now miracle berry fruit tablets are not just a West African thing. It's gone mainstreaming.
Miracle berry tablets are big hit in diet and weight loss as well as leisure.
For starters there is the miracle berry diet that leverages the miraculous power of miraculin in miracle berries.
These taste-confusing miracle tablets let you go tripping on flavor. Definitely something you want to have around at a party.

Tablets that trick your sense of taste making sour sweet.

Everyone is talking about the magic tablet that makes sour food taste sweet allowing you to bite into food like lemons without puckering up one bit.
So, what is it in the miracle berry fruit tablet that totally fools your taste buds?

How to fool your taste buds

It's called flavor tripping.
It turns out there is something in miracle berries that trips up your ability to taste the sourness of sour foods. That something is called miraculin.


In short, miraculin turns sour foods sweet. It's a protein found in miracle berries that has the effect of warping the shape of your taste buds, thus making sour foods taste deliciously sweet.

Berries versus tablets

For those of you who have heard of miracle berries before either in the miracle berry diet or on the Dr. Oz Show, you've probably wondering which is better, berries are tablets?
Elina Shatkin of the NY Times puts miracle berries to the test
Tablets are effective but the taste shifting effect wear off quicker with tablets than berries.
Taste tripping by miracle berries is only affective on acidic foods. Eating non-acidic foods may not taste sweet. However, overall mouth-feel is said to be remarkably different making things taste strange.
In conclusion, people looking for longer flavor tripping time may wish to use real berries. However, miracle berry tablets have the tradeoff of better shelf life.

Uses of miraculin tablets

There are many uses of miraculin tablets for weight loss in your diet and plain old fun having a flavor tripping party. Whichever it is, it can be easily accomplished with miracle berry fruit tablets.
The miracle berry used for taste tripping is not to be confused withthe new miracle berry presented by Dr. Oz when he demonstrated that studies shows weight loss in rats.
A prime example of miracle berry tablets used for diet and weight loss is in the miracle berry diet cookbook by Homaro Canto. In his book he showed 150 ways to trip your flavor in meals by cooking.
Tasting parties also known as a flavor tripping party is a great way to spend time with friends tripping on flavor. Now that miraculin flavor tripping tablets are sold about anywhere including online, flavor tripping fun is available to anyone.