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11 Cute and Quirky Compliments for Guys to Make Him Fall for You

Some people might say that it is easier to compliment women than to compliment men. However, if you know what you are doing, compliments for men are not as difficult as they may seem. You just have to find the right thing to compliment.

Compliments to Give a Guy to Make His Heart Melt

It is a false assumption that only women need to be complimented. The compliments for guys are just as important. Compliments make women feel appreciated, but they make men feel the same thing and let's face it: sometimes men need appreciation more than women. There is a lot that compliments for men can help you achieve. For instance, it might be one of the ways to get your ex back while keeping your dignity. Aside from this they can also show the given person that you aren't self-absorbed and you can notice the positive sides of other people as well. Nobody wants to be around a narcissist.


How to Make Compliments for Guys that Are Not Too Cheesy but that Will Make Him Go Head Over Heels for You

So, how to find compliments to give a guy? How to make a compliment so that it won't be too obvious, but it will be obvious enough?

1. You are so handsome!

handsome man on bed

You might think that this is a cliche, but men aren't as often complimented as women so this compliment guys really has an effect on them. Some women might tell men that they are cute or hot, but saying that they are handsome is more elegant and it also adds a hint of intimacy to the conversation. The truth is that people don't use the word handsome as often as they used to, so men really notice it when they hear it. Telling someone that they are handsome means a lot more than being hot or cute. It's not only about their physical appearance and this is why it is one of the best compliments for a guy.

2. Wow, you really are hitting the gym!

man curling dumbbell

Although men wish to be handsome, they also want to be manly and by their book this means that they have to hit the gym. So, when it comes to what men want to hear, you should make sure they know how much you appreciate all their efforts. If you start going to the gym, you'd like people to notice it as well, right? The same goes for men. After all, they are mostly doing it for women. If you notice it and let them know that you like the changes, you will motivate them to keep working. Actually, you are doing them a favor since exercise is good for their health. All in all, some of the compliments for a guy will ensure that they will have a healthy life (and it's all because of you).

3. You can always make me smile!

smiling woman at dinner with man receiving rose

If you are thinking about complimenting a guy, you should consider what men find important. It is no secret that they like to make women laugh and you should appreciate the fact that they are trying. The fact that you tell him he can plant a smile on your face even when you're having a bad day means that he is doing a good job as a man. Also make sure to smile after complimenting him to increase the effect of the compliment. This will make him feel better about himself and you can be sure that he will keep trying to make you smile. This means that it is a win-win situation.

4. I feel safe with you!

woman in pink sweater being embraced by man in green sweater

Men, by their nature feel like they have to protect the people (especially the women) around them. Just because they don't have to hunt anymore or wrestle beasts, it doesn't mean that they wouldn't. When looking for compliments guys like to hear, this is always a safe bet. Men just love to protect damsels in distress and the fact that you say it out loud will make him feel like the man he always wanted to be. This refers to a lot more than just his physical strength; it's also about his personality and the fact that he assumes the role of your protector. You should let him protect you or save you from time to time, even if you don't think you need protection. This is one of the best ways to compliment a guy.

5. Girls can't keep their eyes off you

man appearing attractive in black leather jacket

It is simply obvious why this compliment made it to our list of compliments for guys. Just like you enjoy having men look at you, men like to be "checked out" by women as well. Again, it's not only the fact that women are looking at him, but also that you say it out loud. It makes it all more real for him. It gives reassurance that it's not only him, but women are actually looking at him in a way that others notice as well. Although usually this is something that women don't like and don't want men to notice, if you come clean about it, you will get some extra points for your courage. After such a compliment there will be no more reason to be looking for cute compliments for guys ? he will only have eyes for you.

6. I love how driven you are

determined looking man working on laptop

In case you are looking for ways to compliment a guy, you should let him know that you believe in him. Men need a woman who supports them. If you tell him that you believe in him, he will feel like a superhero and he will think that he can do anything. You could also say things like it is just normal people want to work with him because of his amazing abilities, or that he has accomplished so much already, or that it is just normal that he got that new job because he is great at what he does.

7. I am proud of you

woman sitting on the back of a man while he does pushups

If you have been with someone for some time now, you should let them know that you are proud of them. Use these words to compliment a guy and you can be sure that your compliment won't go unnoticed. This tells them a lot more than you love them or that you trust them.

If you are flirting, you could be looking for funny compliments for guys, but if you are serious about your compliment, these are the ones you should be thinking about.

8. I can't contain my laughter when I'm around you

Not only is he making you smile, but he has an impeccable sense of humor you simply adore. Guys really appreciate when they know their sense of humor is well-accepted. Especially by a cute girl like you.

Remember how devastated Chandler felt when Monica told him how funny a guy at her restaurant was? Funny guys take great pride in the fact that they're fun. Take that away from him and he'll feel intimidated.

There's only one thing you shouldn't do: Force it. Don't feel obliged to compliment his humor if you don't get it or if you don't like that kind of humor. If such things don't come naturally to you, that's okay. There are probably other things out there you really like about him.

9. Your friends are really great

Now you're being smooth there. Such witty compliments for guys can take you a long way with him. We all know that introducing your date to your friends is really a means of testing. He can maybe try and fool you, but he will rarely try and fool an entire group of people. The same goes in the other direction.

If you've met his friends and hung around with them for some time now, you can be pretty sure they've told him what they think about you, and that may or may not affect how he feels about you. Still, this is a two-way street, and your positive comment about them can only be a huge plus.

His choice of friends in a way describes him, so you're basically complimenting all of them at the same time.

10. Tired is looking really good on you

When it comes to funny compliments for guys, you have to know how to pull them off. And one thing you definitely need is the right timing. Because, well, ironic comments like this one, can't be just included in any conversation, right.

But they can be pulled of in situations where your significant other is actually tired and what you want to do is at least try to make him smile and show your concern. It can be well accompanied by a pleasant gesture like making a cup of coffee or offering a backrub.

11. The playlist you sent me was great

Guys take great pride in their music taste, which is why this is one of the compliments men love. And if you like the music they listen to, make sure to let them know. They can sometimes be shy about sharing their playlists with girls if they think they wouldn't like them, making any sign of appreciation from your side even more valuable.

And if you're dating a musician, that's a whole other level. The entire music related talk becomes part pride, part vanity, part constructive criticism, and a part him wishing you really like what he does. So a smooth approach is kinda necessary here. Still, complimenting his playlist or his vinyl collection can make his day a whole lot better, and it can also bring an interesting turn to your conversation.