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Water Aerobic Exercise: Lose Weight with Aqua Aerobics

Haven't exercised for a while?
That's okay because aqua aerobics is for everyone no matter your age or physical condition.
Get on aerobic exercise in water to unlock all the benefits of water aerobics.

Water aerobic exercise is the safest way to benefit from exercising in the water for healthy stress relief, extra motivation, and enhanced fat burning. The benefit of doing water aerobics is endless. To start losing weight with aqua aerobics all you have to do is jump in. Doing aerobic exercise in water is the smart way to lose weight whether you are a senior looking to get more active without being able to swim well or a girl just that loves being in the pool. What better way to exercise than with water aerobics.

Is aqua aerobics good for losing weight and helping you get slim?

There are a lot of reasons why people take up aqua aerobics. One is that not only do other aerobic exercises like walking on the treadmill are dull making it harder to keep up over time. In addition to being "something new" just what you need to get started into fitness again, water aerobic exercise is safe. Compared to other types of aerobic exercises it places less burden on the body, something you should have to deal with just getting started out.

For those of us that can't stand working out alone and feel more comfortable exercising with amongst your peers breaking into group fitness with water aerobics may be just what you've been looking for. With carefully choreographed movements to the sound of music you can enjoy yourself while getting a great workout.

In this daily Slism, we will introduce the aqua aerobics for exercise going into the benefits of water aerobics, aerobic exercise in water to revitalize your life taking your fitness into the water.

Quick Aqua Aerobics Exercise

What you need to know to before jumping into water aerobics for weight loss

Aqua aerobics is when you do aerobic exercise in water. Excluding swimming it makes up the better part of water exercise that like other group fitness routines includes an instructor to guide you through the moves training your body in water to the tempo of the sound of music raising your heart beat.

Before we go into detail about the amazing benefits of water aerobics, here are 4 things you must consider when picking out and carrying out aquaaerobics to send you on your way and on track to start a better in-water workout routine.

Finding a Facility

Whether you are aware or not, chances are that there are aqua aerobics classes being held on the sports club, fitness gym, or local public pool nearest to you offering a variety of different programs for different degrees of fitness to choose from. Finding the facility that is right for you is key.

Range of Movements

In addition to moving to the music, water aerobics combines simple movements such as jumping, walking, moving your arms, and knee bending throughout the course of the exercise. All you have to do is follow the guidance of you instructor while paying attention to your form.

Typical Exercise Time

Most aqua aerobics classes finish up between 30 and 60 minutes. Although that includes warming up and cooking down, that doesn't mean you don't want to do some stretching yourself or at least get used to the water temperature reducing the stress on your body and preventing injury.

Special Exercise Equipment

Luckily enough, there is no need for special equipment when trying to jump into aqua aerobics. No different than going to the pool, you are going to need to bring your swimsuit and cap in order to participate abiding to the rules set out by your instructor.

Benefits of Water Aerobics for Weight Loss and Improving Fitness

Even for people who don’t feel safe in the water, whether you are in your teens or an elderly person to looking for ways to get more active aqua aerobics comes with many health benefits that you can look forward to not to mention a healthy way to relieve stress getting in the pool and moving to the music. Water exercise benefits follow.

Relieve Stress

Listening to music and moving your body to the sound of the beat is said to be an effective technique to relieve stress naturally. In addition, the act of floating helps you relax. In a stressful society, you are not the only person stressed out. Take up water aerobics and join the stress reliving team of people just like you.

Get Motivated

If you've ever been and out of exercise you know that what starts as a 30 minute walk in the park often ends up finishing up in ten minutes too early. This is a problem adherent to exercising alone, i.e. quitting halfway between exercise.

The beauty of group fitness program like aqua aerobics is that there is no such thing as quitting. When you slow down the support of your peers pick you up telling you it's going to be okay. This not only makes it much more enjoyable but helps lift the hidden potential to lose weight through exercise.

Burn Fat Fast

Exercising in water is said to burn 1.5 times more fat that out-of-water exercise alone. This gives you more leverage when burning fat through exercise.

Fat Burning In Aqua Aerobic

  • The pressure of the water surrounding your body improves blood circulation thus making it easy for your body to burn fat
  • Being in the water forces your body to take up diaphragmatic breathing taking in more oxygen per breath aiding in the fat burning process
  • Due to the difference in the water temperature and that of your body, cold-induced thermogenesis activates fat cells in your body to produce heat thus burning fat
  • Water resistance helps work your whole body boosting muscle strength increasing your basal metabolic rate

Difficulties Trying To Breaking into Full On Aqua Aerobics

The type of aqua aerobics exercise you get depends greatly on your instructor and can only be done during the time allotted by the facility offering the water aerobic exercise program you are interested in joining. That is to say that even though you can make it doesn't mean that you can exercise.

Find a public pool, sports club, or fitness gym that offers the water aerobics program you are looking to join. Although going to the pool may sound like an inexpensive alternative not requiring you to get a gym membership, very few pools other than most fitness clubs offer classes in aqua-aerobics.

Whether you go to the pool to do water aerobics during free swim or even participate in an aqua aerobics class, what matters the most is that you are doing what's right for you. In that respect, if you are looking to jump back in the pool but are not ready to take on full swimming yet, aqua aerobics makes a great stepping stone.

  • Aqua aerobics for everyone

    Aqua aerobics for everyone

    When you are looking for a new escape in fitness taking it off land may be the best bet for getting in shape while avoiding injury.

  • Water aerobics benefits

    Water aerobics benefits

    Burn more fat exercising in water and increase muscle strength boosting your metabolism on in the comfort of your aqua aerobics routine.

  • Aerobic workout in water

    Aerobic workout in water

    Like they say there is no better place to get in aerobic exercise than immersed in the water exercising the smart way.