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6 Undeniable Reasons Why Girls are Attracted to Muscular Guys

All women seem to like sexy, muscular men, but what is it about them that drives women crazy? We have gathered some of the reasons for which women prefer strong men over others, when given the choice.

Why Muscular Men Are Attractive to Women

If you are wondering do girls like muscular guys, you need to take a history lesson and you should also think about psychology. If a man is muscular, it means that he has good genes, has self-discipline, he can take good care of themselves, he has socio-economic stability, and it is also a sign of good health. As a matter of fact, what more could a girl want from a guy? Naturally, you shouldn't judge people only based on their physical aspect, but let's face it: people do that. That's why sometimes you find yourself looking for dumbbell exercises for women. So, what is it with these guys?

woman with hand on shoulder of guy holding dumbbell doing curls with kiss on bicep

Why women like guys with a little muscle

1. Genetics

A lot of women are attracted to muscular guys simply because it is in their genes. Unconsciously, when looking at men, women see them as a potential mate and they want them to be able to produce viable offspring.

2. Security

As silly as it may sound, men with muscle make women feel more secure. Women feel like their partner can protect them, no matter what. You might think that you can protect yourself, but this isn't something you're thinking about with your conscious mind.

3. Evolutionary Theory

The theory behind women liking muscular men is that they are considered to be healthier, which is important from an evolutionary point of view. As primal as this may be, not all our decisions are based on logical reasons.

4. Good Providers

Over the years numerous societies have considered men the providers, who needed to care for the needs of their family. Although this doesn't apply to modern day society, the idea is still present in the female psyche, making muscle men seem more attractive than the skinny ones.

5. Trophy boyfriend

Women are competitive creatures and having a good looking boyfriend really gives them an advantage. Some make it their goal to make their girlfriends envious. You might not admit it, but most probably you are doing it too.

6. The way he makes you feel

All women wish to feel womanly and delicate and this is something that society expects from them. Muscular men can make any woman feel like that and the truth is that deep inside you want the same things, you just don't know it yet.

All the Right Reasons for Which Muscular Guys Grab the Attention of Their Female Counterparts without Even Trying

So, why do you like muscular guys? What is it that makes your heart skip a beat? Or are you more into skinny guys?

1. Genetics - you can't fight it

nice looking, muscular guy, enjoying his time in nature with a girl

You shouldn't try to fight liking muscle men: it's in your genes. Just like men prefer healthy looking women with round chest, symmetric face, and fair complexion when looking for a mate, the same applies to women as well. The only difference is that they are looking for other qualities. Women consider men with a muscular body more attractive than skinny or overweight men. Although there are some women who have other preferences, in the majority of the cases women like fit men because they consider them a better mate.

On a conscious level you might not like muscular men, but the truth is that it isn't really something you can control. We can say that this is a primal instinct. All women want to give their children a good start in life and having good genes really gives them an edge. If you like fit men it doesn't mean you are shallow; it only means that you are normal.

2. Security - it's all about feeling safe

man and woman in nature, she has her hand on his back, she's clearly happy atm

The truth is that sexy muscular men don't only look good; they also make women feel safe around them. Would you mind walking a dark street if you had someone strong beside you? This is why women are attracted to men who can defend themselves and the people around them. One of the traditional roles of men is to make a home for themselves and for their family and to protect it. This is something we can see in the animal kingdom as well. Let's face it: our primal instincts aren't much different from those of dears, goats, and lions.

Being around big muscular men really gives women a relief. Finally they can sit back and relax without thinking about the dangers lurking around the corner. This is why they prefer spending time with strong men, even if they are only friends. Who knows where things could lead if you let your guard off and you saw the other person more than just a friend.

3. Evolutionary Theory - back to basics

few slick-looking guys with an agenda on their minds

Here is a fact: there is nothing wrong with girls that like big guys. As a matter of fact, there have been numerous studies showing that in the majority of the cases women choose muscular men over overweight or skinny ones. In the same time, taller men are also considered more attractive than shorter guys. It is just human to consider the healthier specimens more appropriate to become our mates. After all, we're talking about the survival of the species.

If you're thinking about women who love big men, you should know that this is a kind of behavior that can be found in case of animals as well. This is because the more developed the mate is, the higher the chances are for him to produce offspring that will survive. As primal as this behavior might seem, we have to admit that deep inside we are no better than animals and we have the same basic instincts: survival.

4. Good Providers: it's all for the family

pragnant woman and her man, holding hands during the sunset

Even if they are short muscular guys, in most societies men are considered the providers while women are considered the caregivers. They need to do all heavy work and they have to support their families. As a modern woman, this might not make any sense to you, but it doesn't have to; it is buried deep inside your psyche. Basically all women are looking for a good provider. The only difference is that some are more open about it than others.

Muscular men really have an advantage in this field, even if they are skinny muscular guys. This may not help them in their investment banking career, but it will always be easier for them to get a date. We are talking about an instinctive level, which is a purely physical result of the body producing pheromones and creating the sense of attraction between two people. Like it or not, a strong man will always seem to be a good provider.

5. Trophy boyfriend - that's a thing

man and woman just enjoying their private time

By this time you might know that women are really competitive. This applies to their clothing, makeup, hair, career, lifestyle, wealth, and every other aspect of their lives. Women tend to inspect each other under a microscope and form criticism. This also applies to their boyfriends. If you only date hot muscular guys, it will really give you an edge in this competition. You might tell yourself that you like a guy because they are smart or funny, but the truth is that it will always be tacky to present them to your friends and you will always try to hide their glasses and braces.

If you have a guy with a great physique, your girlfriends will try to console you while you are left alone because he is at the gym, but the truth is that they are green with envy. This isn't a good enough reason to be with somebody if there aren't sparks, but we have to admit that it is a pretty awesome byproduct. This is one of the sneaky ways to boost your social status and be considered the girl with the great looking boyfriend.

6. The way he makes you feel: delicate

woman and man in a hug, woman is clearly happy and is feeling safe and loved

There is a lot of pressure on women to be ladylike and delicate. Although they can't really achieve it in their everyday life, the presence of a strong man will make them feel feminine. There is a proportion in this theory: the stronger the man is, the more delicate the woman will feel. It is a known fact (again, because of genetics) that women prefer to feel small and weak in comparison with their partner. Nothing compares to the feeling of being held in the arms of a muscular man. This is one of the reasons for which women prefer muscular men: this is something skinny men simply can't offer them.

Your preference for muscular guys is something absolutely normal and you can be sure that most women are wired the same way. Once you accept it, you will see how to make the best of it and how to make it work for you.

By Abie Giles

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