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Love And Hate Relationship Between You And Your Weight Fitting More Fat Into Society

Society has taken an unfair leap prevent fat people from fitting in the way they should.
Overweight or not, people should be given a fair chance to make an impression beyond appearances.

Nobody likes to be called fat. Bountifully curvy women stand out as the center of attention, while others are thrown into isolation. Why is there such a clear cut division between the favor of women with larger frames, big bones? What factors affect the preferences towards larger women? Let's see how you can learn to fill the circle.

What makes fat people like or dislike

Mass media is flooded with curvy women that in some circles wouldn't make the cut because of their figure. Getting an acting job in Hollywood or working as a newscaster would have been impossible in the 1950s; but the times have changed. The scripts have changed and so have the people. Never has the public image of beautiful been so real, shedding light on diversity in race as well as body type, bending curiosity.

Cooking shows often employ larger women as host, so that to portray on the viewer that feeling of someone who loves to cook. As time goes on these women trim down, giving of another image that, "Yes, we can enjoy ourselves and stay thin at the same time." This in turn, means big bucks for television broadcasting companies, prospective body.

However on the other hand, besides the women are making a living despite their above average body size, there are others who struggle to get the attention they feel they deserve. Often times, that attention is negative, affecting their self image and self-esteem. Why does this happen in the first place? Why is fitting in such a hassle?

Public image towards fat

Getting strait to the point, "Heavy people are at arms with society." There is constant pressure on heavy-set people to conform to society whim. For example, being overweight portrays the image that one lacks in areas of self-management. This has an adverse affect on the work lives of many people. Although as narrow minded as it may sound, there are people out there that are said to be discriminated based on their weight, affecting their job prospective and advancement.

To get started, unnecessary sweating shadowing the area under your neck and underarms, restless breathing while downing a bottle of water like it's a shower, overeating, chugging a 2 liter bottle of soda are the kind of images that give you heartburn just thinking about it. Tiring shortly after exercising, having to take a pit stop to catch your breath is another image of our day to day lives that may putting shame to the collective image of people a little overweight.

However, making excuses like, "I can help it," "I've tried but it's not working," "Water makes me fat," while eventually gorging on candy and guzzling down juice doesn't help. At this point you are not only making things harder for yourself, but harder for others as well.  The real cause for neglecting has to with behavior and appearance, besides the fact that you might be considered fat.

Mood swings affect you are liked

Nothing can exist without being complemented. If it is the case that fat people are generally not liked, then the opposite holds as well. What are the characteristics of a person who is liked, but also heavier set?

When trying to think of someone who fits this category, actors such as the later John Candy and movie star Johan Hill often comet to mind. These actors have a certain charm point that makes them so appealing. Johan Hill's charm points are that despite not having on overwhelming presence, he is comfortable dealing with (otherwise) awkward situations. Whether this is true in his own personality, he manages to play his roles convincingly.

However, there are many cases that being heavy set can lead to a gloomy personality. Having to endure the constant pressure for being over weight, it is common to develop the habit of pointing out areas where other people lake as to direct attention off oneself. This sort of behavior only serves to amplify the negative image towards people overweight and anther reason why heavy set people are under pressure.

The main cause behind heavier set people are disliked because of the difference between the positive and negative images that people perceive.

Nobody hates someone not willing to play the game

Human beings are strange creatures that unconsciously label things and those around them as to for fulfill their expectations, self fulfilling prophecy. These labels can be based on ones own experience or those of others. This is how larger people are perceived when they enter the room. How does this work?

When a fat man enters the room, looking a little more bouncy than others, people might be expecting this person to be funny, having a good sense of humor. This helps bigger people get through crowds and befriend people, meeting their expectations.

However, when this doesn't work out one is left thinking, "I got to do something funny to ease the tension," "Why are you getting tensed up… you can do this, right?" Passing the labeling system is tough and not just a problem for people that or overweight. The trick is to work the numbers getting more and more people to accept who you really are.

The people who are good at this end up being liked more. That is to say that heavy people willing to let the people around them hope(fulfill their labeling)can avoid being dislike where those that can not have a harder time.

How to get people on your side

To sway those around you into liking you more is portray an image that you have something to contribute to the surrounding. How this is achieved is to grow closer personally to those around you.This way people can overlook your weight problem and only seeing who you really are.

Listen to what others have to say. Everyone needs someone to talk to everyone in a while. Be the person that your friends rely on for emotional support. Doing this creates dependence between you and your friends that can show returns later, such as when you are trying to find a buddy to go working out with.

Don't be afraid to embrace what makes you special, your figure. Your friends would feel at unease they felt you were holding back in some way. However, don't go overboard. This can not only can bump your friends of the boat, but could create tension within the group. Trust your instincts. That means no ruff housing and snacks after dinner.

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