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How to Diet on a Period: Keeping Your Hormones In-Check

Hormone imbalances due to a period having you throw your arms up wishing there was a better answer to dieting during your period. Get enough iron and relax because this may be the only time you can.

You may be wondering how Japanese women stay so slim. I'm not going to lie. Women in Japan have to go through the same motions as any other woman has to including periods that seem to be the single factor of why many women have trouble keeping up with their diet.

How you deal with the depression and sickness of a period changes from person to person. What doesn't change are the ways that people deal with their periods and continue to diet.

For people who are going to eat their face off with sweets, how are you balance dealing with your period and diet at the same time?

Dieting On a Period Is Not Right: How Going on a Diet Affects Your Period

If you are someone who has experiences menstrual pain, then you know that your period is not the time you want to have to deal with the twist and turns of your diet. With dietary restrictions giving you PMS, it is not stretching it to say that getting through it is going to take some serious effort.

Why is it so hard to diet on a menstrual cycle?

Hormone imbalance during your menstruation period and during the restless hours, even days you wait for it to come is what makes dieting on your period a time which squeezing out results are difficult to say the lease. The time you wait for your period to start causes your skin to dry out which drastically affects your ability to lose weight.

Hormone Levels Can Affect the Results of Your Diet More Than You Think

When dieting on a period, one of the main reasons why it is hard to see results has to do with the release of progesterone, which gets release prior to menstruation. It is the reason why your skin dries up and you become easily irritated.

Progesterone causes fat to be stored away more aggressively by your body, trapping fluids in your body making dieting almost impossible.

When progesterone is released into your bloodstream, the symptoms of PMS begin to set in making it easy to reject even minor conflict, which may indicate that you need a break and should take some time off from dieting.

Don't let downtime during your period bother you too much. After your period is over, estrogen levels restore balance to your mood and body making it easy to slim down. This is why it is quite advantageous to start dieting hard immediately following your period, the perfect timing change the shape of your body.

Just because a period is not the right time to diet doesn't mean that how you spend your time during your period doesn't make a difference.

Beware Binge Eating Pressure to Overeat Brought On By Your Period

When you're on your period you crave sweets and your appetite is let's just say plus one and then some. Although there are people that don't think that it's possible to gain weight on a period, that's the whole story.

For people continuing to carry out the restrictions of their diet and exercise even while on a period, it's important that your stretch and avoid over doing it.

Putting a hold on your diet just because you are on a period, although a good time to rest your body time when you have to really push it, that doesn't mean that maintenance is out of the picture.

Just Because You're On A Period Doesn't Mean You Have To Give Up Exercise

Ladies know that your period doesn't have to put the red tape up on working out and getting the sweat on the way you usually do. Although going at out isn't recommended, doing a little something to get the blood flowing is a good way to ease swelling and circulation problems associate with periods.

In addition to promoting healthy blood circulation and decreased swelling while on your period, light exercise is said to be a great way to vent off stress cause by anxiety during menstruation.

When you are trying to deal with enormous menstrual pain it is not likely that you are going to want to go out into a place where other people can see you like the gym or the park. That is why light stretching and even walking in a comfortable space is a must.

Dietary Restrictions during Menstrual Period to Ease the Pain and Eat Healthy

The restrictions inherent to crash diets and replacement diets take a burden on your body even when you are not on your period. That's why you should stay away from tricky too good to be true weight loss solutions especially during the time when you are on a period.

Get Enough Iron Your Body Producing Hemoglobin Delivering Your Oxygen

The nutrient absorption of iron in your body is not as good as you would think. Of all the Iron you consume in your diet, it is said that only 15 percent is actually absorbed by your body.

Ways you can improve Iron absorption

Putting vitamin Cand Folic Acids into your body is a good way to improve the nutrient absorption of Iron by your body. That is why while consuming food with large amount of iron such as liver and asparagus; boost your diet with vitamin C and folic acids to make sure Iron sticks to your body.

Easy to get foods high in vitamin C
  • Lemons
  • Kiwis
  • Oranges
  • Bell Peppers
  • Broccoli
High folic acid content health foods
  • Soy beans
  • Avocadoes
  • Celery
  • Asparagus
  • Liver

Kick-Start Plan for Your Diet: Capitalize On the End of Period Day You Change

I know it gets old after a while it is not enough to stress that exercise and diet can wait for you to get off your period. Give your body the rest it needs to jump start your plans to slim down when you are absolutely ready.

The best you can do is maintain your weight

Wait for you hormone balance to return your mood to normal so that you don't have to force yourself to go through the motions and enjoy yourself.

In order for your diet to succeed you must first know your body, and if you are a lady that means knowing your menstrual cycle more than anything else. Plan ahead and don't let your period offset the momentum you build up getting closer to achieving your goals.

Most importantly think about how to best work with your period to do what you want when you want. Don't let a period take your spirit away.

  • Dieting on a period isn't easy

    Dieting on a period isn't easy

    Menstrual pain combined with swelling in your legs is not something you want to deal with when you are on a diet.

  • The next best thing is rest

    The next best thing is rest

    Allowing time to rest is irreplaceable pillar for any diet and exercise program that works. What you do during this time affects your diet.

  • Iron to nourish your body

    Iron to nourish your body

    Although Iron is not hard to come by, many people lack it because of the body's poor ability to absorb it.