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Guar Gum Benefits That Are Going To Make Wish You Had It

What's up cocoa puff?
Surely you aren't constipated right now. Luckily enough, guar gum helps you get rid of all that and more, lower cholesterol, control blood sugar.

Guar Gum Benefits That Are Going To Make Wish You Had It

When struggling with controlling your blood sugar and cholesterol levels not to mention constipation, don't you wish you had a magic want to make it go away? - Recently, I came across such a device, a genie's lamp of answers after finding out about guar gum benefits. Like a genie you only get three wishes. Yes, eating guar gum help regulate your blood sugar, lower cholesterol, and help you pellet out better looking solids from your body. Very soon you will know why and you are going to really wish you had it.

What Is Guar Gum besides Something You Wish You Had On You

Organic guar gum sounds exotic because it is.
Guar gum is made by grounding the endosperm of guar bean grown domestically in the area surrounding India and Pakistan, which is where more than 80 percent of the world's guar gum comes from. See, I told you it was exotic.
Products that use guar gum include: baked goods such as gluten-free bread; dairy products like the Japanese lactic acid bacteria drink Yakult; and ketchup. With the vast number of products that use guar gum as an additive, it is highly likely that you've been exposed to the exotic taste of India and Pakistan despite never going there.
There are so many application of guar gum that trying to list them all is bound to make you go crazy similar to being in a far off land without means of communicating but by face and hand gestures. You must be shaking your head.
Now we're communicating. Here is all you need to know about guar gum for your body.

3 Benefits of Guar Gum That Are Going to Make You Look Good

Chewing guar gum may help you control your blood sugar, lower cholesterol in your diet, and even relieve constipation help you make more trips to the bathroom. Eating guar come is recommended for anyone looking to keep their blood sugar down, reduce cholesterol absorption, and get better looking pellets that are not going to make you constipated. Here are 3 benefits of guar gum that may have a positive impact on your blood sugar, cholesterol levels, and bowel movements.

Better glycemic response to control blood sugar

Eating guar gum with your meals my help you control your blood sugar.
Studies show blood sugar control over increased glucose with varied dosages of guar gum after fasting.
In the study, 9 male subjects not on medication between 21 and 31 years old that were not overweight were fed test meals, meals supplemented with various dosages of guar gum, administered in random order.
Results showed that meals with guar gum added produce a dampening effect on blood sugar after eating. However, there was no strong indication that increase dosages of guar gum in your diet produces a stronger dampening effect on your blood sugar after eating.
Taking at least 2.5g of guar gum with a mealgives you better glycemic response to increased levels of dietary glucose helping you control your blood sugar.

Lower cholesterol absorption when digesting your food

Consumption of guar gum may help lower your cholesterol.
In a study on mice by Japanese scientist investigating the effect guar gum has on the cholesterol absorption during digestion, it was shown that the absorption of cholesterol is impeded by the consumption of guar gum.
Mice were housed in separate cages giving access to food and water supply when needed. They were also put on a diet recommended by the American Institute of Nutrition. During the 4 week period of feeding, mice were not fed overnight.
Eating guar gum helps lower cholesterolby reducing cholesterol absorption during digestion.

Relieve constipation with better looking pellets

Drinking partially hydrolyzed guar gum with beta-D- endomannanase may promote smoother bowel movements relieving constipation.
An experiment in Japan tested the effect of guar gum in relieving constipation on 15 constipated women for 3 weeks comparing how often women eating guar gum went to the bathroom. Using metric such as pH level, weight, moisture, and bacteria, they were compared.
Results showed an increase of 46-63 percent in the number of times these women went to the bathroom. Moisture increased by as much as 4 percent with corresponding lower pH levels indicating more suitable conditions for smoother bowel movements.
Consumption of guar gum promotes smoother bowel movementseffective for constipation relief.


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