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Give up on facial exercise and antiaging―and then what? Miss out on being able to blur the lines of aging

Are you doing facial exercises in the mirror every day? The lines of aging aren’t going to just blur themselves. Find out what you need to do for antiaging.

Smile. You aren't getting any younger by the day. As you age, nature's designer comes and sharpens the lines of aging on your face. What can you do? It turns out you are not that helpless. For antiaging, do facial exercises every day in the car, in front of the mirror, or while you walk, you just might have what it takes to blur the lines of aging.



Does doing facial exercises every day really work―or is it time to just give up on anti-aging?

It may not be time to give up on antiaging just yet. University studies are underway to tell you whether facial exercises can actually make you turn back the clock on aging.

2 years in the making

Northwestern University has been studying the effect the appearance of aging that you can benefit by exercising your face since the bottom of 2012. Unfortunately, the results for the question we've all been asking, do facial exercises work? don't get published until after September, 2014. There is only one catch. The study is focused only on the effects of doing face exercises if you are over 45 and less than 65 in addition to suffer from mild to moderate facial atrophy, loss of muscle mass in your face causing dysfunction especially when smiling.

What do you do now?

The only thing you can do to really know whether facial exercises works or not is to try it out for yourself. After all, it may be too late to do when already bumping up against the stone walls of middle age as time threatens to take down the youthful image you very much want to portray.

Yoga on the Lawn

Yoga on the Lawn

Face Yoga Exercises

The latest craze in facial exercise is to do face yoga to slim down your face. The face-slimming method is also called the natural facelift and is considered a safe and affordable alternative to getting botox.

Botox, he whispered

Botox, she whispered

By mimicking facial expressions, these exercise help you train the muscles in your face responsible for preventing worrisome lines on your face, helping you blur the lines of aging and even age slower.

lines of aging

beautiful faces

Lines of aging

  • Worry Lines (WL) - On forehead form directly above or between your eyebrows, worry lines are one of the most noticeable line of aging.
  • Crow's Feet (CF) - Located on the outer edge of your eyes, crow's feet are the line of aging that is most easily hidden by putting on makeup.
  • Nasolabial Folds (NF) - Fine lines located on either side of your nose that make you look older than you really are. As you age these lines of aging begin to form connecting your nose and outer edge of lip.
  • Frown Lines (FL) - also known as the "number 11" between your eyebrows is a line of aging that you don't want to miss.
  • Smile Lines (S) - Unlike dimples, these aging lines don't make you look any cute as you age. The effect of aging on the fine lines exterior to your smile is that they get deeper with age.

The best part is that you can do face yoga just about anywhere, which is a win-win if find yourself in a time crunch often having to leave the house without putting on makeup. So the next time you are driving in your car, waiting on a red light that's your green light to start facial exercises.

10 Benefits that you get out of doing facial exercises that will make you want to start doing face yoga

In April, 1989 (over 24 years ago), the Hawaii Family Dental Center (Honolulu) announced that it had an exercise program to help build up patient confidence and face muscles, facial exercises. That was then and this is now. The benefits of facial exercise go way beyond flashing your pearly whites. Some even say that its contagious.

mean face

mean face

#1 Strong muscles in your face

Get on your mean face because it helps build up thee muscles in your face. Building up your facial muscle helps slow down the formation of fine lines on your face such as smile lines. There are two ways to train your face that are: active exercising and passive exercising. The latter may require electronic muscle stimulation. That's okay I guess if you want to be hooked up to a machine all day. FYI, you can do this with facial exercises. Grrr.

Aimee Mullins

Aimee Mullins

#2 Confidence that goes beyond your appearance

"Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It's much sexier than any body part." - Aimee Mullins

It is said that you are more confident after doing facial exercises. You may not have the sexiest pair of legs in your mind or have legs at all, but if you have confidence you have it all. Do face yoga in the mirror everday to build up your confidence.

Makeup Kit

Makeup Kit

#3 More time to do other things not having to put on so much makeup

Rushing out the door to go to work because you had cover up your face with makeup is no way to start your day. Ladies, you can save time doing facial exercises. I know it is odd at first, but wearing makeup isn't how you should start your day. Do face yoga instead. Save the putting on makeup for when you go out at night.

#4 Hours of practice in the mirror making funny faces

With enough practice, there is just about nothing you can do that includes slimming down your face not to mention making funny faces. Yes, you will get so good at making faces that your friends may consider hiring you instead of a clown at birthday parties. Don't let that get you down. What they don't know is that you do it to slim your face. That is when lines aging lines start showing up elsewhere not on your face you will have the last laugh. Haahaha.

Galapagos sea lion: portrait with a double chin

sea lion with double chin

#5 No more worries about getting a double chin

Having a double chin gives you all kinds of worry lines. I know spot reduction doesn't work but with enough help from healthy eating and regular exercise backed with facial exercises you won't have to lift your chin while you walk down the hallway anymore. That is there are face yoga exercises for double chins. So don't get your hopes down. You may be able to benefit from doing facial exercise just yet.



#6 Results that don't cost you a cent to get start that pay off down the road where treatments like botox and cosmetic surgery are still after your money

Not having the money may be the only reason why you haven't already gone out and bought botox or transformed your face with cosmetic surgery. Then again, I could be totally wrong. Either case you can forget about how having to get botox is going to make you so broke that you lose weight from not having enough money to pay for groceries. Don't try it. That's no way to lose weight. Just remember, facial exercise is free and hard to get results unless you are standing in front of that mirror every day getting on your mean face.

Fountain of youth - Caldas de Monchique - The Algarve, Portugal

Fountain of youth

#7 Antiaging...

There are many paths to the fountain of youth. No one is certain what the best medicine for aging is, however what is certain is that you need all the antiaging you can get. Practicing facial exercises regularly is one such medicine, a drop of youth elixir that you can take home with you and drink in front of the mirror saying, "who is the fairest of them all?"―You are my queen and it seems doing all that face yoga finally paid off.

Mathew Endler - Shot Put - UCSD Tritons

Shot Put

#8 Enough practice pronouncing the letter "O" in this pose that you might want to switch professions to full-time newscaster

You can never get enough practice pronouncing the letter "O". Neither can you facial exercise. As it turns out there is a face yoga pose that helps you get rid of smile lines called the "O face." Don't worry it's not what you are thinking but don't let other people catching you do it in the mirror. That will get you attention you don't want shadowing you in the office.

Giant anteater sticking his tongue out

Giant anteater sticking his tongue out

#9 A sharper jawline from doing that pose where you stick out your tongue like this...

If you want to know how to countour your face using makeup you should really see Carli Bybel's youtube video. Contouring your face makes a huge difference in how you look from the front of your face. It brings out the curvature of your face. Imaging how it good it makes you look when doing silly face yoga poses like the smiling fish face.

Some yoga poses even help you contour your face. You know just like what you do with makeup. Maybe your don't... Anyway, it sharpens the edge of your jawline, which is like getting rid of cankles on your face. Try the pose out and you will see what I mean. Just remember, it's for your face.



#10 Better circulation with this pose so you can take back your face from face bloatedness in the morning

The key to fixing bloating in face right after waking up is through facial exercises like the smiling fish face and facial tapping improve circulation in your face, eliminating face bloatedness.

The enemy to your face in the morning is face bloatedness. I mean how your face looks right after waking up not after you leave the door. One way you can fix a bloated face is to improve circulation in your face. In addition to facial tapping that is when you got to bust out some facial exercises. For bloating in your cheeks, I recommend doing the smiling fish face. If it doesn't work, I don't know what will.

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