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Is Your Diet Really That Balanced? Importance of Protein

People that know the importance of protein don't skimp out on foods you could be eating to get the protein you need to lose weight just because it's high in calories.

If you’ve ever started going on a protein shake diet just because you were not sure whether or not you getting enough protein in your diet, you are not alone. As is stands, there are too many of use that don’t stress enough the importance of balance in dieting.

What is the importance of protein in your diet?

When trying to lose weight never underestimate the importance of protein in your diet. When it comes to keeping your basal metabolism going strong helping you burn the calories you need to get slim, getting enough protein in your diet is key.

Know your protein

Before even thinking about trying to lose weight understanding the importance of protein in your diet for weight loss may be the key to succeeding in your diet and exercise plan to slim down. That just goes to say that counting calories isn't everything when it comes to dieting.

Rich sources of protein include that of red meat such as beef and fish such as king salmon. Making the wrong turn in your diet often ends up in lack of protein in your meals, which not only makes it hard to maintain your health but succeed in your diet as well.

In this protein importance Slism, we discuss the deep impact understanding the importance of protein in your diet can make on helping you lose weight and get slim following up with a list of protein rich foods along with their calories.

Quick Protein Importance

Protein is the easier macronutrient to not get enough of when dieting!?

Protein is a macronutrient used primarily when concerning your blood and muscles. Not only is it essential for building lean muscle mass, highly digestible protein is said to increase muscles mass, something that often gets dragged into the image of athletes and bodybuilders. That's not all!

Too many people trying to reduce fat intake in their diet fail by cutting back too much on their protein intake in the process. Dieting this way only beckons loss of muscle mass, which slows down your metabolism.

There is a divide between people who believe that putting on muscle makes you fat and even go so far to think that lean muscle mass is irreverent when on a diet. In this respect, people tend to focus their attention too much on getting vitamins and minerals essential for better skin care.

Having extra muscle helps you burn more calories off during the day

Your basal metabolism is the bottom line on the amount of energy your body needs to function properly without having to dig into survival mode reserves such as metabolism muscle and fat already a part of your body.

The basal metabolism amounts to as much as 60% of the energy burnt by your body

Compared to the energy used by internal organs for other bodily functions, your body spends most of its energy in your basal metabolism.

  • Most of the 80% of your basal metabolism is said to be used up by helping your brain, liver, digestive tract, heart, and other organs to function.
  • The remaining portion of your basal metabolism goes to your muscle for locative purposes and to heat your body when you get cold.

As you can see muscle plays an important role in your metabolism when it comes to burning calories from the foods you eat. That means the more lean muscle mass you have to throw around the easier it is to burn of excess energy you get from fat and carbs from your diet and reduce body fat as you progress through your diet.

Effectively getting protein in your diet is important to maintaining your basal metabolism

Just because you lost weight doesn't automatically mean what you lost was fat or muscle necessarily. Losing weight is one thing but when the weight you lose negatively affects your basal metabolism, it may be time to start reconsidering your approach on weight loss.

Importance of protein in weight loss

Not getting enough protein in your diet slows down your basal metabolic rate over time making it hard to burn calories and burn fat that in turn ruins your chances of losing weight.

As the amount of lean muscle mass you have on your body decreases your basal metabolism gets hit hard drastically affecting the amount of energy you burn sitting around.

Getting protein by itself doesn't keep your basal metabolism from slowing down. In addition to getting the protein your body needs to maintain your health thinking about the amino acid balance in the protein you are getting in your diet is highly recommended.

Protein rich foods list with calories

Chicken Breast 23.0 g 105 Cal Soybeans (Boiled) 16.0 g 180 Cal
Pork Thigh (with Fat) 20.5 g 183 Cal Natto 16.5 g 200 Cal
Pork Thigh (without Fat) 21.5 g 148 Cal Kinako Soy Flour 35.5 g 437 Cal
Horse Mackerel 20.7 g 121 Cal Eggs 12.3 g 151 Cal
Tuna (Red Meat) 26.4 g 125 Cal Skim Milk (Powder) 34.0 g 359 Cal
Tuna (Chutoro) 20.1 g 344 Cal Low-fat Milk 3.8 g 46 Cal

* Values for calories and protein representative of a 100g serving size.