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Bicycle Exercise to Lose Weight on Better Cardio Cycling

Who said exercise had to be done at the gym?
Let your workout take you to work with bicycle exercise giving the planet a fighting chance against warming.

Bicycle exercise is one of the standstill best exercises to lose weight. Like any other good cardio workout, just because you are out walking doesn't mean you are doing yourself a favor not taking it serious. The key to succeeding in weight loss is the details of how you exercise.

Is biking good exercise to lose weight?

With rising concern of global warming there are more and more people going eco-friendly taking up biking for exercise versus crowding the streets in a car on the way to work. In trail riding and indoor cycling alike there are ways to pedal and adjust your body for better cardio.

For people taking up cycling exercise to lose weight while dieting, you will be interested in how effective bike exercise is to help you improve conditioning riding down the road to slim.

In this healthy Slism, we will introduce bicycle exercise to take a stand against global warming while you get in the best shape of your life saving money on gas.

Quick Bicycle Exercise

How to Save the Planet and Get Fit with Bicycle Exercise

In recent years, carbon dioxide emission has taken itself to a global scale. With more people growing an eco-friendly conscious, the advancement of global warming does not cease to be an issue to worry about. Taking the problem of CO2-emission into one's own hands, you may decide biking is the way to go.

Even if you drive an eco-car, what matters the most is the feeling you get from contributing to cleaner air on this planet we share and all hold dearly. If your community doesn't have a bus or train system near where you live then bicycle exercise on the way to work are school may be you only option for making it happen.

There is nothing to lose by deciding to become a little more eco-friendly reducing your carbon footprint.

In particular biking to work or bicycle exercise has the potential to be the best cardio workout you can possibly give your body making maintaining health a piece of cake that after a long ride in from work you deserve it.

Biking exercise is not just for people on a diet trying to lose weight. Whether you ride your bike to work or school, adding these simple tips to your routing will take you further in exercise.

Tips for a Better Workout While You Ride Your Bike

Before going out cycling, the first thing you need is a bike to ride. There are all kinds of bicycles. Although it is easy to get lost thinking about What type of bike is right for me? Just so you know, when getting started out getting a bike that allows you to switch gears is highly recommended.

Bicycle Exercise Is Easy On Your Joints

Most people who drive a car develop familiarity with the road but lose touch of how to move their own bodies. It is not that uncommon for younger people to suffer from back pain. It is said that one reason why people have back pain is due to lack of exercise.

Not getting enough exercise results in the weakening of the muscles located around you lower back. Often times, people are told to stay away from bike riding due to lower back pain. However, if lack of exercise is the reason why you lower back hurts then bicycle exercise may be just what you've been looking for.

Step into the saddle finding a comfortable spot to rest your buttocks on the seat of your bike. Place your hands and feet on the handle bars and pedals. Once you got this down, the burden on your joints is decreased drastically reducing the risk of injuring yourself during exercise.

Note that too much cycling exercise may have a negative effect on your body causing lower back pain if you are now careful.

Correct Posture While On a Bike

Depending on what kind of bike you ride whether that may be a banana seat bike, speed bike, road racer, or a BMX, your posture should differ accordingly. In general, you are going to want to position your body such that your weight is directed vertically through your body into your hips as if you are sitting.

In effective bicycle exercise, how you pedal may make or break the quality of your cardio workout on the road. In fact, the way you pedal may be the difference between getting slim and putting on more muscle than you signed up for.

Bikes come in all shapes and sizes. That goes to say that depending on what kind of bike your ride, the way you ride it may be totally different than someone else.

Even when traveling long distances on the way to work, the actual time you spend pedaling only makes up a small portion of the time you spend enjoying the fresh air knowing that the only gas you need is the food you put in your body.

Gauge the intensity of your bicycle exercise by the distance you wish to cover keeping in mind the incline along the way. Make record throughout the course of your routine tracking your progress.

Benefits of Bicycle Exercise for Enjoyable Weight Loss

In aerobic exercises such as jogging and walking, the weight of your whole body rest on your lower body and joints such your knees and ankles. Unlike other cardio exercise, cycling distributes your body weight is many parts. This reduces the burden exercise has on your body.

Pedaling in particular trains the muscles in your hips and your glutes helping your get a better butt. Biking over type has a shape-up effect on your body helping you get in shape commuting.

Although it may not team like it, riding your bike helps you tone your arms. In particular, it is said to be great for exercising your triceps helping you eliminate worrying sick over flabby arms.

Tips for balancing your exercise routine adding strength training to your cardio workout

Bottom Line on Bicycle Exercise to Get Back On the Road

Biking is completely different from taking your car. Unlike driving to work, riding your bike may depend solely on the weather. If you don't mind that's okay but most people are not willing to get soaked in rain on the way to work while getting covered with mud. At the very least, wearing a raincoat is a must.

Another approach that you may want to try is that even when driving to work, take your bike with you. This can be done easily by adding a bike rack or just throwing your bike in the back of your vehicle if you've got the space.

On sunny days, you may be tempted to leave your house without thinking because good weather just beckons that you take your bike for a spin. Always remind yourself to bring some water with you. Heatstroke is more of a recurring problem than you may think. Be prepared and most importantly enjoy yourself!

Indoor cycling exercise to train your legs despite the weather

  • Bicycle exercise for cardio

    Bicycle exercise for cardio

    Cycling indoors may not be your thing. Don't worry because for most people it isn't. Take your bike out of the garage and hit the road again.

  • Eco-friendly exercise plan

    Eco-friendly exercise plan

    Every minute you waist worrying about global warming not lifting a helping hand doesn't help you lose weight. Riding your bike to work does.

  • More miles fewer worries

    More miles fewer worries

    Counting up the miles you put on your bike is different than in a car. The more miles you put on, the less you have to worry about your weight.