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Ways to Boost Metabolism for Women Who Can’t Lose Weight

Trouble losing weight?
You may have a slow metabolism but done let that stop you from fixing it. Here are a few ways to boost metabolism for women.

There are all kinds of ways to boost your metabolism whether you are a man or a woman. Don't be the last person with trouble losing weight. The key to success in your routine is figuring out how your metabolism works and execute. Gear your exercise plan to lose weight towards boosting your metabolism.

How come I can't lose weight?

There are many parts YOUR METABOLISM can be broken down into including:

  • RENEWAL METABOLISM How your body reuses raw material into energy and building blocks for your needs including catabolic and anabolic pathways collectively.
  • RESTING METABOLISM The basics functions that your body carries out without you thinking including respiratory and digestion functionality, what you burn sitting around.
  • ACTIVITY METABOLISM The part of your metabolism that kicks in when you are under physical stress working out and expending energy that helps you adjust to increased levels of activity.
  • DIET INDUCED THERMOGENESIS The part of your body that takes control of heating facilities regulating your core body temperature that depends on the food you eat, hence the term diet-induced.

In general, it's the renewal metabolism that stems the term slow metabolism due to the fact that when energy from food in your diet is not used efficiently your body grows less stable resulting in a slower metabolism.

However when it comes down to losing weight on a diet what's important is thought to be your resting metabolism that can be broken down even further into what is called your basal metabolism.

Compared to other portions of your metabolism, the basal metabolism requires more energy to function. The basal metabolism constitutes for as much as 60% the energy burnt in calories by your body. Due to the fact that a slow basal metabolism makes it harder to lose weight, the basal metabolism is important to know especially when dieting.

In this healthy Slism, we will introduce ways to boost metabolism for women dieting to make the basal metabolism and renewal metabolism work for even people with slow metabolism with these easy lose weight tips.

Quick Metabolism Basics

How a Slow Metabolism Affects Your Diet and Health

Let's take a few minutes to talk about what the renewal metabolism and basal metabolism is. When your renewal metabolism or basal metabolism slows down your ability to lose weight may be affected greatly. In reality, each part of the metabolism is tied together. As you will see, there is more to your metabolism than burning calories.

On The Renewal Metabolism

The renewal metabolism is responsible for cell turnover breaking down old cells and rebuilding to form new cells in addition to getting rid of bodily waste products not needed by your body. In the process, your skin and bones are born again. Exercise promotes sweating that improves the renewal metabolism helping you flush out harmful toxins from your body more readily.

Body waste is taken care of faster by your renewal metabolism with increased activity. That means if you are looking to detox doing low intensity exercise such as aerobics is more preferable than high intensity exercise such as springing and lifting weights.

Symptoms of a Slow Renewal Metabolism

A slowed renewal metabolism may affect the core temperature of your body possibly causing a lowering of body temperature resulting in the chills. Lowered body temperature is said to cause a sense of coldness to occur in addition to affecting your circulation. Poor circulation may cause skin problems to occur such ad edema leg swelling dreaded by women brought on by water retention.

On The Basal Metabolism

The basal metabolism is related to the amount of energy you burn in calories while resting. The quantity used to describe the amount of calories you burn per day is what is known as your basal metabolic rate, BMR that in other words is the minimum amount of energy your body needs to function properly.

Here's a chart displaying the average basal metabolic rate for Japanese people as a point of reference.

AGE 18 ~ 29 30 ~ 49 50 ~ 69 Over 70
MEN 1512 1528 1398 1284
WOMEN 1118 1150 1110 1014


One way to increase you basal metabolism is to put on lean muscle mass. It is said that putting on fat will lower your basal metabolism affecting the balance between muscle and fat. People with more fat than they have muscle are say to have a slow basal metabolism burning less energy at rest making it harder to lose weight.

Putting on muscle mass is the most straight forward method used for boosting your basal metabolic rate. Exercise can be used to stimulate increase muscle growth or at lease increase lean muscle mass. Even for a person with a slow metabolism putting on muscle boosting your metabolism makes a great starting point for reform.

Symptoms of a Slow Basal Metabolism

A slow basal metabolism affects how much calories you burn a day making it easier to gain weight by overeating. It is also said that having a slowed basal metabolism comes with an increased risk of developing metabolic syndrome. For people not able to get dieting down or find themselves putting on fat uncontrollably, this may be a sure sign that your basal metabolism is slow.

There are many tools out online to estimate your basal metabolic rate telling you how much calories you burn in a day doing nothing.

A Slow Metabolism Can Be Fixed With Exercise

If you have more fat than muscle, then chances are that you are diet inclined with a slow renewal and basal metabolism. Just when you thought you were fresh out of luck, there is something you can do about your slow metabolism that is exercise.

Aerobic exercise combined with light lifting, circuit training, is said to be great for promoting cell turnover and increasing your basal metabolism. Just by exercising you improve circulation throughout your body. This improves your renewal metabolism aiding in healthy cell turnover.

Just as aerobic exercise helps strengthen your renewal metabolism, weight training helps add lean muscle mass to your frame increasing your basal metabolic rate little by little as you isolate muscles toning your body.

How to Boost Your Renewal and Basal Metabolism

In order to increase your renewal and basal metabolism tailoring aerobic exercise and weight training to fit your weight loss needs is direly important. By combining these 2 types of exercise you can effectively boost your renewal metabolism as well as your basal metabolism.

Here are a few recommendations to get you started down the path to slim.


Walking is the standstill aerobic exercise that can be done anywhere making an easy adjustment to your daily routine to reap all the benefits. Considered the most basic form of exercise, walking helps strengthen your renewal metabolism. Continued over time, it has the power to unlock new levels of fat burning, just what the doctor ordered to cure obesity.

In order to boost your basal metabolism it is recommended that you stick with walking daily. On the other hand, when looking at improving your renewal metabolism, work up a good sweat and there should be no problems.

Walking in itself is not going to be effective unless you do it right. How you walk for exercise can make or break your chances of slimming down your figure. The right form can mean seeing results in around 3 months. Don't take shortcuts, do it right the first time.

Walking for Exercise


Swimming is an aerobic exercise that even within effective exercises for dieting needs no introduction. In addition to being a great full body exercise, swimming is long thought to be good for preventing obesity. When carried out over long periods of time, there it is no stretch to say that swimming helps boost your basal metabolism.

The synergy between buoyancy and water pressure involved in exercise like swimming greatly reduces the risk of injury when exercising, which is why it is often recommended to overweight people looking to jump back into exercise.

Similar Exercises           Aqua Aerobics / Water Walking

Dumbbell Exercise

Dumbbell exercise is one of the most common forms of weight training. Also called resistance training, exercising with dumbbells helps build muscle mass that is just what you need in order to increase your basal metabolic rate exercising.

Slow Resistance Training

Slow resistance training or just slow training is slow weight training that allows you to do resistance training with dumbells said to be great if you are looking to put on lean muscle mass. In terms of when it does to boost your basal metabolism, slow training is highly recommended.

Add Exercises That Boost Your Metabolism To Your Training Routine!

When your renewal metabolism has gone bad and your basal metabolism is no short of slow, you may want to think about exercising more regularly. By improving your physical conditioning you can get the best out of your workout improving both metabolisms.

As you age past your 20s over what you could call your prim, you basal metabolism is on a slow decline. Once you hit 30, the effects of aging start to sink in as your basal metabolic rate declines. In order to compensate for this, taking up weight training is a must.

It is said that with increased physical activity, your renewal metabolism only gets better. That is to say, without exercise this metabolism is at a standstill. The secret to making your plans to boost your metabolism ultimately work out is sticking to your routine.

  • Ways to boost metabolism

    Ways to boost metabolism

    Exercise more often to give your metabolism the boost you need to get over the humps in your diet.

  • Cardio for renewal metabolism

    Cardio for renewal metabolism

    Doing cardio like aerobic exercise helps you sweat which turns out to be good for promoting a healthy renewal metabolism.

  • Weights for basal metabolism

    Weights for basal metabolism

    Lifting weight combined with the right diet helps you put on lean muscle mass essential if you want a strong basal metabolism.