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How to Hug a Guy: 7 Rules for Hugging Your Boyfriend or Guy Friend

Misleading hugs can create awkward situations in relationships you don’t want them to. Learning what aspects you need to take into consideration when you give someone a hug is what helps you express your feelings without causing any problems.

How to hug him

There is no better way to show your appreciation, your gratitude as well as your love for someone than by giving that person a huge hug. But, hugs can be totally different, depending on what you have in mind and what your intention towards that person is. Do you just want to give a friendly hug or you want to show him how much you love him? Body language says it all and there is no better way to see signs your crush may like you. Just keep in mind that, if you do hold on for a little longer than you should, there are some misunderstandings that can occur.

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How to hug a guy

1. Build up tension

Make an eye contact and then let your guy know you are about to give him a hug by spreading your hands wide open and putting on a smile.

2. Start small

Small hugs are the best for the start and keeping the situation totally neutral, or when you are unsure of the relationship you have with a specific guy.

3. Wrap your arms around his neck

Hugging a guy with your arms around his neck should indicate that you two are really close, or in a stable romantic relationship.

4. Stay brief

Long and firm hugs are usually reserved for those who are very intimate and close. If you don't want your guy friend to get the wrong idea, keep your hugs light and short.

5. Pay attention to body language

Non-verbal communication is a very important aspect when it comes to giving and getting hugs, due to their various meanings.

6. Break it off

Feeling like you're trapped inside of someone's hug is not a good response when someone is showing their affection, so make sure you don't do the same.

7. Keep intentions in mind

Is it a romantic interest or just a friend? Who it is will be a factor in the way that you hug and the duration of the hug.

Learn How to Show Your Affection to a Guy Friend or to Your Boyfriend Through Hugging in 7 Rules to Master the Hug

There are rules for just about everything you can thinking of. And hugging is not without. Different types of hugs can very often express gratitude, affection as well as love for someone. They differ in aspects of how long they last as well as who is the person who initiates them.

1. Build up tension before hugging someone

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Using the element of surprise can sometimes be a good thing, when you want a specific reaction. However, it's not always smart to use this tactics, especially when you want to give someone a hug. Some of your actions may actually be misinterpreted in some occasions, make people feel uncomfortable and awkward. When hugging a guy, the best way to get the hug that you want is to first make an eye contact. That will draw his attention and tell him that something is about to happen. The next step is to put on a big smile and spread your arms wide open. This gesture will indicate him that you want to give him a hug and he will be prepared to respond in an appropriate manner. Also, the time between showing that you want a hug and actually getting to hug someone will build up a bit of a tension, so that hug will be full of emotions.

2. Start small when it comes to hugs

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Not all hugs are meant to be grand and big. Sometimes it is better to keep the tension down and to start off with giving small hugs. For example, when you want to get the best way on how to hug a guy friend, show him how much he means to you, but still remain in the friend relationship, you should give him a small hug with lots of emotions. Putting your arms around him and relaxing will let all the emotions show and make it a perfect friendly hug, that lasts for a couple of seconds, before you let him go. If the hug is longer than a few seconds, your guy friend might get the feeling that you would like something more than a friendship, especially if he has a crush on you, and you don't know about that (they can hide that a bit too well).

3. Show affection by wrapping your hands around his neck

woman hugging guy with hand around back of neck

There are many ways for you to show your affection to the guy you are interested in. One very important one is to give him a specific type of a hug that will tell him more about how you feel, than you could do with words. If you want to know how to hug a guy romantically, putting your hands around his neck is definitely the right thing to do. However, don't forget to take it slow and make an eye contact. Think about the chemistry between you two and don't let the moment pass you by as you rush into his arms. Savor the moment, let the magic do its work and slowly embrace him passionately, with your hands around his neck. This kind of a hug is usually seen in long relationships or with people that are pretty close to each other- a guy you are dating or a very dear family member. That is why you shouldn't give these types of hugs to someone you aren't interested in in a romantic way.

4. Stay brief and give light hugs to friends

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There is no person that doesn't like hugging best friends whenever they meet. And if it happens after a while, it's even more special for both sides. Although that makes both sides very happy, take a moment to think about what kind of effect can be caused if you use different kinds of hugs. Regardless of the gender of the person you're hugging, if you squeeze someone very tightly and don't let go for a while, they might start feeling awkward and bit under pressure. Doesn't ring a bell? Try and remember how it looks like when your aunt or grandma come to visit after a while, get a hold of you and don't let go for a while- and that seems to you like a whole eternity at the moment. You simply get the feel that you want to get out of the embrace, nothing more. On the other hand, giving light and brief hugs is a very nice way to display your affection for someone and still keep it inside of the boundaries.

5. Keep your eye on the body language

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Non-verbal communication is something that is always present in our daily functioning, but not many people pay enough attention to that. What your body language can say is far better than what you could do with words. That is one very significant aspect of the everyday life you should keep an eye for, especially when it comes to giving hugs. Each hug says a different thing because of the body language. If you want to avoid a specific meaning of hugs from guys, as well as the ones you give, simply look at what your body does at those moments. If you are a bit too friendly, tend to give long and powerful hugs, you might create some misunderstandings along the way. That can also happen if you have a strong chest-to-chest hug with someone you're not romantically involved with or you put your hands around his neck. It creates a confusion about what your intentions are.

6. Break it off at the right moment

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Giving someone a hug because you missed that person is one thing. But, it is important to pay attention to the duration of the hug, when you're giving or getting hugs from people you see every day. If you doubt this, try and remember how it feels when your neighbor, whom you secretly have a huge crush on, gives you a strong long hug and you could just melt in his arms. And the worst part after that is, that you stay acquaintances, without anything else happening. That is the perfect example of not knowing when to break the hug off. One other example is, again, when your cousins come to visit after a long time and your aunt gives you one of those long hugs that give you claustrophobic thoughts and may seem like it lasts a whole year before she lets you go. That is exactly why you should keep timing in mind, when it comes to duration of a hug you're giving.

7. Always think about the intentions behind a hug

Girl hugging a guy from back

The worst thing that can happen, when you get or give a hug, is to be misinterpreted by the other side. As it was already mentioned, hugs can have various meanings and the signals you give are based on distance between bodies, duration of the hug and your general body language. Paying attention to what the whole intention behind the hugging is, is the key to avoiding such moments. Best way to hug a guy is dependent on what your intentions are. Also, the same rule applies for the other side. If you see that he is romantically looking you into the eyes and getting closer slowly, don't expect to get a friendly hug from him, because his body language already indicates that he wants something more. On the other hand, if you have a crush on a certain guy and he gives you a light hug, with a slight distance between your bodies, and a pat on the back, you can already assume there is no way he is into you.