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Calories in Drinks / Alcohol (63)

  • Cocoa Cocoa 1tsp filled full(4g) 16kcal
    BEVERAGES/Cocoa/Milk cocoa
  • Pure Cocoa Pure Cocoa 1tbsp(6g) 16kcal
    BEVERAGES/Cocoa/Pure cocoa
  • Gyokuro Tea Gyokuro Tea 100ml(100g) 5kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Green teas)/Gyokuro/Infusion
  • Coffee Coffee 100ml(100g) 4kcal
  • Green Tea Green Tea 100ml(100g) 2kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Green teas)/Sencha/Infusion
  • Black Tea Black Tea 100ml(100g) 1kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Fermented teas)/Black tea/Infusion
  • Roasted Barley Tea Roasted Barley Tea 100ml(100g) 1kcal
  • Kamairicha Kamairicha 100ml(100g) 0kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Green teas)/Kamairi-cha/Infusion
  • Bancha Bancha 100ml(100g) 0kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Green teas)/Ban-cha/Infusion
  • Hojicha Hojicha 100ml(100g) 0kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Green teas)/Hoji-cha/Infusion
  • Genmaicha Genmaicha 100ml(100g) 0kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Green teas)/Genmai-cha/Infusion
  • Oolong Tea Oolong Tea 100ml(100g) 0kcal
    BEVERAGES/(Fermented teas)/Oolong tea/Infusion
  • Water Water 100cc(100g) 0kcal

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