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Slim Down Just By Wearing Different Underwear: The Next Stage In Diet Wear

What else from Korea is good for your diet besides Kimchi?
They say that the new underwear exclusive to Mr. Miz’s Diet Wear Girdle line can help your lose weight without going out of fashion.

Is the Slimsuit you bought going out of style? If so, you are in luck because this next product wear are going to introduce incorporates the latest fashion and scientific breakthroughs to help you lose weight with dignity.

Mr Miz Simis Diet Wear

You may be wondering how Asian women are able to keep such slender figures. In fact it isn't easy. Wearing a corset is not only uncomfortable; it causes you to sweat unnecessarily. Luckily, our friends in the Republic of Korea have come up with a solution that is breathable and uphold the highest standards in fashion.

What You're Missing Out On

Here are the main points of why I think you might regret not considering getting your hands on these goodies.

losing weight in style has never been easier than now

If wonder woman was Asian this is what she would be wearing. With a top and short girdle to match the Simis line is seamless and borderline to the point that no one would know that what you are wearing is in fact to help you lose weight.


The image of fashion as it would like to be portrayed by tobacco companies and reality TV is not healthy. Women are pressured that if they don't lose weight they aren't going to be able to wear the same clothes that top models are seen wearing.

Diet wear takes a new approach focusing not only making people fit into their clothes, but making clothes fit on people.


Simis diet wear supports the curvature of your body so you don't have to hold it in, leaving you with the cupping feeling of sitting down no matter what your position may be.

The fabric is made to stretch conforming to your body as you put it on and pulls on the outer surface of your body preventing insightful overlapping in your skin.


Simis diet wear is endorsed by Korean Model Association as In-credible.

There is nothing like knowing that what you wear underneath you day clothes is the same garment features on of the worlds most looked after catwalks. It's sure to be a secret weapon to add to your repertoire.

breathable underwear wearable anywhere even on the go

It is said that with Simis diet wear it is possible to go outside with your underwear without anyone noticing. How is that possible? There has got to be some magic involved.


Breathability is not an issue with Simis diet wear because the fabric that it is made out of is so thin that you could forget you are wearing.

Less sweat means less odor, which is a plus during long days of strenuous activity.


Don't strip down just to put on your gym appropriate close before beginning to workout. Simis not only keeps your body from jiggling when running or jogging, but lets you enjoy air on your skin.


Start you day of putting on your Simis and end your day taking them off. Put them in the washer and dryer. Then, wear them the next day. Who cares its just underwear, right?

Cellulite prevention and advanced fat burning material

A study on the relationship between functional wear and wave energy exercise performance showed positive results for Simis diet wear.


Just by wearing functional wear it is possible to make your body emit wave energy that it wouldn't ordinarily do. This wave energy can attribute to fat loss and decrease in cellulite affected areas of your skin.

I guess you might want to call it wave wear; but that would make it easily confusable with surfing. (Not that that would be bad)


Wave energy leads to enhanced fat burning, which you can take with you wherever you please. There are no limits to where you can go with diet wear.


Traditionally, a corset was use as a device to squeeze ports of your body to less noticeable areas. Now you don't have to push your belly down under because there is no where to go.

In addition, you will notice slimming down in the hips. This is good for women because hips are what start to get throughout out of proportion over time.

Mr Miz Simis Diet Wear Q & A

Who is Mr Miz?

Mr. Miz is said to be one of Koreas leading plastic surgeons who developed the Simis diet wear concepts for women who sought out alternatives to conventional plastic surgery.

Are there similar products out there?

No, the patent for the fabric used by the Simis line is held by Mr. Miz and exercises exclusivity.

How do I buy a pair?

Although there may not be a Korean site tailoring its good to other countries, you can find Simis goods on Rakuten Global for the same price people are paying in Korea.

Do they have my size?

All sizes of Simis wear are in Korean standard measured in centimeters. Chances are that if your don't have to shop at big and tall; they probably have your size.

Can you really wear it outdoors?

Yes, but you may receive a few more whistle blows here and there. If that is a bad thing, you should probably wear something over them.

Further Readings

The following are sites that I've found credible as a primary source and for shopping just in case you are interesting in purchasing a pair.

Rakuten Global – Simis Shortpants
They try they're best. Although the English on the page is sub par, that should stop you if you really want to buy something. Pages are translated by machines. This makes sense because of the pure people power that would be required to fit the taste of you and me. The pros are that they don't waste time trying to fool people with bad marketing that you will find on other sites selling the same material, i.e. they are legit and are willing to include free shipping around the world.

Dr. MiZ Simis Portal Site (Korean)
Who better to trust that the source of all information on the concerning topic than the maker itself. There is no need for them to use sleazy marketing tactics that distributors working for free can be observed using. With a growing audience, maybe they will make an English version of they're page for you viewing enjoyment. Until then, you can put your trust in the machines, that's you 3CPO, to do the dirty work of de-mangling the foreign languages so you don't have to.


Mr. Miz Simis Diet Wear is an actual product that is on the boom in Asia. As for as I am aware it has not yet been featured in western media such as the daily mail, so please be advised when browsing other sites with similar content. Please feel free to ask questions if you feel like it. Our staff will be more than happy to assist you.

  • Underwear For Your Diet

    Underwear For Your Diet

    Simis diet wear by Mr. Miz makes losing weight simple and seamless. No more sweat pants, just blending fashion.

  • Girdle Fit For Any Occasion

    Girdle Fit For Any Occasion

    Simis is designed to be worn not just when you are going out, but throughout the day, bring you the benefits of a girdle at work or play.

  • Innovation Under The Hood

    Innovation Under The Hood

    Simis technology is patented and sold exclusively through Mr. Miz and its distributors. So, get use to it. Made In Korea.