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Stair Climbing Exercise for Busy People to Burn Calories

Nobody is making you do it. Be you greatest motivator and stake up stair climbing exercise to burn calories at work.
A definite must for busy people. Staying active.

Stair climbing is an excellent exercise to burn calories that anyone can do to naturally speed up their metabolism getting places. The only reason you should be taking the elevator is if the stairs are down. You don't need a stair climber to climb stairs, do it for real. Just minutes a day can turn into tens and hundreds of calories burnt off not to mention the strength building it does for your legs.

What are the benefits of stair climbing and how many calories do you burn climbing stairs?

In Japan there is a diet and weight-loss method called the staircase diet that to no surprise helps you burn calories just by going up and down stairs. For most people the task of climbing stairs is a rudimentary task something almost second nature as walking. On the other hand, the other half of us who ride the elevator hoping the power doesn't go out are missing out.

There is a Japanese proverb that goes something like this. Even pebbles can become a mountain. Moreover, in terms of your diet, simple stair climbing can turn into climbing mountains. The minutes you speed in getting around each day makes a big difference in maintaining weight and climbing stairs is just as respectable as any other self-proclaimed exercise routine.

In this take on Slism, we will be discussing how stair climbing exercise is great even for busy people who need to get around and burn calories integrating diet and exercise into your lifestyle to maintain weight without thinking.

Quick Stair Climbing

How to Burn Calories Going Up And Down Stairs

You never know when the opportunity to take the stairs may arise. For some it may be a daily occurrence to have to decide between taking the elevator giving into social reform or just being a go-getting individual not afraid to take the stairs because you know how good it is for you. In any case stair climbing at work or at home is a gold mind for dieting success helping your burn more calories getting around.

What is keeping you from accomplishing your goals may be taking the escalator so rather than always trying to find the closest way out seek out the stairs and start climbing. You would be surprise how much calories you can burn off taking the stairs.

The following table is something you can use to quickly calculate how much calories you burn every time you take the stairs. Time yourself and multiply the number of minutes you speed climbing up and down the stairs and you have it, the total number of calories you burn taking the stairs.

Calories Burned Taking The Stairs Per Minute
MET * Calories (Cal)
Weight 45kg Weight 50kg Weight 55kg
Climbing stairs (Up) 8.0 6.30 7.10 7.10
Running up stairs 15.0 11.8 13.1 14.4
Climbing stairs (Down) 3.0 2.36 2.62 2.88
Carrying luggage (25-50lbs)
down stairs
5.0 3.93 4.37 4.81

** Metabolic Equivalent of Task

The table above shows the calories consumed by people going up and down the stairs of 45kg / 50kg / 55kg weight. Note that only the amount of calories per minutes is shown.

Climb Stairs to Speed Up Your Metabolism Naturally

Climbing stairs is effective I speeding up your metabolism. The reason why is that as you know a large portion of your metabolism amounts to your basal metabolic rate, which depends mostly on the amount of muscle mass you have on your body.

In particular, stair climbing help build strong quad muscles. That is the muscle in front of your thigh. As you know the quads is one of the largest muscles in your body, which is how you can naturally speed up your metabolism. More lean muscle mean burning more calories. This is where climbing stairs is advantageous when it comes to boosting your metabolism.

How good is stair climbing as an exercise for my quads?

Quadriceps has been configured in muscle of four, muscle mass tends to decrease because the daily life is difficult to be used, the muscles on the inside of them Vastus medialis also leads to a decrease in basal metabolism.

Is the muscle of the thigh that seems to be using regularly, in the absence of the step and the step where there is muscle that is used is different.

Well as calorie consumption when do you have to climb down the stairs, it can increase the calorie consumption is not it also increases the basal metabolism is happy.

Effectively Speed Up Your Metabolism

Breaking into exercise starting by training large muscles like your quadriceps in your legs give your metabolism a quick boost, just what you need turn exercise into motivation building momentum moving on the bigger and better things.

For people just get start who are not in the habit of regular exercise, large muscles such as the quads are easy to train and pose less burden on the body acting as an achievable stepping stone and foundation to build upon before moving on to more advanced training.

Pay Attention to Your Posture to Get Better Results

When I go up the stairs, but just look at the feet. Therefore, likely to be hunched over when you climb the stairs. To walk safely with checking the step is important, let's walk consciously that keeping your back straight.

Mini stepper exercise to climb stairs in your living room

Well as stairs, but also is likely where there is no step, the effect of walking is very different depending on the posture. You can walk straight, you may also be able to strengthen the muscles that support the body, and also change the look impression.

Again, rather than hunchback, who of those who are upright, look beautiful.

Turn Taking the Stairs into a Habit

Even if time is not built specially or it does not perform movement to the institution for exercising, it is possible. Those who cannot last long and exercise, people do not have time to exercise, why not be devised to increase the amount of exercise in your daily life?

Of course, the diet effect might be thin just up the stairs, you would be important that we can start from where daily life. It can be said that stairs are a place of easy movement which it is also in where comparatively.

In particular, people who are out of breath climbing the stairs will aim to eliminate lack of exercise up muscle exercise daily!

  • Stair climbing exercise works!

    Stair climbing exercise works!

    Climbing stairs may feel like fun and games but in fact it is quite a workout and maybe why others have to go to the gym to exercise. Are you up for it?

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    Exercise for busy people is on

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  • Burn calories without thinking

    Burn calories without thinking

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