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Is Dry Fruit Healthy? – Dietary Fiber and Low GI Synergy

The last thing you want to be told enjoying a bowl of dry fruit is how to diet.
Know the strengths and weaknesses in the foods you eat.
Packed full of two kinds of dietary fiber not to mention low gi – that's sexy.

Dry fruit across the board rich in dietary fiber takes low gi foods is where the road of healthy snacking meet diet and moderating what you eat to keep your pants size from growing into the winter. What you may not know yet about dried fruits may save you countless pounds of body weight. From increasing the amount of times you chew your food helping your hold a full stomach longer to being able to stay within the bounds of your allowable blood sugar level, this is a dry fruit diet for you.

Often times there are more things to find out about the foods you eat as healthy snacks. In that respect, you can expect to gain nutrition with the dry fruit diet. Other than getting though the hunger preventing you from eating too much, i.e. not get fat, if you can stay in bounds fructose in dry fruit will work for your diet.

How to Dry Fruit Diet without packing on the pounds

Just as there are organic fruit diets that have put healthy fruits on the map in terms of natural foods that can help you lose weight, it is necessary to shed light on dried fruit that is said to be better at satisfying your appetite helping you get through dietary restrictions without biting down an a dietary fiber rich piece of rope.

Is dried fruit healthy and going to help me make it through until my next meal?

Benefits chewing more in your diet

Dry fruit contains less water content than raw fruits making it necessary to chew more exercising your jaw and facial muscles than you would biting down into a succulent peach trying to keep juice from dripping off your face.

Eating dry fruit over raw fruit increases the number of bites required when eating. This is advantageous when looking at how your body goes from a state of hunger to being told that it's full. It is known that increasing the number of bites you take during a meal induces hunger satisfaction faster than swallowing your food.

Using knowledge of how the brain works to satisfy hunger can be an important tool when undergoing diet and exercise to slim down without starving. This is exactly how you too can eat less and still get full becoming the boss of your appetite, virtue that doesn't go out of fashion in dieting.

A healthy advantage with low-gi foods

Most fruits satisfy the criteria to be called a low-gi food. This has to do with the makeup of fruit found in sugar.

Fruit sugar in dry fruit, fructose, requires more time to be broken down than other simple sugars, which is thought to be the reason why dry fruit helps suppress appetite problems so easily keep your blood sugar level in check.

Understanding More about Dry Fruits to Save Your Diet!

Dry fruit contains dietary fiber to help food make it through your digestive system safely. What you might not be away of is that there are 2 types of dietary fiber.

The first is water soluble dietary fiber which is another amazing reason why dry fruit helps you achieve a state of fullness without eating too much.

Dietary fiber soluble in water is an essential nutrient that slows down digestion affecting the amount of energy your body absorbs in the process. Thus, by lengthening the amount of time food sits in your stomach you feel less hungry than you would without it.

The benefits of dried fruit doesn't stop at helping you remain full for longer periods of time lessening the chance that you will over eat. Water soluble dietary fiber is said to help remove bad cholesterol from your blood stream lowering blood pressure lessening the chance that you suffer from clogged arteries and other heart related diseases. As a whole, getting enough dietary fiber soluble in water is essential for lifelong health.

The second is insoluble dietary fiber that is said to be connected to how much you chew your food. When you bite down on something hard chewing not once, not twice… but multiple times preparing your food for save passage through your throat, it is said that eating this way prevents unnecessary binge like eating from becoming the cause for your weight gain.

This type of dietary fiber like the little figments that you see in your glass every so often require a relatively large amount of fluid and space during digestion leading to cleaner smooth bowel movements. When you lack insoluble dietary fiber in your diet there is an increased chance of developing constipation.

Simple Rule to Make Dieting On Dry Fruit Work for You

It doesn't matter how much dry fruit you put into your body as long as you keep it below 80 calories per day. Consuming more than this amount said to be the reasons why people gain weight while innocently eating fruit thinking that it's good for them.

People who have tried dieting on dry fruit know how hard it is trying to survive on dried fruit alone. That's why it is recommended that you mix it up a little topping your yogurt or cereal with dried fruit to keep things fresh and out of boredom.

Avoid unnecessary mixing of dry fruit with other foods. For example it is preferable that you refrain from eating dry fruit when consuming protein. Doing this would only upset the nutrient balance of your meal, something you don't want to happen when you are on a diet i.e. that means no raisins in your protein shake.

Types of Dry Fruits to Remember To Pick Up While At the Store

When you think of dried fruits what often comes to mind in your head is the picture of raisins sitting next a bowl of hot cereal ready to eat. It's time to start drawing new pictures in your mind moving on to the kings and queens of dry fruit. Here are a few dry fruits that you would be missing out on the next time you find yourself shopping.

  • Fig
    Dried Fig
    High in potassium and good at preventing high blood pressure. Calories in Dried Figs
  • Prunes
    Rich in antioxidant for a natural antiaging effect minus constipation. Calories in Dried Prune
  • Mango
    Dried Mango
    Excellent source of vitamin A said help in cancer prevention

What Happens To When You Give Into the Taste Losing Control?

You would be in trouble if you didn't know that eating too much fruit isn't good for you and could be the reason why your metabolism is being thrown out of control not knowing how to handle the precious energy you supply your body with as we speak.

Staying ahead of the taste game

Although you may want to start eating try fruits as an alternative healthy snack, in the end all is sweets.

That's right! The next time you lie to yourself mauling over a bowl over dry fruit ask yourself what if what you are eating is a sweet are not and all will be revealed.

The main point here is to avoid situations that put you in a stand still gray area where you have to decide whether something is good for you are not. This only opens ground to compromise that leads to you taking over the logic that justifies your diet.

  • The truth about dry fruit

    The truth about dry fruit

    Dried fruits make you fat, but what doesn't? The secret to making it work is moderation, i.e. following one simple rule.

  • Eat less still getting full

    Eat less still getting full

    All diets promise the same then eat more without gaining weight. Hey! Isn't that the same thing as eating less and being full all the time? Think about it.

  • Garden of good choices

    Garden of good choices

    With barrels upon barrels of variety in the types of dried fruit available for your snacking pleasure there is no fear of ever going bored. Live it up.