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Asahi Diet Black: Coffee That Jumps Out Of The Can Into Your Pocket

Want to know what is going on in the Japanese diet scene? Does coffee jelly fit your taste? Here is how you can stop spilling coffee all over yourself and work your arms.

What's next on our hit list cute little things to take out of Japan isn't a robot or a keychain featuring your favorite anime character, but a pouch full of diet coffee jelly that looks like its something you may want to put in your car to make it run faster.

American Coffee in Japan

In Japan you can buy coffee in a can ― canned coffee ― from just about any vending machine. With 1 vending machine per 24 people, Japan has the highest number of vending machines per capita. That adds up to a lot of coffee and cans of Coca-Cola.

Although the next item we are going delve further into is neither in a can nor can you by it out of a vending machine; however it's still coffee, coffee jelly that you have to suck out of a pouch. Sounds like something your kids would get into.

Asahi Diet Black

This little pick me up came to my attention when searching for diet and health related new to share with our viewers.

Asahi Diet Black

Asahi Diet Black

Diet coffee jelly with 4,500 mg of dietary fiber, L-carnitine, caffeine, 25 kcal written on the package next to low-sugar, and a health meter to keep diet on your mind – designed to fit the needs of men between the ages 20 and 40 years old.

Asahi Diet Black designed by Asahi Food and Health for people calorie sensitive dieters has been on the shelves since the beginning of April.

Do to its packaging and the fact that it is a new product you probably won't be able to find it inside a vending machine. For those interested look for it at you nearest conbini (That's convenience store in Japanese) or on the Internet at Rakuten Global. 

Stop! Before you go out and buy some Diet Black (or Tru Blood) you need to know what it is before running wild ramped up on coffee jelly on your way to the gym.

Let's start talk about what you get out of Asahi Diet Black.

New Experience

How many people (out of the army) can say that they've drunk coffee out of a pouch that wasn't coffee but instead jelly? If you feel boxed in with the same old Hills Bros and what you are drinking to wake up in the mourning is starting to resemble coffee less and less everyday, then you should start making movements to change.

The Pouch

By drinking out of a pouch have a chance to workout your forearms, squeezing every last drop into your mouth. The pouch is also re-closable, which gives you're the convenience of being to drink later after opening. The package is space conformant. This makes carrying it with you easy as you head out to your next adventure.

Coffee Jelly

Coffee jelly leaves a cool sensation in your mouth and the calls of your throat when your drink it. On a hot summer day you can even use it as an ice pack to keep from burning up and turning into dust. You can enjoy the mature flavor of black coffee with the fun desert like look and feel of jelly.

Diet Supplement

Nowadays there is not much to differentiate the coffee you drink from others but the aromas emanating from your coffee. With Diet Black you have a new way to look at coffee. Let's hope that it's written on the package.

Dietary Fiber

People need between 20 and 30 grams of (soluble and insoluble) dietary fibers to promote healthy digestion. Drinking Diet Black gives you 4.5 grams of fiber, which is around 4 times as much as brewed coffee.


L-Carnitine is an amino acid produced by your body. However, it can still be found in pretty much any energy drink you can by at the store. Why consume something that your body already is able to produce?

Diet Black contains L-Carnitine that aids in energy production and healthy bodily functions. Along with many other benefits that follow, L-Carnitine is also thought to improve sexual readiness, making you less shy to the occasion.


Have a cup of coffee. Start to feel your heart beat faster, focusing in on whatever task is at hand. Caffeine is synonymous with coffee. Like anything else, in moderation it can help out your diet.

Health Meter

According to Asahi Food and Health, the health meter on the front of the package is suppose to help people be apart of the diet scene. Unfortunately that's all they wrote. I just thought that it was interesting that they even bothered to call it a “health meter."

If anyone finds out what it is for, please leave a comment at the end of the page. Cheers!

Where To Go From Here

There is more out there than the drip coffee you buy at your local coffee shop and energy drinks at the grocery store. For people looking to stay on top of the diet scene, this means adapting all aspects of their lives to be appropriate for dieting. That could even mean changing what coffee your drink and how you drink it, which is what spurred this news in the first place.

The reason you get on the Internet is because you are looking for something new. In the olden days this involved packing your bags and leaving the only place you ever knew, Indiana.

So, if you ever find yourself in Japan or are a current resident, give Diet Black a try and let us know your opinion.

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