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Maitake Mushroom Diet: Mother Hen of the Woods Benefits

Maitake mushrooms also known as the hen of the woods mushroom that you would be missing out not to add to your diet plan to lose weight.
Vitamin B2 to get slim.

The maitake mushroom diet plan is where you take hen of the woods mushrooms and eat them everyday getting maitake nutrition in your body and out in the benefits they have in your health. This miracle mushroom gives you the x-fraction you need to push your diet and exercise routine to the next level.

Are Maitake mushrooms good for you?

The Moyashi mushroom diet helps you burn more fat just by eating hen of the wood mushrooms. The reason behind why Moyashi helps you burn fat is because of a substance called x-fraction.

Despite being low calorie, Moyashi mushrooms carry large nutritional value which is what makes them so attractive to anyone looking to diet for weight loss that includes dietary fiber to get rid of stubborn constipation and other essential nutrients that may be the secret to getting a slim waist.

In this next Slism, we will introduce how easy it is to go on the maitake mushroom diet getting the best out of hen of the wood mushrooms in your diet improving bowel movements, burn fat, and add flavor to your home cooked meals with low calorie cooking.

maitake : hen of the woods

Quick Maitake Mushroom Diet

How to Go On the Maitake Diet

Eat between 30 and 50 grams of maitake per day. So please don't forget to eat your daily maitake.

Although there are so many ways to prepare maitake in cooking, adding to a bowl of miso soup or a stew, topping off a bowl of rice, or adding to your favorite soup is recommended.

However, due to the fact deep boiling takes away from the benefits you get in your diet as the nutrients dissolve into the hot liquid, make sure you at all cost drink the broth for the best results in your maitake diet. Enjoy maitake complementing your favorite lunch box.

Cooking Hen of the Woods Mushrooms with Wieners


  • Maitake mushrooms
  • Weiner, sausage, hot dogs, ect
  • Butter
  • Mentsuyu sauce

Cooking Instructions

  • Unravel maitake mushrooms slicing the wiener diagonally
  • Put butter into pan applying medium heat to the wiener
  • Once the color of the wiener changes add maitake to the mixture
  • Pour a suitable amount of Mentsuyu sauce and you're done

Benefits of Maitake Mushrooms in Your Diet to Lose Weight

There is a lot you can take away from the maitake diet such as an easy way to get smoother bowel movements, natural fat burning agents, and last but not least low calories with beta glucan and dietary fiber synergy, x-fraction, and vitamin B2 to help you diet for weight loss.

Boost Your Immunity System with Beta-Glucan and Dietary Fiber

Beta-Glucan + Dietary Fiber = Improved Bowel Movement Health

One sweetener that can be found in maitake is called beta-glucan. Another characteristic of maitake is that they contain a substantial amount of dietary fiber.

Beta-glucan promotes healthy bowel function while dietary fiber cleanses your digestive tract.

The synergy between beta-glucan with dietary fiber gives your body what it needs to smooth out bowel movements while helping you get slim.

Burn Fat Fast with X-Fraction in Japanese Maitake Mushrooms

Get X-Fraction without Paying For Supplements in Maitake_

Maitake contains the X-fraction the key to succeeding in your diet. The X-fraction is said to help your body break down triglycerides working to reduce the bad cholesterol level in your blood. This substance alone increases your metabolism burning visceral fat helping you get rid of a bot belly fat.

Incredibly Low Calorie! - Only18 Calories in One Single Pack

The nutritional value found in maitake is no short of amazing not to mention supper low in calories that means less guilt associated with the food you eat. One pack (90 grams) of maitake contains only 14 calories. That's amazingly low.

Vitamin B2 to Help Turn Flab into Muscle and Super Energy

Maitake is an ultra-good source of vitamin B2 that helps you turn fat and carbs into energy reducing the amount of excess calories left over at the end of the day.

Areas to Watch Out For When Dieting On Maitake Mushrooms

If You Are Starting To Develop a Bulge Around Your Stomach...

The bad side to maitake containing so much dietary fiber is that eating too much can cause potential painful stomach expansion after eating.

Doesn't It Get Old after Eating Maitake Mushrooms Everyday

In order to succeed in the maitake diet you are going to have to continue eating maitake mushrooms daily.

While doing that there will be times when you feel it growing old and it may be time to move on.

To make sure that doesn't happen you want to mix it up trying new and exciting recipes incorporating maitake mushrooms into your diet.

  • Maitake mushroom diet

    Maitake mushroom diet

    Eating Japanese mushrooms daily may help you lose weight just by eating healthy adding new and more exciting flavors to your regular meals.

  • X-fraction in maitake

    X-fraction in maitake

    Hen of the woods mushrooms is one of those mystery foods that make you think about the reason why they are really good for your body.

  • Beta-glucan and dietary fiber

    Beta-glucan and dietary fiber

    One nutritional combination that you need to look out for is when consuming beta-glucan and dietary fiber than cleans your bowels.