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Baby Food Diet for Adults: How-To Lose Weight Celeb Like

Lose weight eating baby food!? Yes, that's right! On the diet endorsed by big name celebrities you can too.
Easy tips on how to baby food diet with no effort.

The next time you are shopping for new ways to lose weight and how to diets are doing nothing but making your life confusing you may want to consider trying the baby food diet on for size.

Does the baby food diet work?

The baby food diet is a weight loss program made famous by Tracy Anderson's Method use by top celebrities such as Jenifer Aniston to lose weight fitting into her next picture by simply eating baby food. If going on the OMG diet was not enough, there's more.

What so good about eating baby food that would drive adults to incorporate it into their diets? It's baby food! If even babies can eat it that is saying a lot about the nutrition you get from eating baby food. On the other hand, there are people who don't feel it is up to the taste standard of grown people. Nevertheless, this doesn't stop thousands from going Gaga over wanting to lose weight like the celebs.

Superstars like Madonna, Lady Gaga, and Jenifer Aniston have all been on the baby food diet. That is why in this episode of Slism, we are going to how to do the baby food diet for weight loss and adults telling what it is you should take away from this great diet and possible deal breakers that may steer your away with baby food diet review just for you.

How to Lose Weight on the Baby Food Diet: 2 Simple Dieting Rules for Weight Loss

All you have to do to go on the baby food diet for adults is replace two of your daily meals with baby food abiding by the following rules.

  • Replace your morning and afternoon meal eating baby food for breakfast and lunch. Limit yourself to 14 serving of baby food (1000Cal) during these meals.
  • Eat a small evening meal with balanced nutrition for dinner. Center your meal around eating vegetables holding back on fatty meats.

Note that although there are limits on how much and what you can eat during supper; but this doesn't mean you can eat like you would normally and still make gains in your diet!?

What the Baby Food Diet Is: The Amazing Upsides of Eating Baby Food in Your Diet

The good part about eating baby food is that is requires less time to prepare than other meals. You can by crates and bottles of baby food at just about any grocery store you go to turning baby food into a great timesaver, a life-hack that is perfect for people on the go.

Unmistakably the best thing about baby food is that it is safe to eat, after all it is made for babies. If you happen to be a nursing mother please share and enjoy a jar of baby food with your precious little baby.

Easy On the Stomach Good When On the Go

Baby food is meant to be eaten without chewing. That's good for you and your baby if you have one and are looking for ways to get your body back to the way it was before you became a mom or even if you are looking for a way to get rid of uneaten baby food. Simply put baby food is easy to digest which means less worrying about being weighed down after a meal.

Balanced Nutrition That Helps You Stay Active

Baby food contains complete nutrition while holding back on salt content and fat, a perfect food for inspiring dieters that just want to lose weight.

Example of baby food nutrition

One 100 gram jar of baby food has 62 calories while only containing 0.2g of fat. This might change depending on what flavor of baby food you are looking at; but what remains the is the fact that 1 jar of baby food is roughly 60 calories making counting calories an easier chore than ever. You never know you may be counting baby food instead.

Nutritional Value of Kewpie Baby Food Tuna Tomato Risotto per 1 Jar (100g) Serving Size
Calories Protein Fat Carbohydrates Sodium
62kcal 2.4g 0.2g 12.7g 165mg

The Need to Know Downsides of Eating Like a Baby worth Considering Before Trying

Okay, it's low in calories and fat, and is safe for you and your baby; but does that mean there is nothing wrong about the baby food diet? Here are a few to point out that might help you make up your mind whether eating like a baby is necessary for you to lose weight.

Lack of Taste Adults Love

Baby food may not be the most delicious thing you'll ever eat, but it is made with love that infants with sensitive tongues are able to eat without spitting out. The taste may be bland at first, but if you give it a chance it will grow on you.

There are so many different flavors to choose from when deciding what baby food feed your child a treat or yourself with. If you are worried they don't have your flavor, you are wrong. There are flavors for everyone despite your personal taste.

Fail To Satisfy Your Appetite

At first glance you may thing that eating 14 jars of baby food is a lot. Think again and realize that this is going to have to hold you down till dinner. That's why it is important to pace yourself. Eating all the jars of baby food you have for breakfast isn't going to save you when lunch time comes around.

It's Going To Cost Money

A jar of baby food is not cheap. Depending on how exotic you want to get with your baby food diet, a jar of baby food is going to run around 1 dollar on average. This taken into consideration of the amount you are going to have to eat adds up. So don't think going on the baby food diet is going to save you money allowing you to eat out more.

Can Lead To Malnutrition

Although baby food does the body good, it lacks in dietary fiber and fat you are going to need to make your diet work. That's why it is increasingly important that you make up for this in your evening meal eating dinner.

Baby food lacks the amount of fat you need in your diet. That's good, right? In fact, not getting enough fat in your diet is not as promising as it sounds. It's important to note that you shouldn't rely solely on baby food to get your daily nutrition that is yet again another reason to eat hearting in the evening to make up in areas where eating like a baby lacks in nutrition.

The baby fat diet makes its way into the list of diets you shouldn't follow…!?

According to the British Dietetic Association the baby food diet has been ranked in the worst 5 fad diets that you should avoid when making your new year's resolution in 2012.

Baby food is meant for babies giving them essential carbs and protein combined with vitamins and minerals to support healthy growth. On the other hand suffers in areas like fat and dietary fiber that adults need in their diet to digest more complex food combination not meant for babies.

In order to make baby food with such a creamy consistency, skin of fruits and vegetables are removed. This is where the dietary fiber goes to waste says dieticians regarding the subject manner.

As seen in the nutritional facts presented above, baby food is low in fat. In fact, baby food is too low in fat which makes it unsuitable for adult consumption as a staple food.

The baby food diet with baby food aside for all purposes lacks in the nutrient balances that adults need to stay active and grow while dieting and exercising. So why are people going on the baby food diet?

The main reason why people go on the baby food diet in the first place is to decrease their daily calorie intake without starving. You can do this by simply eating a banana for breakfast just as in the morning banana diet that become a big hit in Japan sending a shock through grocery stores nationwide leaving no banana left behind.

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    Win big eating like a baby

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