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How to Touch a Guy while Flirting to Make Him Interested in You

Never wonder again why guys don't call you back after reading this comprehensive guide on how to touch a guy. Men are simple creatures and are like putty in your hands when you can effectively use touch to lure him in.

How to Touch a Guy so That He Falls for You

Have you ever wondered how to touch a guy in order to establish a deep bond with him immediately after meeting him? There is a certain science behind understanding attraction from body language signs and effective use of touching is a big part of it. It's also worth to note that it's more important if the man uses touching as a tactic to attract girls, as men are traditionally the leaders of the relationship. However, that shouldn't stop you from sparking interest if the guy you are pursuing is shy to the touch.


How to touch a guy

1. Taking Baby Steps

Start out small in order to build up tension between you and your new guy friend. This will allow anticipation regarding what will happen next in the conversation. Start with light touching in neutral areas. Make it subconscious so he doesn't even notice.

2. Gearing Up

Once you've established some attraction, you can start to be more liberal in your touching. Soon he will reciprocate more often than not. If you've been using touching effectively then you should have gotten his attention by now.

3. Share Your High Points Together

High points such as laughing and agreements should be met with more aggressive contact. Not only will that make your shared moments stick out in his mind, but it will also create a deep bond.

If you are shy about touching, learn a few techniques in order to touch a guy without him even realizing why he is becoming so attracted to you. The touch is what brings us together as a species, as we are all interconnected. Our basic need to be touched is strong enough to attract any guy when used at the right time. Use your newfound powers for good.

A Man's Subconscious Mind Can Be Influenced in Many Ways and Learning How to Touch a Guy is One of Them. He Will Not Be Able to Resist Your Touch

There are key strategies regarding a woman's touch that no one will tell you about. These are crucial in establishing a connection on the first date so don't hesitate to use touching.

1. Start Out Small

hand woman woman walking up arm of man

Start out with some light touching. Think small, like arms, legs, and hands. High fives, shaking hands, and getting closer to him will start to make his blood temperature rise. Starting out subtle and keeping your intentions hidden will spark initial attraction. The point of breaking the touch barrier is to ease tension and make him comfortable with being close to you. This tip on how to please your man is crucial on first contact. Some would say it's almost mandatory to touch lightly and softly right away.

The Arms

Touching a guy's arms can be as simple as pulling yourself closer and noticing how manly his arms and hands look. A guy likes to be complimented on his masculine features, so the arms are a great place to start. You can wrap your arms around his in a friendly gesture or slap his shoulder and tease him. You really can't go wrong, because the arms are a neutral area for touching, which is perfect for the first encounter. It keeps the touching classy and not inappropriate.

The Legs

Legs can also be a good way to break the ice, if you use the correct timing. A slap on the knee or brush on the thigh will grab a guy's attention very quickly. Let's just be sure to keep it PG-13 on the first meeting.

The Back

Placing your hand on his upper back and him reciprocating by placing his hand on your lower back is a great example of starting out small. Since there is a lot of room for you to place your hand, you don't have to worry about messing up. The back makes a great first step for girls who are inexperienced with touching

2. Escalation

woman touching face of man

Right when things are starting to heat up, you want to take the touching to the next level. This is where experience comes in and knowing where the good spots are regarding how to touch a guy. When you know the correct times to escalate and where to touch a guy, it's like magic in attracting guys. When you've established initial attraction, the places that guys really want you to touch are his neck, his ear, upper arms, and hands.

Touching the Face

Touching his face, whether it be his cheek or his ear, should be left for when you know for sure that he is into you. Touching the face is when you know you two have escalated things to the point of extreme flirting.

The Neck

A guy's neck is an extremely sensitive point, where he is not used to being touched a lot, just like his ears. Touching, just as much as breathing on his neck, can set a guy off.
The secret lies in the fact that there are a bunch of nerve endings hidden in the area below his ears. The skin is really thin and you can also easily feel his pulse there, making it all the more easy (and interesting) to tease, it's one of the most flirtatious places to touch guys.
Make sure to use this technique sparingly, as to keep it special for when you really want to make him go crazy for you.

The Upper Arms and Hands

In case you didn't take advantage of these spots in your first stage, you should really use these as upper arms and hands are thought of as the most masculine parts of the male body. If you don't play to gender roles, then the natural magnetism of a woman is wasted and you aren't playing his emotions the best you can.

3. Take Advantage of High Points

couple kissing close up

When things are going good and you have established a good connection with a guy through conversation, it is only natural that you two should supplement that with some healthy touching. When you two share a laugh, it begs for touching too. When you both establish a common interest, then you should get closer. This is how the dating game works: it is all about escalation. If you play your cards right, you can flirt effectively with any guy you meet.

Importance of Touching

Part of the reason why touching is such a good flirting mechanism is because not all girls know how to do it effectively. To make a guy interested in you, you have to get closer. Touching becomes natural when you get to know someone better. However, if you can get comfortable doing it around guys you meet for the first time, you can create attraction a lot faster.

Also, touching doesn't have to be related only to the physical aspect of your relationship. It can show a deeper bondage. A grasp on the hand when you are sharing some more important information or revealing something more delicate about yourselves can show trust or ensurement, which can mean a great deal when he's feeling vulnerable or insecure.

Keys to Making Contact

Most important of all, you and your guy are aiming to establish a bond that goes beyond conversation. Body language and touching play a crucial role in establishing and maintaining a relationship, because maintaining contact with each other keeps the memory fresh in your mind. Touching has been proven as a spiritual practice and in order to be successful with guys you have to be comfortable in your skin and around men.

That's basically one of the most important conditions. If either of you isn't feeling comfortable with the level of your physical contact, something has to change as soon as possible. Respecting intimacy and personal space is something that is worked on from the very start: From the very first instance of flirting. If at first the person you are making contact with doesn't show enough respect in that area, the chances are slim that they will do that later on.

Respecting Personal Space

At all costs and at any occasion. If there's one rule about flirting or dating, make it be this one.
Each one of us is different, we couldn't agree more on that one. For you, hugging someone you met not five minutes ago might seem entirely okay, but for me that can be absolutely infuriating and uncomfortable.
And both you and me have the right to think that way. Still, you have to keep in mind that the cute guy you've just started talking to may be just as particular.
For some, a touch on the shoulder can be perceived as encouragement, a green light to continue with flirting. Others, on the other hand, can find it an attack on their privacy in case you did it too soon after you two met.
You're not a mind reader and that's okay. Such things happen.
But if you did start flirting with touch with someone who is not used to that kind of approach, and you found out about that a bit late, it's important that you show your respect and understanding. If you just keep on pushing you can make the matters only worse. You can blow your chances entirely and probably insult someone without even intending to do so.
So try being smooth until you see who are you dealing with.

Enjoying the Moment

We can talk here for a whole day about the pros and cons, the secret and the not-so-secret tips, but the bottom line is still that all of it is very individual. And if you're a bit younger and lack experience, my sincere suggestion is first to get more familiar with yourself. Follow the pace you feel comfortable at and take one step at a time. Maybe you're cuddly with your friends and family, but you feel really stern around the people you don't know very well and you don't like being hugged by people you've just met.
However, once you get to know yourself better, you'll get better at judging what guys you are talking or flirting with like.