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Dessert Stomach!? Why There Is Always Room for Desert

I have a desert stomach!?
Unlike imaginary friends and the tooth fairy, having room for dessert on whim is as real as it gets.
You would be amazed how it works.

Dessert Stomach!? Why There Is Always Room for Desert

Eating desert even after eating as much as you can is what is known as a dessert stomach. The only thing that is unsure is why people have dessert stomachs. Although having a dessert stomach may not be entirely true, there is a reason why you always have room for desert.

Why does it seem that some people have another stomach just for desert?

When you go out to eat think about how many times you end up eating desert. Whether you get caught up in the mood of the situation are not what may be attributing to your inability to satisfy that hunger of your is what is known as a dessert stomach.

No matter how full you may be after eating more than you were supposed to at your favorite local diner, there always seems to be room for desert. For most people eating out eating dessert at the end of a meal is kind of way to reward yourself.

In this dessert stomach Slism, we'll be talking about how a dessert stomach works leaving room for desert even after being full eating so much.

Quick Dessert Stomach

A dessert stomach is in your head

People have their needs and devouring hordes of sweets may be one of them. So, why is it that there is always room for desert no matter how full you may be before even thinking about eating desert?

The brain is in charge

In an experiment to see if after eating a hamburger or otherwise anything that should make you quite full people were given cake. Here, depending on the type of food they were given there we changes in their appetite.

Although your brain plays an important role in helping you to know when you are full, when giving the task of deciding whether you can have a piece of cake after eating so much, it fails miserably.

As a result of that brains ability to group sweets with whatever you at for your main meal, people tend to forget that they are stuffed and will proceed to eat dessert forgetting how stretched their stomach is.

Your brain makes room for dessert

So why does your body all of the sudden make you forget that you are so full and can hardly move just because you feel like having a piece of cake or two? The answer to this question turns out to be quite simple. It's those hormones acting up again.

When you are giving a piece of cake or even begin to think about eating something sweet, the hormone levels of Orexin skyrocket leaving you unable to control your urge to eat cake.

Orexin in your body increases the efficiency of your stomach thus making room for that cake you want to eat to badly you would give an arm and a leg to eat.

What are things you can do about a dessert stomach?

Let's face it; resisting eating sweets especially for desert right after eating the main course of your meal can be tough.

For the most part it's all about will power. When push comes to shove developing personal rules restricting the amount of sweets you eat along with the building of healthy eating habits should help reinforce your ability to resist using your dessert stomach.

Remember that when it comes to your diet you are always in charge. Taking the responsibility for covering up or making up for the little speed bumps that come along the way will help you control that dessert stomach even when you want to believe you still have room for dessert.

When your dessert stomach is starting to act up in the middle of night or after returning late from work or school one day choosing a healthy midnight snack over a sugary sweet will take you for in your diet not to mention help you reduce calories in your diet even when eating late.