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Muscular Strength Test to Check Whether You Still Got It

The time to start doing a muscular strength test to see if you still got it is now!
Don't put off testing your muscles checking if you need to workout out more often.

Ready for a muscular strength test! If you had it but aren't sure whether you still got it lately then this muscle test is just for you. The best part is that there is no special equipment required. That means you can do it when you want it, where you want it. The decision is yours.

Do you still got it?

When was the last time you took the time to take a Muscular Strength Test? For most people this is never! Muscular strength tests are great if you are wondering if you still got it. No matter what age, muscular strength is one of the key factors in fitness that comes to the surface as you age.

Testing muscular strength is for everyone not just people keyed into fitness. There are many ways to test muscular strength as you will soon find out. Muscular strength test examples such as chair sits help you test muscular strength at home to see if you still got it.

In this muscle test Slism, we introduce a simple muscular strength test you can do at home just to let you know whether you still got it. If you don't know, you better find out right away. That means now.

Quick Muscle Test

Muscular strength testing at home!

Doing a muscular strength test at home is easy. All you need to do is sit down in a chair and see how fast you can sit down in a chair 10 times without hurting yourself. The time it takes to sit down 10 times will be used to determine your muscular strength.

Things you are going to need to have prepared

  • A chair (preferably a chair with a sturdy flat sitting surface. That means no lazy boy recliners or otherwise comfortable chair while doing this muscle test.)
  • A stop watch (or anything that can be used to measure the duration of 10 seconds.)

How-to muscular strength test

Muscular Strength Test by Age

1. Folding arms in front of your chest sit back straight on the edge of a chair.

  • Make sure to sit butt down firmly pressed against the surface of the chair you are using
  • Keep arms folded in front of your body resisting the urge of using them to help you stand

2. Stand up extending your knees and hips with a good standing posture

  • Not standing up straight with correct posture with your knees and back bent doesn't count

3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 completing 10 repetitions quickly without getting hurt

Have someone time you while doing this muscular strength test for more accurate results. Don't start moving until the stop watch is set. Before starting this test go through the motions first just so your body knows where to stop and where to finish.

Due to the fact that your posture is bound to fall apart while doing this exercise opening up space between your legs and refraining from doing it wearing high heeled shoes is highly recommended.

People with lower back pain or bad knees should refrain from doing the muscular strength test presented in this column.

4. Comparing your result to determine whether you still got it

Here is a simple table that you can use to check if you've still got it. For people staying between the speeds fast and normal or just looking to prevent lifestyle diseases, you have something to shoot for. People that are in the slow group should consider building more muscle strength in legs to prevent health related issues related to decreasing muscle strength due to aging.

20~39 ~6 sec 7~9 sec Over 10 sec ~7 sec 8~9 sec Over 10 sec
40~49 ~7 sec 8~10 sec Over 11 sec ~7 sec 8~10 sec Over 11 sec
50~59 ~7 sec 8~12 sec Over 13 sec ~7 sec 8~12 sec Over 13 sec
60~69 ~8 sec 9~13 sec Over 14 sec ~8 sec 9~16 sec Over 17 sec
Over 70 ~9 sec 10~17 sec Over 18 sec ~10 sec 11~20 sec Over 21 sec

Based On Exercise For Better Health 2006(EXERCISE GUIDE)

Proof that loss of muscle mass slows down your metabolism

When you lose muscle mass so do you lose speed in your fast metabolism making it harder to burn fat and easier to gain weight. Muscle mass and muscular strength go hand in hand. When you lose either one you metabolism is bound to slow down.

Always know whether you still got it

In your prime (for most people this is your 20s) you muscle mass is at its peak of growth. As you age surely things don't always stay that way. This loss of muscle mass is one factor that goes into aging gracefully. That is to say that maintaining muscular strength as you age can be thought to be an important facet to antiaging that is worth looking into.

The table presented above gives you a reference point to decide whether you are doing what it takes to for preventing lifestyle disease associated with the loss of muscle mass and strength. Periodically performing this test is highly recommended despite your age.

For people looking to prevent bow legs building muscle strength in your legs doing hip adductor strengthening exercises regularly is not a bad idea. As a test try the exercises out first. If you find it hard to complete the baseline requirement then you may want to consider adding it to your training regimen.

  • Muscular strength test

    Muscular strength test

    Using a chair you can test your muscle strength to determine whether or not you still got it like you used to. Don't forget your stopwatch.

  • Testing your muscle strength

    Testing your muscle strength

    It only takes a minute to test your muscular strength at home without machines are special tie down equipment. All you need is a chair!

  • Muscle strength and metabolism

    Muscle strength and metabolism

    Muscle attribute to a majority of what is known as your metabolism. For most people experiencing a slow metabolism that's because of loss of muscle.