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The Cherry Diet and Amazing Benefits of Eating Cherries

Sleep better at night and make less trips to the pharmacy to pick up anti-inflammatory drugs on the cherry diet.
Benefits of eating cherries that you need.

The Cherry Diet and Amazing Benefits of Eating Cherries

The cherry diet may not be for weight loss but in terms of the carbon steel coating it puts around your health and liveliness there is no comparison. Sleep better, age slower, cure headaches, and even lower cancer risk dieting on cherries. What have you got to lose? - Getting a headache worrying too much about losing weight when you should be focusing on getting healthy is not your style. 

The Cherry Diet

The only rule to the cherry diet is to eat cherries everyday or drink fresh cherry juice.

Depending on the type of cherry you choose to incorporate into your diet, the results you should expect from the cherry diet may differ.

For example, when making the choice between sweet cherries and tart cherries, you might want to go with the latter. Tart cherries are said to have more antioxidants than sweet cherries.

In addition to the type of cherries you choose to use in your cherry diet, you should expect different levels of antioxidant content based on the form that the cherries are in when you eat them. Cherry juice and dried cherries are said to be the most potent in antioxidants, while frozen cherries and canned cherries due to oxidation levels contain considerably less.

Health benefits of eating cherries

Eating cherries comes with many benefits to your health that you can take with you on the cherry diet. Get the melatonin you need to sleep better at night. Slow down the effect of gaining with revitalizing cherry flavonoids. Say goodbye to headaches altogether without having to rely on over the counter drugs. Greatly reduce the risk of cancer eating cherries. The cherry diet puts you in the steering wheel on the healthy path to weight loss.

Sleep better

Eating cherries may help you sleep better at night.

Cherries are a natural source of the antioxidant melatonin. Melatonin for sleep is a hormone made internally by your body through secretion of the pineal gland of your brain. Melatonin levels in your body are highest when it is dark and lowest when it light. Due to the circadian rhythm restoring effect it has on your body helping you get a better sleep at night it is commonly used to treat insomnia.

Studies show better sleep can be obtained through a cherry diet. Disrupted circadian rhythms caused by low melatonin levels can be fixed by dieting on cherries.

Research investigating the effect that cherry juice has on increasing the levels of melatonin in the body found that cherries can help people with difficulty sleeping to better deal with insomnia.

By eating cherries you can naturally boost melatonin levels in your body to make up for low levels of melatonin negatively affecting the quality of sleep you get at night for a better night of sleep.

Age slower

Cherries in your diet may help you age slower.

How cherries slow down the effect of aging is through the strong antioxidants it contains, or simply flavonoids.

Flavonoids in cherries most notably Isoquercetin and Quercitrin are said to play and important role in eliminating oxidative stress internal and external to your body helping to prevent premature aging. Through the antioxidative effect that cherry flavonoids have on the body helping to eliminate byproducts of oxidative stress, in effect eating cherries slows down the aging process.

Cherry flavonoids divide the multiplication of free radical activity to cancel out the negative effect soaps, emulsifier-based cosmetics, and organic solvents have on your skin causing wrinkles and premature gaining.

Eating cherries give you strong antioxidants such as the flavonoids, Isoquercetin and Quercitrin that inhibit free-radical activity helping you age slower.

Cure headaches

Cherries my help you eliminated the pain of migraine headaches.

To eliminate migraine anti-inflammatory drugs such as Tylenol and ibuprofen inhibiting the enzyme Cyclooxygenase (COX) are taken. However, over the counter anti-inflammatory drugs taken over time may cause stomach problems. COX-1, an enzyme that protects the lining of your stomach gets halted by such drugs working as inhibitors of COX-2 to reduce inflammation.

Flavonoids and antioxidants in cherries serve as a natural COX inhibitor without destroying the lining of the stomach.

Studies show cherries are 10 times more effectivethan aspirin as an anti-inflammatory agent without the negative side effects.

As a natural remedy to eliminate pain caused by headaches such as migraines, cherries cure headaches placing minimal burden on the body.

Lower cancer risk

Cherries are rich in anti-carcinogenic compounds that help your body destroy free radicals giving you what it takes to proactively prevent cancer.

In cherries there are flavonoids, Ellagic acids, and Anthocyanins that come together giving cherries the knockout punch they have when it comes to preventing cancer. Anti-inflammatories such as cherry flavonoids inhibit inflammation-causing leukotriene and histamine. Ellagic acids are a known anti-carcinogenic compound, which means it reduces cancerous cell growth. Anthocyanin promotes healthy gut bacteria allowing more efficient production of short-chain fatty acids that are said to protect the body from colon cancer.

Studies show lower cancerrisk from refrigerated hamburgers containing cherries. Hamburger patties containing 11.5% cherries are said to have as much as 70% lower levels of heterocyclic aromatic amines (HAA) after refrigeration. HAAs are a potentially carcinogenic compound found in hamburgers more prevalent in the presence of oxidized cholesterol. If putting cherries in hamburger patties lowers the amount of cancer causing compounds, just imagine what it will do inside something that is living, your body.

Bottom line on eating cherries

Let's face it. Eating cherries everyday is not only a financial burden that most people are not able to afford but also a healthy eating habit that is going to fall apart as soon as availability becomes an issue.

How you work around this is, instead of relying solely on eating cherries or drinking fresh tart cherry juice, by taking cherry supplements in tablet form or using cherry juice concentrate to make equally potent cherry juice mixing with water.

That is to say that when on the cherry diet, you shouldn't throw out less fresh cherry supplements and cherry juice concentrate for they may be the secret to making out great in a diet on cherries for better sleep and a lifelong health perspective you are comfortable with.