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Small Face Slimming Lymph Massages To Slim Down Face

Lymph massages help bring circulation back to your face just what you need to get a small face slimming down your face.
Simple massage techniques that work.

When you want a small face you are going to need to start doing lymph massages to slim down your face by decrease swelling making your face look bigger.

Quick Lymph Massage

What is the difference between the way people look at big name celebrities and normal people men and women that change the level of attraction you get just by looking? When individual differences between the size of your head and face exist knowing what kind of slim face to shoot for can be difficult.

How to slim down face at home without the need of special equipment?

Getting a top-down slim face is a tricky procedure than trying to tone areas like your arms and legs helping you make better impressions left and right. On the other hand, similar to face yoga for women looking for way to get a smaller face giving yourself a soothing face massage helps relax the muscles in your face giving you a slimmer face.

In this Slism, we will discuss what factors you can employ to slim down your face and how you too can get a small face in the comfort of your own home with little effort by giving yourself a lymph massage in the face.

The Secret to a Small Face Starts When You Are a Baby...

If you want to get a smaller face then you are not alone. In order to know how to slim down you face, it's necessary to understand why your small face may appear bigger than it really is. To answer this question you need to think back to how you slept as an infant.

When You Were A Baby What Kind Of Face Did You Make When You Slept?

As your body gets bigger so does the structure surrounding the bones that make up your face. This is where the shape and characteristics of your face originate. Then comes your lower jaw. Next are your cheekbones protruding past your eyes. How big your face looks is caused by how you are perceived.

Have you ever been told how you slept as a baby? In the case of most Japanese people, this is sleeping face up next to the arms of their loving mothers. By sleeping face up these baby's faces are with no mistake got to be Japanese.

It is said that since olden times infant have been made to sleep facing up. On the other hand throughout Europe sleeping face down is more common. It's obvious that people of European decent differ greatly from that of the people of Japan. European people's faces are said to be taller than that of the Japanese. Conversely on characteristic of many Japanese facial is the distance across the face width.

Some studies support that the difference is brought out by the way you sleep - face up or face down. In the west babies left on their back after receiving milk were thought to be in danger of suffocating in milk cross current buildup. In fact, because of the prevalence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) lying face down while sleeping has been brought up as an area of concern as well.

That's why it's thought that the reason why Japanese babies have not been bedded face down is that by burping their children after giving milk there is no need to lay the babies down flat.

Even Though Your Face Looks Big...

The parts that make your face look big are that to be your forehead, cheekbones, square jaw, and chin. These are the parts of your face are said to be what people look at when deciding whether you have a big face are not.

In particular people with strong square jaws are perceived as having bigger faces because of the distinguishing space between sides of lower jaw, a masculine feature also found in women. This part of the face as you age begins to swell up causing your face to look even bigger.

In order to keep you face from swelling up you need to improve the lymph and blood circulation in your face, one of the main causes for common face swelling. This is important to know for anyone looking to get a smaller face.

Not giving your body a full lymph massage improving circulation makes it hard to detox effectively not to mention burn fat. Just so you know the clogging or a swollen lymph node can turn into a double-chin if you are not careful.

The lymph system differs from blood circulation in the way that pressure is distributed throughout your body. Massaging your lymph nodes improves circulation making it easy to burn fat and has a detoxification effect on your body that may even help you get more beautiful skin.

Are You Sure Your Face Isn't Bloating?
- Lymph Massage to Slim Down Your Face

The reason why your face looks big and swollen up may be connected to lymph. Here are a few face slimming massages that you can use to improve lymph circulation around your face building better face contour that you can do in the morning are during break time at work.

Face Slimming Lymph Massage No.1
Hands behind back pose

  1. Bring your left hand behind your back resting your wrist on your hip joining at the palm with your right hand as if you were to bring your shoulder blades together sticking out your chest and right elbow.
  2. Hands behind back pose
  3. Bring your right hand forward stretching your shoulder out in front of your body. Exhaling from this position tilt your head downward bending at your neck stretching the back of your next stopping when you feel it is right.
  4. Inhaling bring your head back to an upright position and repeat step 2 on the other side of your body. That means bringing your left shoulder forward and stretching out your next. Exercise the front and back of your neck until you feel you've found a good point to stop.
  5. When stretching your neck use you pointer, middle, and fourth finger on your right hand to stimulate the lymph nodes found bellow your ear on your collarbone, and your shoulders giving yourself a relaxing massage keeping your left arm fixed in a locked position behind your body. During that time keep you left hand planted on your hip. Work your way from your upper chest, lower next, and bellow your ears holding promptly once finished repeat on the opposite side.

Face Slimming Lymph Massage No.2
Relaxing neck massage

  1. Clenching your fist using the joints in your fingers put your hand in the ear belly your ear while slowly bringing your fist down towards your shoulders. Regulating the pressure you put on using your fist massage circulation into your lymph nodes. Do these 5 times before moving on to the next step.
  2. Relaxing neck massage
  3. Insert you pointer and middle finger in the space between you clavicle using your middle finger to trace the exterior of your collarbone massaging you lymph nodes. Perform 5 times on each side of shoulder.
  4. Next take your thumb and do the same in the area below your clavicle massaging your lymph nodes. Start at the middle of your collar bone and work your way to the lower division massaging both sides. Repeat 5 times on shoulder.
  5. Lastly, start in the center of you color bone closest to your chest massaging your way up to your shoulders and neck area. Perform this massage 5 times per side massaging the lymph nodes in your chest, shoulder, and neck region.

Note that while doing lymph massages it may be desirable to use massage oil to get smoother motions into your massage.

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    Slimming facial lymph massage

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