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Having a Bad Day? 10 Things You Can Start Doing Now to Cheer Up

We’ve all been there. When it feels like a rain cloud following you everywhere you go and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel: Don’t lose hope quite yet. There are many things you can do to help pass the time when you are feeling hopeless.

How to Bounce Back from Having a Bad Day

If you are having second thoughts about your relationship the day of a very important exam, you could be in for a world of trouble. Sometimes one bad situation creates a snowball effect of bad experiences in your day.

What do you do when you're having a bad day?

The key to prevent yourself from having a bad day in that situation is by learning how to spot a bad relationship in the first place. If you can't prevent it, then at least do yourself a favor by temporarily forgetting about it. Don't let it ruin the rest of your day, week, or life.

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Don't let the negative feedback cycle of one bad experience in the morning ruin the rest of your day. Force a positive attitude immediately afterward and salvage your losses.
It doesn't mean it will guarantee that the rest of your day will go smoothly, but at the very least you are doing everything within your power to turn a bad situation into a good one. Cheer up and good things will happen soon.

Don't Get Discouraged from Having a Bad Day. The Moment Something Bad Happens, Focus Your Energy on Turning Your Day Around

How can you make a seemingly dark and dreary day into one of positivity? Here are some ideas to get you in the right frame of mind:

1. Count Your Blessings

In times of turmoil, you can always look at the bright side of things. There are certain things about who we are that other people cannot take away from us. Treasure those aspects of yourself, because in the end, these are the only things in our lives that are permanent. Be resilient and fight through your bad days by counting your blessings. Be thankful for everything you have and don't be envious about the things you don't.

Live to fight another day

Bad days only last one day. There's no need to get worked up about it. If you do hold onto those negative feelings, then the chances are more likely of stretching that have a bad day out into a bad week or a bad month. Just be thankful on your good days and try to push through the bad days as if it were a nightmare you keep repressed in the back of your mind. It doesn't help to complain about the bad day we are having. What does help is to deal with it and look forward to waking up again the next day. Don't transfer your bad mood onto others. The best option is to keep to yourself until the bad day is over. Live to fight until the next day.

2. No More Social Media

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Go offline

Nothing can contribute to a further downhill decline more than seeing something upsetting. And believe me, there are many upsetting things online. Social media is a place for people to vent their frustrations without any risk to themselves. And if you are already in the middle of having a bad day, listening to anything negative people have to say will only drag you down more.

Cut off social media

Vow at least to cut off social media until things in your life are going well. That way you can take the things you see online with a grain of salt. Bad things don't bother us as much when we are in a good mood.

Salvage your losses

No more social media means no more worries on a day that couldn't get any worse. The only way you can make a bad bad day worse is searching for things that you think can console you. But that ends up backfiring and you only find things online that make you feel worse. This is common occurrence.
Just trust that those days where you have bad luck will snowball on you unless you cut it at the cord. You need to stop the momentum while it's going downhill so that the impact is lessened. Otherwise you are just like a gambling addict at Vegas who keeps playing after losing thousands to try and make up the difference. The odds are already stacked up against you on a bad day; stop pushing the issue and just accept that it's not your day. Learn when to salvage your losses when it seems lost.

3. Take a Nap

woman napping on porch
Get nappy

If you are having a bad day then just go to bed and don't set an alarm. Don't worry about your circadian rhythm. The stress you are experiencing is a lot more harmful to your health. If you are tired and can't handle it any more then go sleep. After you nap you will wake up feeling more refreshed. Chances are that the nap will have been a productive one, because by the time you wake up it will feel like a brand new day.

A much needed break from the action

Naps serve as a break from the negative momentum created by a no-good day. You will actually be doing better for yourself by taking a break and napping than you would be trying to pursue damage control. Likely you will only make things worse the harder you try to reverse your bad day. Experience should tell you that the worst days can be reversed just with a little bit of a carefree attitude about life. Since life is so short, you only get one chance at living. Make it the best and don't sweat your bad luck. All bad days must come to an end.

4. Give Yourself a Reward

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Make any bad day a good day

Normally we reward ourselves when we have accomplished something great. Why not reward ourselves through failure and hardship once in a while? If you are having a bad day, make it a good day by buying something you've been eyeing for a long time. Or indulge on that extra piece of cake.

Treat yourself

The point is to survive and move on to the next day. So treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it. Don't take it too far and over-indulge though, or you'll end up with another problem contributing to having a bad day.

Let loose

Don't skimp out on luxury and let loose. You deserve a special prize for putting up with the bad things you have to deal with. On a good day bad day you need something to pick your spirits up. So go party, live it up, and make your own decisions. It's a bad day so you really have little to lose on this one. Make the best of it any way you can.

5. Don't Dwell on Mistakes

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Learn from your mistakes

This depends on whether your bad day was caused by your or just a random sequence of events gone wrong. If you did make some mistakes, learn and move on. You can turn a bad day into a bad week and beyond by ruminating on things you could have done better. You will do better next time. Now focus on things you can actually control, like making today better.

Stay positive

Your time would be better spent focusing on your successes than on your mistakes. Be proud of everything you have accomplished, and recognize that a day bad is just a blip on the radar of what could be a great tomorrow. Not everything that happens is bad as long as you keep in mind that it could be happening for a reason. That's a true positive mindset.

6. Take the Day Off

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You deserve it

Whatever you are doing, whether it's work or a social function, take the day off. Call in sick and spend the day at home doing something unproductive. If something is stressing you out and you aren't feeling well, you need some rest. Going through your regular routine while having a bad day can be the worst kind of experience. Don't continue your schedule and dig yourself into a deeper hole.

7. Get Some Fitness In

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Shape up

Recover from having a bad day by cancelling your plans and going for a run or a swim. That exercise will leave you refreshed afterward and get you to move on to other things. Choose to do exercise that will distract you from your day and not allow you to ruminate on it. Play a fun sport with friends or something that really gets your heart going. You will forget all about your problems, even if just for an hour.

8. Talk to People

two women in cafe talking
Talk about your problems

Most preferably talk to your parents or a friend. Talking about your problems will often give yourself insight about how you could have prevented it or had done something better. Your friends and family are best suited to give you support, but even talking about them to people you don't know will help. It's a good idea to get a wide spectrum of opinions and advice sometimes in order to solve problems.

9. Put Things in Perspective

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Step back

Will this bad day matter anymore years from now? Probably not. Chances are you will forget about it in a couple of days. We are resilient creatures. We are capable of enduring a lot and accomplishing amazing feats in the face of adversity. Show everyone how tough you are by taking a really bad day as no big deal. Take bad experiences as just a minor blemish on your amazing life.

10. Help Others Having a Bad Day

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Be a team player

If you find someone else having a bad day, remember how you felt when you were in his shoes. Empathize and offer support. Because when it comes down to it, we are all in it together. We help each other get out of tough times.
Remember the people that helped you and thank them by offering them help when they need it.